Toyohashi's new opening of "Takemono to Tsuji" Edomae sushi to taste in a modern hideaway with 6 seats at the counter!

Established 44 years in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.万太郎 sushiNext to the new counter 6 seats only sticking to the coffee shop "Tsubaki taketo" will open!

This is "Kyoto Gion" NakaichiAfter being trained in、His son Daizo, who has been active as the right arm of Mantaro's general, Akihiro Takemoto, for many years、It fulfilled the independence of the long-cherished desire, and it became compatible with the carry of the opening!

It's the ones who greet me.、The font "TA-Square" designed by artist and designer Shintaro Shintaro Ajioka is used.、A sign of uniqueness! Because it is using the variant character of "Aoi"、The dots of Sakanahen have become "large"!

Since the time of establishment、While leaving the calm look of the good old days of "away" which was a banquet hall of a private room、Modern renovation by adding Western essence to Japanese!

When I open the doordoor,、Mr. Shintaro Ajioka's book reveals his presence!

This is a drawing by breaking down the Kanji of "Aoi"、Because it is finished so that it becomes a character of "Aoi" by combining six books of "black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green" consisting of the poetry collection "Straight line of smoke" of Katsue Kitazono who was a modernist poet from Mie Prefecture、You can enjoy each book that is replaced regularly!

The interior gives a bright and soft impression with the plastered walls created by artisans.、The lighting of the masterpiece that appeared as one of the essential items in Ajioka World is hung、The lighting made with Japanese paper and used paper with twigs、The counter is decorated with warm and gentle light!

It was attached parallel to the counter with the ear using the tree of the rose.、Colorful Italian mosaic tiles!
The chair is also the work of Shintaro Ajioka's original work.、By patchwork the sharp impression of the iron frame in different leather, produce a familiar warmth!

This day of Christmas Eve、It also serves as a presentation of the finished shop、Mr. Shintaro Ajioka, who was responsible for store design, and his wife。

"UK Management ArchitectS Office" of design and constructionYuki Yamamoto (Yuki Yamamoto)(Yuki Yamamoto)、Lighter'sYoshie Rokubo (Mie Tsuyukubo)(Mie Tsuyukubo) and our couple will spend a year-end party with a private six people!

What is the menu you want?、It becomes one Omakase course of 18,000 yen of the shop owner Takemoto、This time, you will enjoy the pairing with recommended wine and sake!

Here's to the refreshing aroma and sweetness of Champagne "Forget Brimont Brut Premier Cru"!

"Sakura-ni" bowl:Shintaro Ajioka (fan dish)

Softly boiled cherry blossoms served with spicy vinegar miso、Served with the same bowl that was simply boiled、Elasticity and softness、Enjoy the difference in texture!
Most of the vessels、The work of Shintaro Ajioka, who is also a potter, is used.、Mashiko ware is finished by applying various glazes、It becomes the pottery unique to Mr. Ajioka that exudes a unique texture、It becomes a deep dish with no thing of the same face as one!

Sake "Shikaio Junmai Ginjo Shin" Gohiguchi:Mt. Ayunaga, too much cup (thin cup white)

Sake is a pure rice ginjo "Shikaio Junmai Ginjo Shin" produced by "Fukui Brewery" which is proud of toyl in the local area! The deep taste unique to pure rice sake remains intact、It is characterized by a good aftertaste of sharpness in pure rice Ginjo sake with a light throat!

I am glad to hear that you will love the "too much cup" of Mt. Sasanaga who ordered it when I visited "Sushi Mantaro" last year!

"This Wawa Double Steamed"

The feather-double steaming that made "this ta (sea gut)" which becomes the three major delicacies of Mikawa in the inside、I'd like you to crush the yolk of the quail.、It becomes a smooth dough to melt and a salty plum of this cotton is good.、This is going to make sake go on involuntarily!

"Kaki-no-Kakiyaki" bowl:Shintaro Ajioka (Triangular Dish)

Salted and lightly boiled with vinegar, the skewered skewers are made with straw.、Ponzu and Tosa soy sauce with soy sauce with soy sauce、The deep sweetness and umami of the persimmon swell along with the fragrant aroma! Some of The Ajioka's bowls provided here、Because there seems to be a vessel using glaze of ash、It would be nice if you could see the collaboration with the dish that was boiled with a skewer!

Sake "Akatake AKABU Junmaishu" Tokuri and Gohiguchi:Shintaro ajioka

The sake of the next、Iwate Prefecture "Akatake Brewery[Akatake AKABU Junmaishu]! The sixth generation to become the brewery of this place、1992Born in 1990, he was in his 20s and was a surprise.、Even the average age of the brewer is a sake brewery with the power of young people in their 20s! Refreshing aroma in the umami of pure rice sake、It is a refreshing taste!

