Edomae sushi at a modern hide-at-home with 6 counter seats to commemorate the 9th anniversary of toyohashi sushi taketo wedding anniversary!

February 22 is the 9th anniversary of our marriage. The cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in Lake Sanaru near my home, so I feel the merry of spring.

On this year’s anniversary, we visited “Sushi Takemoto”, a sushi restaurant with only 6 seats at the counter, next to “Mantaro Sushi”, which has been in business for 44 years in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture! The space created by the artist is wonderful! We enjoyed wonderful sake, Japanese food, and sushi!

On Monday, February 22, you can feel the cheerfulness of spring when tateyamaji cherry blossoms open in Lake Sanari near your home.。It will be the anniversary of our 9th wedding anniversary.。
On this year's anniversary, we decided to visit next to "Mantaro Sushi", which celebrated its 44th anniversary in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, at the invitation of sushi restaurant "Sushi Takemo", which has only 6 counter seats!

After training at "Kyoto Gion Sushi Kappo Naka1"、His son Daizo, who has been active as the right arm of Mantaro's general, Akihiro Takemoto, for many years、It fulfilled the independence of the long-held, and it was coupled with the carrying of the opening at the beginning of last year!

Even in the situation of corona disaster, it will be a sushi restaurant of recent attention because you can eat with peace of mind with only one set of business per day。
It seems that there are many requests for business trips now.、10You can hold sushi at home on a budget from 10,000 yen! Currently, we are on a business trip mainly in Toyohashi City, but if it is Hamamatsu, we said that we will go on a business trip, so if you are interested, please contact us!

It's the ones who greet me.、The font "TA-Square" designed by artist and designer Shintaro Shintaro Ajioka is used.、A sign of uniqueness! Because it is using the variant character of "Aoi"、The dots of Sakanahen have become "large"!

Since the time of establishment、While leaving the calm look of the good old days of "away" which was a banquet hall of a private room、Modern renovation by adding Western essence to Japanese!

When I open the doordoor,、Mr. Shintaro Ajioka's book reveals his presence!

This is a drawing by breaking down the Kanji of "Aoi"、Because it is finished so that it becomes a character of "Aoi" by combining six books of "black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green" consisting of the poetry collection "Straight line of smoke" of Katsue Kitazono who was a modernist poet from Mie Prefecture、You can enjoy each book that is replaced regularly!

The interior gives a bright and soft impression with the plastered walls created by artisans.、The lighting of the masterpiece that appeared as one of the essential items in Ajioka World is hung、The lighting made of Nepalese rokta paper crawling twigs、The counter is decorated with warm and gentle light!

In this renovation、How to make use of the narrow locker space for staff connecting the separated was the point、Divide this small space with a counter、Cooking space and layout in the audience。By pulling out the ceiling and showing the beam, it is finished in a space with a sense of liberation。

It was attached parallel to the counter with the ear using the tree of the rose.、Colorful Italian mosaic tiles!

The chair is also the work of Shintaro Ajioka's original work.、By patchwork the sharp impression of the iron frame in different leather, produce a familiar warmth!

What is the menu you want?、It becomes one Omakase course of 18,000 yen of the shop owner Takemoto、This time, we will enjoy it with the recommended sake pairing!

"Fukui Shuzo Sake Sparkling"

First of all、Cheers at the first sparkling work by Fukui Sake Brewery, which Toyohashi is proud of! Mellow aroma and condensed umami、It is easy to match during eating and has a refreshing sharp taste!

"Sesame Tofu With The Scent of Sea Urchin Kelp"

Carefully made sesame tofu is very elegant with a soy mouthfeen。The rich sweetness and aroma spread in your mouth by matching it with sea urchin with the scent of kelp.。

"蛤 Bowl Rape Blossoms Yuzu"

A simple bowl of 蛤 feel spring。As spring approached, the shellfish beed to plump up.、The umami is thick and the best dashi comes out.。This is a 蛤 that enjoys the dashi from a large soup、I will put the gentle bitterness of rape blossoms。

"Fukui Shuzo Shikaio Junmai Ginjo Makoto"

Sake is a pure rice ginjo "Shikaio Junmai Ginjo Shin" produced by "Fukui Brewery" which is proud of toyl in the local area! The deep taste unique to pure rice sake remains intact、It is characterized by a good aftertaste of sharpness in pure rice Ginjo sake with a light throat!

