Hamada-Yama the eating of pork and shellfish and unabated popularity of everything happening curvy thick noodles


2013On February 20th.The Enshu sukenobu station is OPEN a few minutes ' walk from that、As the popular Ramen "Hamada mountains"Mr.。Her curtain fluttering in the small wooden nameplate white wall is in the storefront's small restaurant such as、Not in the rich broth of pork and shellfish eat meet feeling odd curvy thick noodles noodles is a popular noodle shop。Parking、On the front of the shop only two。Day only sales in、As well as Saturday and Sunday、Is a thriving Buri matrix so even on weekdays!


Ticket machine is located on the right-hand side of the store entrance。Counter L with only 9 seats and the shop is、So the waiting space is available、Often people wait in the shop。Recent ramen it is、While many shops in the Interior and a storefront unlike a decade ago, women enter the shop and easy-to-clean feeling、Also in the kitchen, including rubbing alcohol at all times has been using、Are kept clean。The shopkeeperHamadaMr. a "Victory hotel"And I'm in training、High shopping center is in takadano-Baba "Wataru Watanabe"And I'm in better trained。Before you open the higher expectation from the people of like、Because that continue to meet expectations are high reputation.


"Taste ball noodles (fish pigs bones)" 850 Yen

Here the noodles are so popular。Soup is concentration.、Viscosity and rich in animal soup and seafood are extremely and、Do not feel faintly sweet persistence。Noodles、Thick noodles straight。Normal noodle noodles amount290gAlso seems that there are、Plateful is even150gThe meter is added440gSurprise and the volume! (Surprise) but、Many male executives to order a plateful because、All lot greed is! The relatively thick soup、Reneged leprosy because it offers the warm noodles left!


Salt ramen 750 Yen

I our couple choice ultra light series is not、First bite feels relatively easily and、Two bites、I carry in a broadening taste mellow flavor soup。Noodles、Heita curly noodles。Kosi is a little weak、Thick noodles because even getting dust can enjoy the feeling of。Just、So easily, I eat slowly and easy-to-was sucking soup noodles、Feeling until you finish eating the noodles are bulking not deny (lol) but I end up hanging time eating ramen noodles is bad、Not heal quite easily.。Personal taste of China bamboo (menma) this nice texture preference is。The pork fat lot、Moist and soft 厚切ri。Popular noodle、Is a perfect eating meet sense of volume of either salt ramen!

Hamada mountains
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku takabayashi 1-8-1 Matsumoto mansion 1F TEL:053-523-8393
Hours of operation 11:00-15:00(Business days only) closed:Monday

1-8-1 takabayashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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