Taipei's oldest temple worshiping the power spot "Longshan Temple" Taoist and Buddhist god's premier Taipei


Power spot's premier TaipeiTaiwan temple, which is also referred to "Longshan Temple"。
The official name is、"Monga = Longshan Temple (no choice Draco Kanzanji、Man carlonshansoo)"And is the term used for、
With locals as "Longshan Temple"And often called、
ThisLongshan TempleTaipei is the area around the city from an old one、
Longshan TempleThe、1738(Qianlong 3 years) Create in、Taipei is one of the oldest temples of the oldest。
Buildings decorated decorated with multicoloured is is worth a look、
As a particular blessing out miraculous Temple、Rated the trust from the local people。
MRTPlates South lineOfLongshan Temple StationOn and off、1 ExitMore walk about3To 5 minutes walkingThe location in。
During a visit to Taipei、By all means visit to tourist attraction "Longshan Temple"The will introduce ♪


Red Roof shines in the sky blue。
The shining overhead grace and elegance serving dragon and "Bronze dragon pillars"Such a notice。
Stunning temple architecture that was colored by colorLongshan Temple
Longshan TempleAre affected by disasters and war so far、Renovation work has come repeated many times、
1919(Republic of China 8 years)The highly artistic that was vivid magnificent and majestic color in a large renovation of
"Chinese palace-style temple architecture"Incorporates。
The total area of ​​the precincts is approximately1800basisAnd widely、
And Central shrine which enshrines the Gohonzon、Surrounded on、Bell Tower on the East side、Apse、Located west of the drum tower。
All links in the corridor、Is a big feature has been in the "times" shape with the top-down structure。
Entrance "Longmen" on the right side of this picture、On the left side is exit "Tiger gate"、
The temple here is、Has determined that flow in and out, with separate entrance and exit。
When entering the front gate、To the first entrance on your right across from the.、Visit the entrance on your right "Longmen" into your environment。
After that、Follow the flow of a return from a left hand exit "Tiger gate".


Passing in front of the gate、According to the flow of people、Go to the entrance to the right "Longmen"!


Go left to the entrance from the entrance (Longmen)、And the threshold is important not。
There is a gift shop sells incense and candles to the entrance on your right、Buy incense and candles。
Previous、Incense was paid on 7、
Now incense become three, and is distributed free of charge.


Longshan TempleThe、Artistic value high country level 2 artifacts is provided in。
Please attention to warped Fenghuang is a any moment likely flapping in Ascension likely dragon and sky from the top of the roof!
Made with brilliantly colored lapis lazuli、Its sophistication is eye-opening。
Also a pair of the front entrance Ryu-bashira "Bronze dragon pillars"The、In the production of Taiwan only built approximately 100 years ago、
Wonderfully expressed over dairyu pillars with gods and animals、Also in one of the highlight points。
In addition to、Main hall decorated with stunning engraved pillars,、
After the porcelain decorated on both sides of the wall、Stone carved window frames、Drum stone pillars,、
Longshan TempleYou can worship the brave figure of the myriad of dragon and to represent the name ♪


Tourists from the thick local people of faith and all over the world over.、Increases the smoke of incense。
Here isLongshan TempleIn on Sambo Buddha and Shakyamuni triad and be、
It is dedicated to sambosan Buddha-God of the three bodies lined the far right Yakushi Nyorai、It is God who cure diseases General。
Here you will、Surroundings in order seven worshipped various gods incense burner、
Each God their not his prominence, to the。


[Longshan worship how and knowledge of the temple]

(1) time to prepare your heart to pure dress、Correct posture、Quietly we strive to work。
And igniting the candles (2)、The offerings left on three treasures Buddha and Shakyamuni triad candlesticks, respectively。
(3) in the Lungshan Temple before.、7One had a censer、Because the current three incense、3To all of this incense、
Chodo, main hall and then go up one at a time and visit the incense of the order while three incense sticks。
(4) worship (worship cult bye bye) in the way、Its incense sticks head in front of God、3The worship times。
The name、Date of birth、It is important to pray from the introduction, such as current address neatly told God。


To draw a fortune in the precinct where the two installed、You might try pulling the visits after。
Fortune is a former Palace General wishes、
If you wish to business or work related to later choose respect Holy Emperor I Dono are Fortune。
Fortune concept is different from Japan、Rather than make a wish, about your worries and make a wish
I hear "God" should be objective。

[How to pull of fortune]
(1) Red Crescent 筊 Cup (Jacobi) 1 pair tucked his hands、
God in the name、Address、After the birth in mind、Asked about worries and wishes except。
(2) stand ask God "Omikuji" pull back is good will?、Red Crescent-shaped 筊 Cup (Jacobi) down on the floor。
(3) lands front and back OK、In the table and the table.、Behind the scenes and behind the scenes at NG。
(4) draw a fortune in bamboo poles out front and back。
(5) this time is "really in this fortune would be good?" God again ask stand、(2) as well as the。
The case of NG、Again re-route the bamboo stick。
(6) ask the Omikuji when you OK、Drawer number written beneath the bamboo sticks at "Oracle pulls out of Fortune。
(7) Oracle view from good "luck", "over the top" "on" "middle" "down" and written。
(8) bring fortune and go "solution lot treatment in the main sanctuary on your right、Can you tell your fortune。(Note:Chinese language)
* Occasionally, but、Can understand mainly over the weekend Japan staff。
(9) a fortune to keep。(Note:Not the habit of connecting the precinct Thursday in Japan)