"Kuro-Ms uth Saikyoyaki"

3,000 family (Omo-sen family)、Urasenke、Warrior Koji family) As a white miso indispensable for Kyoto cuisine for business、Kyoto's long-established ryotei restaurants、Ryokan、Yamari's special white miso, which is often used in famous hotels, is soaked overnight and baked over low heat.。I don't think it's Saikyo-yaki.、It has a very elegant taste and goes well with sake.。How much and grated daikon radish will be a good accent。

"White fish, dancing and eating"

White fish fishing is known as a tradition to herald spring in the Kitakyushu area.。White fish is a sucker.、Tempura、Tsukudani、Egg toji, etc.、There are various recipes、Among them, the strange way of eating is "dance eating"。In a state of being alive、How to eat poured into your mouth with vinegar soy sauce、The unique texture that springs in the mouth is irresistible。I found a white fish that can only be tasted at this time of year, and this time it was served by dancing and eating.。It is a dish that you can feel the season unique to spring。

"Boiled Abalone with Liver Sauce"

Simmered abalone slowly for a long time is soft and relaxing in your mouth! After enjoying the abalone with liver sauce、If you put a red vinegar shari in the remaining liver sauce and make it creamy risotto style, this will be a exquisite specialty again!

Sushi taken to shari becomes red shari using red vinegar, which is a traditional form of Edomae sushi.、Rice is provided using a light sasanishiki with little stickiness!

Red vinegar from sake Lees was built as a raw material、Is characterized by low aroma of vinegar rice vinegar than you。Utilizing the natural sweetness in the old Edo-style sushi red vinegar、Said wore the taste with salt only, no sugar added。However do not use sugar、Because as time goes by it becomes tough Shak、It is divided into small quantities from the kitchen and is bringed to the newly seasoned ohi。

"Cod sprouts, cod white child tempura"

This tempura that rhymes with cod and cod、It is a gem that you can feel spring in your mouth by the bitterness of cod shoots and the rich creaminess of cod whites.。

"Kobox Crab Tosa Vinegar Ginger"

The incense box crab which is packed with plenty of foreign and inner child while shaking、The rich crab miso and the fleshy and umami-filled pulp are unbearable! I have it refreshingly with tosa vinegar that ginger is effective.。

"Fukui Shuzo Shikaio Junmai Daiginjo"

Next is "Shikaio Junmai Daiginjo" of "Fukui Shuzo"。By annual low-temperature raw aging、While leaving lightness、Although junmai daiginjo with a smooth taste with a smooth taste of alcohol is light sake quality、The core is thick and tasteful.。

From here, we will hold the nigiri sushi!

' Gully '

Gari, which is a sushi garnifier, is different from before.、It is roughly cut using new ginger! It is possible to commercialize it as it is, and it is most ideal for sake ate。

"Sumiika Sudachi"

The grip starts with "Sumiika"!

Sumiika with squid slices、In order to improve the texture, we will carefully proceed with the detailed work of entering a hidden kitchen knife.。The watermelon which was added with salt is served as it is without anything.、It is a watermelon characterized by a texture that can be played、You can enjoy not only the texture but also elegant sweetness and delicate aroma!

It is a different dimension of deliciousness from the sushi I held at New Year's (laughs)

"Hirame Kelp Tightening"

The flat eyes that I tightened faintly so as not to feel kelp are elegant elasticity。

Kombu-tighten, originally a local dish of Toyama Prefecture。During the Edo period、In Toyama Prefecture, where many kelp was transferred from Hokkaido、Consumption of kelp is very high、It is said that this kelp tightening was one of the ways to use it.。 When kelp tightening is performed,、The moisture of sashimi is sucked into the kelp.、I'm tight.。At the same time、Because the umami of kombu shifts to sashimi、It has a completely different texture and taste from regular sashimi.。 Also、Such preparations such as "kelp tightening" are called "work" among craftsmen.、In an era when refrigeration technology was almost never、It has also been used as a way to increase preservation power.。What was slept shallowly for only a few hours with kelp?、The fragrant scent of kombu drifts softly、Enjoy moderate stickiness and elasticity、In addition, what I put to sleep for a day loses moisture and tightens my body.、It is so tight and elastic that it is firmer.。It will be a job that goes well with pale white fish.。

And、Three kinds of tuna also pickled are "red meat"、"Tuna"、"Great Toro"。

Cut it off the fence.、1One sheet will be carefully soaked in a special pickled sauce and pickled for a short time! If you look closely, there is a shade of the color of the pickled sauce, so if you look at it,、It is said that the match is adjusted by the neta!

"Tuna Lean"

Flower of Edomae Sushi、Tuna。"Pickled" with red meat soaked in soy sauce is one of the sushi restaurant jobs that has been transmitted since the late Edo period.。"Pickled" is the job of soaking fish in soy sauce, but speaking of pickles at sushi restaurants, it generally refers to pickled red meat.。Tuna caught in a big catch at a time in Edo、Mackerel and autumn swordfish、鰯 with other、is a popular fish、It was treated as a lower fish.、In the Meiji era, tuna began to appear in street food sushi, and it gradually became popular.、Eventually, it became a staple of sushi seeds.。At that time when there was no refrigeration facilities and storage place was limited、It seems that it was common to eat tuna that is easy to oxidize.。At that time, fat like Toro was almost shunned by Edo children.、Speaking of pickles, it is said that it refers to lean meat.。
Carry a moderate slice of heat to your mouth and you're a rag、A soggy texture、 I am very satisfied with the lean meat with a deep and deep taste!