"Awaji no Boiled Rice Bowl" bowl:Shintaro Ajioka (Square Dish)

Simmered for a long time is soft and exquisite! Served with liver sauce!

"Sucking of the persimmons"

Using Kujukuri's kites、It has become a soup to enjoy the soup stock that comes out of the bowl、Put the gentle bitterness of the rape blossoms!

Now、From here, we will hold the nigiri sushi!

The sake is also in the middle of the drunkenness、A light Tasteoka-bushi bursts into thoughts on his own bowl.、It has become a fun feast!

It appeared with Dodon in the board field.、A giant tuna of the Tsugaru Strait landed at one of Aomori Prefecture's proud tuna base", "Minmaya fishing port"!

1It becomes a big thing of this 232kg、This time, I put this tuna to bed for about two weeks and aged it.、Red meat、Tuna、It is said that you can get it in the big Toro and three!

A mass of large tuna is subjected to a splendid kitchen knife.、Takemoto-san who will take away the fence without hesitation!

Cut it off the fence.、1I will do a short time of pickling by soaking in a special pickled sauce carefully one by one!

If you look closely, there is a shade in the color of pickled sauce, so I asked、It is said that the match is adjusted by the story!

Sake "Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjo" Tokuri and Gohiguchi:Shintaro ajioka

To match the nigiri sushi、2019Junmai Ginjo "Hakurakusei" of Miyagi Prefecture "Shinzawa Brewing Store" which was offered at "G20 Osaka Summit" in 2004!
Banana incense that smells faintly gentle、A pleasant acidity creates a refreshing and sharp taste.、You can enjoy the taste with a core while delicate!

The grip starts with "Sumiika"!

On this day、Red shari using red vinegar, a traditional form of Edomae sushi、Rice is provided using a light sasanishiki with little stickiness!

The official opening is next year.、While the opinions of regulars and customers are also incorporated、It is said that it is prepared for the grand opening in pursuit of the ultimate shari!

The rice bowl is the season that i have been patronizing in "Sushi Mantaro"! Current、I seem to have ordered a new bowl.、The mikoshi that makes you feel the history that you have spent with Mantaro has a tasteful face.、Unanimously, The "New Opposition!" It became (laughs)

The watermelon which was added with salt is served as it is without anything.、It is a watermelon characterized by a texture that can be played、You can enjoy not only the texture but also elegant sweetness and delicate aroma!

Next in line、"Chiba's Kinme-don" with good color gloss made up with a special sauce with tuna!
Elegant fat and sweetness、You can also enjoy the aftertaste of the scent of pickled sauce!

And、Three kinds of tuna also pickled are "red meat"、"Tuna"、"Great Toro"。

The tempo continues well.、Time of bliss!

"Kohada" lightly boiled with vinegar。

The skinned"- body-pressure "salmon" is served with a condiment!

Sake "Hayasaura Junmaishu" Tokuri and Gohiguchi:Shintaro ajioka

Fukui Prefecture "Miyake Hikoemon Brewery"Hayasaura" is、It is a dry pure rice sake with a fruity aroma and crisp sharpness!

The vivid "Untan" laid in a wooden box、Combined with crisp seaweed、Enjoy the sweetness and aroma of the sweetness that melts on your tongue!

Needless to say, the grip of the king of the story "car shrimp"! Every time I bite my tight body, the shrimp incense that comes out of my nose is unbearable.、Elegant sweetness and umami fill your mouth!

"Boiled anako" which was thickly burnt to the extent that it fell off when it was served in a bowl、Received as it is from the palm of the shop owner's hand、To your mouth!

The plump body melts into the mouth and melts well.、The softness of the boiled anako and the gentle sweetness of the boiled broth leave an impression on me.、Involuntarily ,"It's already consistent! It seems to ask!

"Castella egg grill" with a brown fox color.。"Castella egg" that finishes moistly by baking without inflating the air does not enter is elegant sweetness pulls back!

Enjoy a chat while having tea that becomes "up"、On the last photo!

The closeness of the sense of distance from the shopkeeper of six counter seats、A space full of private feeling suitable for spending fun with close people without pretentiousness、A night intoxicated with delicious dishes and carefully selected sake that makes use of ingredients! Mr. Ajioka、Takemoto-san、Thank you very much!

Taketo Tsuji
Address:111-2 Higashi-Obama, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL:0532-46-1039(Sushi Mantaro)
Hours of operation:17:00To 22:00(Open only at night)
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

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