Japanese shop kikuya 2 storekeeper can operate three mating sterile rice pork tonkatsu sauce!

Business ryokan located on Princess road 3-storey Yoshihisa ya (KIKUYA)、1As the Japanese shop floor area centered on the "tonkatsu"、But its predecessor opened、Is the son of solder "sushi and half Indigo Road" in everlasting ruins after the training、To provide the "sushi" and "Japanese food" "Sushi Japanese restaurant kikuya" as、2009In June, has been relaunched!

Japanese Salon friends aren't proprietress and beautiful, lively and always smiling and affable nice 2 owner Ranjit、4 counter seats、Table seats 4 x 4、And the small rise Hori kotatsu table seats 4 x 4、Lunch menu is 780 great dishes, such as money or "special" 980 yen、Our favorite is、Three hybrid sterile rice using pork tonkatsu dishes 1050 yen is highly recommended!

"Special" 980 yen, order the tonkatsu dishes 1050 yen this time!

The "special" of the day、 Green onions on a roll of fat and onion over tuna rice with plenty of "skewer fried 3 (2 Pork Skewers、Onion bottle) "and is a balanced set.

Click here for tonkatsu dishes of pork、Three hybrid sterility has used pigs、Even the pigs regarding how to make fire、It becomes possible to provide good and slightly pink at! More tidbits、The tonkatsu was very refreshing and surprisingly moist texture and! Meat of swine enjoyment you prefer and have very little staff、The original、Swine odor pods we dislike the whiff of oil、Here and stomach knowing the sauce on preference is where you will find tonkatsu! With salt and sauce、To taste the flavor of the meat directly to、Far and away、We recommend it with salt!

Which is also rich in volume、Set all of the small bowl、Steamed egg custard、Pickles、Comes with desserts (coffee jelly)、After a long time I ask the、Stable for guests satisfied! Ranjit、I will come again!

Sushi Japanese restaurant kikuya incorporated.
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku AOI Higashi 1-Chome 11-12
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00、17:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday

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