Development in progress! exploring the Nei Hu area landed in Jiannan Rd. station in MRT Whnhu line


Nanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)It is of MRTMuzha lineThe、
On the route of the new transit system differs from other routes、It runs on a viaduct on the line。
It identified himself as the original Mucha lineWenshan lineAnd then openedIn the lineIn a generic term that is referred to in conjunction with theMuzha lineAnd will be。
Taipei Songshan AirportAndMartyr's shrine、Taipei City Zoo、MaokongTo goes.、Click hereMuzha linePlease use。
This time the、Muzha lineThe boarding、In the development towards Lake area.


South port exhibition hall to ride.、2The station "Taipei Songshan Airport"And、Songshan Airport EkiThere。
Close enough to the city of hereTaipei Songshan AirportThe、Many flights to and from Haneda、
In fact, of Shikoku "Taipei Songshan Airport"From、2013 yearFrom there are flights on Charter flights。
Matsuyama has signed friendship Exchange Pact with Taipei City、
Taipei Songshan Airport flight from Shikoku Matsuyama Airport with the same name seems to have realized ♪


Nanjing stationIt is a four-eyes fromJiannan Road StationTo arrived.。
Here area "Neihu area"And referred to as、Currently in Taipei and most advanced development has evolved。
In the Lake that included "Lake" characters、
Its origin is、Regardless of the Lakes、In Taiwan (enameled language) means "Lake" basin。
Located in the northeastern part of Taipei City、"The science and technology-Ku, Taipei offices all technology-related companies and。
This area becomes residential and、High rise apartment buildings and shopping malls、Lined with hotels, such as、
Orderly rows of houses、Often becoming stage dramas, such as the、
And probably the hot areas in Taipei ♪


In speaking of symbols in the Lake area、"Miramar"。
2004 yearA large shopping mall was completed in、And huge leisure spots where Taipei citizens will be。
Amusement and department store shared fine and、Image bright and healthy, Rojas is a characteristic。
Is also a large Ferris wheel、In the Taipei youth is also popular。
Ferris wheel diameter is 70 m、Beautiful flower 5-storey building's height is 30 m.。
For the Ferris wheel is installed on the roof、The top of the Ferris wheel、Earth has a height of 100 m large and powerful!
In addition, view from the Ferris wheel、Keelung River flows slowly up to the Grand Hotel Majestic is in front of the spread view is the best!
Also beautiful flower 6-7 f、Warner cinemas "Miramar Studios Miramar Cinemas"There。
In this cinema、28 m x is a dynamic screen of approximately 22 m 610 m² is very popular!
The building is、Divided into two main and young hotel、
The main building is a chic style、Young and casual styles for young people in each is consistent。
Not only in shopping、Superior entertainment、Because of an integrated leisure complex、
It will be the spot that you can enjoy in the enjoyment of human each ♪


Speaking of luxury hotels in the inner lake areaJiannan Road Stationnear"維多麗亜酒店 GRAND VICTORIA HOTEL"It is famous。
19That predominate in the century United Kingdom Victorian architecture trend、
Noble style a modern twist traditional building is a popular hotel。
Recently this area has planned and luxury hotels for、
Let's walk through this area of ​​travel of the development ♪


2015 OctoberIt is scheduled to open "Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei"。
This building is、Japanese"Obayashi"As a result、
Supermarkets and restaurants、Beef with food material wholesalers、
To expand the food warehouse operations "Yoshifuku group"It has been operated ♪


The building combines the elegance of European design with Oriental、
146Five rooms and buffet, Cantonese cuisine, Japan cuisine, Taiwan cuisine and European cuisine restaurant。
Outdoor heated pool beside the poolside bar "Cocoon"The、It is a party in space using the industrial design!
I'm looking forward to the grand opening is ♪

Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district music group two road 55,


The sequence of this hotel、Enters a tenant on the road、On the Office is included.


While strolling in at sunset、
Illuminated "Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei"The、
Jiannan Road StationOne appreciates that emerges clearly from the、Is giving off a strong presence in its beauty.


This is a recently opened "Taipei Marriott Hotel"。
The Marriott Hotel、6 Fu Group and tens of international hotel chains introduced jointly by Australia international group。
320 guest rooms and suites furnished rooms in five-star luxury hotel、
Buffet-style restaurant、Another five, including restaurants Teppanyaki restaurant & bar、
Huge 3000 m² (can accommodate up to 1200 people) in Taipei boasts the largest multi-purpose event (Ballroom)、
Meeting room、Fitness Center、Pool、And integrated hotel facilities include a shopping arcade、
Large and strategically located in Central or district、Will be providing rooms with panoramic views of Taipei City and the botanical gardens.

Taipei Marriott Hotel Taipei Marriott Hotel
Location:Two Road 199, Taipei Zhongshan Ku music group


Next to it is、Tenants with a streamlined design sequence.、1Includes many shops on the floor!


Skyscrapers built next to the Marriott Hotel in、Is a residence for sale。
100The residence is also near the door several hundred million yen for sale、From prior to completion and sold out immediately! (Surprise! )


"Miramar"Of the Ferris wheel、Beautiful late at night in Taipei as Dunhuang and and they shine、
Every night、"Heavenly music、Land lotteries、Dance of the wind "in glittering light show engages in three main themes。
The light is emitted into the night sky、Many people stop、View looking up the。
The Ferris wheel of the night unfolded during the 17-minute ride、Invites you to a romantic world that would be!


On this day、In this area2014In the fallThe Japan food was opened "Ryugin"The Taipei branch office
"Shoun Ryugin"To go to the dinner.

Jiannan Road Station

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