Enjoy the famous tuna black became a hot topic in the "Tavern, vaguely" ghalita dining room!

Tavern opened in 11/3/2015 in Hamamatsu, inception "Sambongi / Producing fresh food materials sake"To!

Here is、Famous shops in Tokyo "Azabu 10-TANU Yoshida"Owner at a 10-year trainingIio Keisuke (Keisuke Iio)Just set up shop in local city Hamamatsu。Experience in Tokyo、Agriculture was a step towards further toward independence! Nagano-born wife in approximately two years.、To be engaged in agriculture to produce knowledge and desire is higher、both、Strong ties with many sake Brewery tour of Nagano in food、To be ripe、漕gi着kete. opening of taverns had in mind!

And the name "sambongi.、With adidas owner iio's unrivalled favorite things! Told that the、The look!

Shop、L-14 counter seats、With tables, seats 16、Feel the warmth of wood、Hand screen menu、Include illustrations of the food depicted in colorful, easy to understand、The personality of the owner's calm space。Fine sake made from carefully selected ingredients direct from the farm and the Japan national order.、Popular restaurant loved by local people.

On this day、In the neighborhood who introduced me to this tavernShotaro ihata (Shotaro Ihata)And cumStone Hara Takashi (Yuki Ishihara)I will celebrate the marriage and his wife's Party!

But first of all, make a toast with "beer"、Iio's owner should ask、The superficial finish of "〆 mackerel.、Fresh produce is available in chicken sushi and sashimi gizzard、Enjoy, "Milt Ponzu sauce"!

In Kyushu、"Before allocation soju' that which is consumed as a matter of。This is、Soju in advance in a golden ratio of the 寝kashita water.、It is also smooth mellow、So say it will be easy to drink water and shochu at a molecular level coupled with the surprise!

Became popular in the mankind's training、The Special menu that was broadcasted on that "ghalita restaurant" tuna black、It is possible to taste here! With tuna and pork、In sweet sake look perfect!(-Be ω-Isuzu)^☆

On this day、For the limited use of only two hours and ended up in relation to your booking、Could not reach main dish、Tuna cheek negima NABE with Gill area and head meat and meat is most popular、We had reserved.

After this "finish of I want to eat noodles! "That can、The second to rush!

Quality fresh wholesale's mediocrity
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, primary city 856-9
Hours of operation:17:00-24:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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