"Tuna Nakatoro"

Asazuke medium toro is elegant fat and sweetness、You can also enjoy the aftertaste of the scent of pickled sauce! In terms of balance, Nakatoro may still be the best!

"Tuna Daitoro"

If you want to leave the aroma of tuna, pickle it early。The smell of soy sauce、Edo-mae work to pickle for a long time if you want to enjoy a moist texture。The old、There seems to have been a method of soaking after boiling.。Tuna lean served in asazuke this time、Tuna、Daitoro。Because it was a small tuna this time, it was a large toro with a relatively firm texture、After all, the large toro with fat was exceptional among these with a texture that melted in the mouth!


Mr. Jiro Ono of Sakiyabashi Jiro said, "My throat rings when I eat delicious kohada."。Kohada is so delicious that my throat sounds, which is one of my favorite neta、In addition to the power of the original material, how to tighten is very important。This time I dared to tighten the kohada in a short time。Kohada that is not too tight can enjoy the original taste。

"Tight mackerel"

A fastening mackerel where you can feel the individuality of a sushi restaurant。I've been tightening it with salt.、Put the vinegar on it.、I'm going to put you to。The work varys greatly depending on the store.。This time, it is finished in a work of art that can be firmly put to sleep for a day and condense the umami, and the general will also say "perfect"!

"Book Mill Shellfish"

Rare species of mill shellfish that are close to phantoms in Tokyo Bay and Minamiboso。Now the species called white mill shellfish is the mainstream、The taste of this mill shellfish is exceptionally different! I mainly use water pipes that come out of the shell.、This one is very sweet.、It is consistent with a good texture and good cutting of teeth.。

"Sea Urchin"

The vivid "Untan" laid in a wooden box、Combined with crisp seaweed、Enjoy the sweetness and aroma that relaxes on your tongue! The nori used in warships is also cut off well, and the fragrance spreads and unravels in the mouth.。

"Live Prawns"

Needless to say, the king of sushi neta "Prawn" ni handful! Speaking of Edo-mae, it is common to boil it.、This time I will have you live! Ebika that pulls out in the nose every time you bite your toned body will insincer you to eat unsyingly、The pre-filled texture and elegant sweetness and umami are full of mouthfuls!


"Ni-anako" that was burned so much that it fell off when ware was ware、Received as it is from the palm of the shop owner's hand、Into your mouth! Plump body melts and melts well、The softness of the boiled anako and the gentle sweetness of the boiled broth leave an impression on me.、Involuntarily "Already consistent! It seems to mutter!

"Castella Tamakoyaki"

Speaking of edomae sushi,Castella tamakoyaki", which is browned and foxy。"Castella egg" that finishes moistly by baking without inflating the air does not enter is elegant sweetness pulls back!

"Angel Sound Muskmelon"

Pursuing only the original "best taste" of muskmelon、Completed Ultimate Ripe Musk Melon、That's angel sound muskmelon.。
"Angel sound muskmelon" is now available at Sushi Takemaso!
Unlike other greenhouse melons, this melon is different from other greenhouse melons because it combines green meat aalsphebolit and white meat hero o'rockinge.。The biggest difference is the way it looks.、Small and not beautiful。That's the best part.。What's even different is that、Taste and aroma.。Originally published as Muskmelon、It is characterized by elegant sweetness and fragrance.、"Mellow taste", "splendor of fragrance", "melty texture" of this "angel sound muskmelon"、probably never experienced anyone、It is an impressive finish。

Currently, in Corona, restaurants continue to be open for short periods of time and self-restraint nationwide、Not only restaurants but also producers who deliver are greatly affected by this.。Because agriculture has a decided timing of harvest、Vegetables and fruits that have lost their place are often discarded.。Kageyama's farm, which produces "Angel Sound Muskmelon", is the same.、1It is said that 1,000 balls per month had to be discarded.。So Kageyama started developing new processed products so that the harvested melons would not be lossed.、Melon jelly to drink using melon juice is devised、In addition, we launched crowdfunding to directly sell melons and processed products.、Current、We are recruiting supporters all over the country.。Luxury melons that cost more than 10,000 yen per ball at department stores can be purchased at a discount with [5,000 yen per ball] in this crowdfunding ♪ Crowdfunding project is until 11:00 on April 5, so please see the following site for details!

◆Crowdfunding site◆

The closeness of the sense of distance from the shopkeeper of six counter seats、A space full of private feeling suitable for spending fun with close people without pretentiousness、A night full of delicious dishes and carefully selected sake that makes use of the ingredients! Mr. Takemoto、Thank you for the great food! Good luck not to be defeated by Corona!

Taketo Tsuji
Address:111-2 Higashi-Obama, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL:0532-46-1039(Sushi Mantaro)
Hours of operation:17:00To 22:00(Consultation required during the day)
※Until 20:00 during the state of emergency declaration
Closed on Mondays:Monday
Travel:10Consultation required from 10,000 yen

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