The opening party held in exhibition of Yamauchi, Kiyoshi, 324 galleries!


Round eight real estate groupTamachi Center Street along to operate "Tamachi 324 Gallery"In the、Hamamatsu-born world-wide hand art creatorYamauchi, KiyoshiisExhibitionCelebration、2014June 28 (SAT) 18:Than held the opening party!


Ago the opening time and already crowded with many people Gallery、Sensitivity rich are enjoying watching the artists in each.


Seiji-Kun artist and direct conversation.、For one of his works、The future direction、You can listen closely, the story of the playing field.


At the venue、Operated by circle 8 real estate groupPorte Bonheur portebonurThe chef,Sasaki TsuyoshiFrom Mr. food provided by、In the drink、Serve with the Porte members。That summer there、Good sales of white wine!


"Passion fusion"The concept everYamauchi, KiyoshiThe evolutionary process is seen、The works on display、1from the huge Panel of m、Art photographer even decorated with pictures of the Kyushu Institute of technology、As depicted in the image have a metropolitan style of straight and curved space outlines color colorful abstract paintings and stippling on the rhythm, the rising abstract painting Corral spooning adorned in the Center!


Coral Spawning in Blue


Pictures Australia-stay time。By keeping the frame full transparency、Is beauty a nifty contrast between his more prominent!


Works are filled with brightly colored his passion、Women look nailed!


In the middle of the party、And Chairman of the organizers, the round 8 real estate groupHirano OsamuAnd MrYamauchi, KiyoshiBy Kun's two-way、Other artists work and future development "『Real talk' Talk show in rehearsal that exploded has been opened!


Representation for the work world kept touching the art since the young Chairman of the plain and Seiji-Kun、Powerful conversations pop up tempo good!


Hot passion into energy, his work is born。A gift from my parents and was bornPersonalityAnd traverse the country cultivatedSensitivityWeapon、Expressing myself as it's own.、Great lengths to convey the world of art to more people。Various fields of"Passion"Of"Fusion"Make、To create a connecting art to the next generation。It was his concept "Fusion of Passions"It is。


While enjoying refreshments at the venue、Conversation among guests also boost、Party celebrates its successful end。


2014/6/28(Sat.)Last day of the exhibition will be held more2014/7/6(Days)The、Viola, was opened in one of the largest "Porte Theater portetheater"In theYamauchi, Kiyoshi performance artWill enjoy party。Complete in insturmental music according to the portetheater atmosphere, selected to fit 2 m mega Panel to immersive live performance art is breathtaking! Already ticket sales received and the rest with less number of pieces! If you are interested hurry tickets please!

Seiji Yamauchi Exhibition
Yamauchi, Kiyoshi exhibition

Exhibition:2014/6/28(Saturday)-7/6 (Sunday) free admission / piece price 40000 Yen ~
Exhibition opening party:2014/6/28(Saturday) admission free-18:00~* We are quit the party

Open Atelier&Exhibition launch party:2014/7/6(Days)
Yamauchi, Kiyoshi performance art
Venue Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, tamachi 223-21 Viola, 1 F Viola tamachi stereoscopic parking:
Sponsored by Hamamatsu art music agency
Doors open at 18:00~
Seat fee 2500 Yen、S seat ¥ +1000( S seats sold out! After few tickets remaining! )Sold out! SOLD OUT!
* 1drink付 * food & drink 500 yen、S: JPY +1000、Portetheater membership preferred
TEL booking application:053-413-3908

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