Is a shrine dedicated to the Gohonzon kanzeon bosatsu and Fugen and monju bosatsu。
Looks behind it is a shrine dedicated to the Gohonzon kanzeon bosatsu and Fugen and monju bosatsu。
The Gohonzon is the Kannon Bodhisattva、The naraa and various religions such as Taoism and Confucianism in the current、
And Confucius, such as Mazu Kwan (known in the three kingdoms [Kanu])、Deity enshrined is small with more than 100 reaching is。


Huge incense burner glowing in gold was set up in the front。
And supporting the roof of the censer unique Netherlands man wearing a top hat design、
Forget history Taiwan once occupied in the Netherlands and、It symbolizes the Netherlands people。


The main temple of this、Saint kanzeon bosatsu (Kannon) enshrined in the main hall.。
1945Second world war years (Republic of 34 years) close by us military raids、
Suffer until the pillars collapse disaster during、
Only the wooden statue is able to escape the damage unscathed。
For this reason、Local people believed at the foot of the statue is safe、
It took by your side of the statue every time air raids were evacuated。
In the heavy air raids without injured refugees、
The blessing locals still thick faith.。
Other statue in the shrine、"Manjusri、Fugen、Eighteen arhats、Teni 馱 deity、Manjusri] has enshrined。




Of the main hall ceiling "Spirulina well"Also it is one of the highlight points。
Draw the spiral dragons、As we ascended into heaven is expressed in precise、Very impressive!
8Makes 32 pair of spiral dragon head、
1600Stuff body and Mikawa caisson ceiling in octagonal design of the Dragon symbolizes the "reincarnation" of the Buddhism and、
Even without using a single nail skills of designated as a national treasure.。
As long as your time allows、Please see the deep compassion of the bodhisattva statue, gentle face and elaborate craftsmanship skills.


Longshan TempleThe、All God is enshrined、And it is said King temple、
Behind the main hall after Hall、19Is God's body。
It's especially popular with women、12In the God of the second note maids daughter and they have an easy delivery、And God protect the growth of children。
And、19God of Moonlight he as a good match of the love of God、This young woman very popular!
The local people、God had designed their own offerings, visit、There you take the gifts。
And the gifts that each meaning、
Fixed to the God of learning and by "onion、Daikon radish、包子 "and has been。
These Chinese pronunciation、"Clever" and "guarantee (pass)" of is similar to the pronunciation of the Chinese language and、Carrying good luck with that。
Other、Daikon, Bok、Onion and celery to the hard-working、Apple it means better results。
And offerings to fit your worries and make a wish、And get good results。







[Introducing God of 19 bodies in front Migiyori order]

(1) God large sakigake star Kun schoolwork and exams。God pray for success。
(2) is famous as the God of learning governing the entire fate of Emperor xiaowen, Kun。
(3) the horse's "old horse", Emperor xiaowen。The God of success。
(4) "purple sun shika" Song dynasty scholar。God of study。
(5) merit positive God business and land、The God of the shrine to manage crops.。
(6) judges to determine good and evil Castle God Toya。
(7) God of the Sea Dragon Toya、The God of rain。
And (8) "Narcissus royalism" sea God of trade。That the age of Li Bai。
(9) the deified solar star Kun Sun God。Lunar star couple with you。
(10) in Taiwan-Ma zu daughter daughter best loved woman God。Fortune General。
(11) governs the lunisolar star Kun beauty goddess。God of beauty。
Have an easy delivery and note maids daughter children (12)、God protect the growth of children。
(13) the goddess of 池頭 Lady's。"Chinoike monitoring charge of hell"。
(14) the goddess 12 Auntie 12 persons group。Note maids daughter help。
(15) "huashi PuTuo Immortals" medicine of God。Also known as:Kept in taipe。
(16) the rules of heaven, Earth, and water management in "the 3 officers great God。
(17) Holy Kwan-Kun sangokushi Kanu。Business、The God of martial arts。
(18) "Bodhisattva King" hell administrator。Determine the area paradise hell man。
(19) the God of good match in late March aged love fulfilled。


God's love "month Oigami Mr. (late old man)"

Is this "month old isn't she such (the old man under the Moon)"、As a good match of the love of God to young women is very popular!
Tucked his hands as Red Crescent 筊 Cup (Jacobi) 1 pair、
To correctly introduce、Tells the name of the person you want to be tied。
Those who still have not found the man of destiny、"So there is a good encounter"And let me ask。
The box that is actually in the temple as "Red thread of marriage"The amulet has been put、
After worship in the "red crescent type of 筊杯 (Jaobei)" "Is it may have received a red thread"And to ask、
If OK came out "Red thread of marriage"And get a bag、
Pick up that bag、Incense burner on left-to-right round and three times around、Take your litter home。
Red thread of marriageThe、Is a blessing and I put them, put it in your purse, etc.!


I、In"late may" God so hard we wish。
Of course、Not for you and me! (Next to her husband.:Lol)
Woman like to be happy、We prayed in。
♪ as good trailing edge is tied


Taiwan's premier power spot of "Longshan Temple"At Yahoo、
Check it out guys、Taiwan-shrine and Oracle experience with!
Resolving troubles、The dawn that wish has been fulfilled、
Be sure to revisit、Meets Temple and show appreciation.

Longshan Temple
Location:Taiwan, Taipei, Guangzhou district 211,
TEL:(02) 2302-5162
Opening hours:6:00To 22:00
Open every day

Longshan Temple

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