Ramen and drawing my house fluffy noodles Shizuoka log ramen ranking eating place!


In Kyoto of popular stores 'My ramen the admirable"And I'm in has been trainingTadayyyand, t..2014On May 26.In the independent open at hamakita at Lu ramen shop "Frame drawing of my house"Mr.。By using a bamix (mixer) and beat、Fluffy was fluffy of mellow fish of pork hang of double soupAnd became popular by straight noodle noodle、Newly opened、Visitors from outside the Prefecture to go so high that、Shizuoka food log ramen ranking now imposing for 1st place! Has become a popular shop of the matrix in the front of the shop.


Established a Chair in the shop, waiting area provides seating for 10 or so、Must we wait on chairs placed outside the shop and the Chair would be filled。On this day、Even on weekdays 11:30 too much already occupied in the State、Waiting is about 12 people.。That is the、There ramen、Rotating quickly guided to seats in about 20 minutes。Rest upon its already hyper noodle in the limited 12 meals, because food was、In the early hours and pigeon may be。Those who like noodles、Would go on patrols opened before.


Shop、Large kitchen with wrap、Overlooking pleasant shopkeepers and staff of L-shaped counter is 16 seats。In the back、Yamato Mfg of noodle-making machines you can see through the glass。Have owner's mother seemed to be taking orders、While tidying、Without forgetting the voice customers have been waiting for、Smile by courteous response.、Or to pass the menu ago and、Wait do not feel pain。Even busy-looking kitchen staff and the owner's of sense of cheer and smile for、The atmosphere is so warm!


On the wall、As the name'Drawing'On or after、Decorated for children filled with colorful paint and cute!


For the kitchen、Seriously face frame and the owner and staff it's take a look。Kitchen suggests cooking process is still very good。The menu is、Noodle noodle (salt or soy sauce) and in limited quantities、Only the rice side dishes.


Soup 1 pot eachBamix (mixer)By mixing in、The surface of the soup is bubbling gently was fluffy of ready。Finished in hot soup into the instrument and、State to the drip pan overflowing。Please with you because the instruments are getting hotter!


12Food limited hyper tsukemen (namimori 2) 950 Yen

This is noodles soup.、See fluffy. fluffy on is the emergence of a creamy soup。And seafood of pork hang of double soup is、Most tips for less peculiar smell、Most hang like married couple we also taste delicious。The seafood aroma is strongly felt and would rather、Good taste with a mild finish、As the feel good taste and flavor。That was imagined like thick soup of、Under the bubbles、I'm happy soup thick is tenderly and nonpersisting。Just、Too many noodles in namimori middle that soup is warmed up、Will be one of the reasons why married couples we like noodles。Without you say warm day soup?!


Number of noodles is as long as the、1If the ball、Be 1 free topping、2Jade namimori、3Stationary orders a large serving of price spread of ¥ 950 customers great deals。This time the、Order the namimori 2 ball。The shopkeeper、So who are graduating from Daiwa manufacturing school、For the obsessed with noodle"The first、Try eating only noodles in the soup.And、On the menu are accompanied by short。From the tight taste the flavor of the wheat、Dipping in the soup and good will.


"Fluffy like salt men char Siu ' (1 ball) 1000 yen

Incorporate sliced pork around the unit circle、Compelling。Even without additional topped with seasoned egg 半玉 and menma、This is usually order。Add green onions is 50 Yen、Menma、Seasoned egg can be at 100 yen each。Near the base with noodles soup、Stronger salt flavor。Here is、Hot until the end, unlike the noodles was expected.。The char Siu took plenty of black pepper pastrami-style、Slightly pink and、Have good lighting、Hot soup for、Longer leave and hope there is a fire, a little hard。The thick menma、Soft.。Seasoned egg boiled style and flavor are nice and tasty。So by noodles、Involving a good soup、Orache vine surface in your throat good passes.


Oekaki rice 200 yen

This butter-flavored rice、And to say butter、Rolled pork, to eat delicious、Soup and sauce is also good.


Red Hot Chili oil and Pepper oil

Desktop set two oil、So suit Red Hot Chili Sauce、The pepper and salt is good。The first is normal, taste、After that、It is this oil in aroma and taste spicy and delicious ♪ (* call too much attention so it is)


Noodles soup、After、Comes with a soup。Divide soup full of flavor from the vegetables and、Sweetness of the vegetables is spreading.、You can freshen up and、2Degrees available。Say the shio ramen、Ramen here is interesting in no Ramen in Hamamatsu.

My House ramen oekaki
Hamamatsu, hamakita-Ku, at Lu 1480-4 TEL:Private
Hours of operation 11:30-14:30(Sold as soon as finished)
Closed on Tuesday:Sunday、Holidays

Hamamatsu, hamakita-Ku, at Lu 1480-4

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