To grow and dyed in the color "beige" each wine & dining

As the retreat Bar in 連尺 town of Hamamatsu relishes city streets and one went to the West、Waimate, Ryo Shimizu of the bartenders ' Bar DaMonde(Verda Monde)"The bar is downstairs"Beige(Beige) "to a third party to flow!

Owner-chefYamauchi based, (Yamauchi Motoji), Last year opened 11 / 24 "Beige (Beige).、"From the off-white color is beige、Store loved by all color tinted while hoping it will "and thought says. and 司ら friendly character based put no name will be!
Based officer revved up to eighty-eighth birthday (age 88) in this shop, you work so hard!

This has renewed "Felice" site was in the original Italian restaurant、Repainted to beige color for your shop wall、You can feel comfortable, such as Café inside and outside both shops.

Alternating between the regulars from the following:、The sound was lively laughter、As you enter the store to be sucked into the soothing warm care、For members that meet at a BBQ Party joined the other day was happily drinking、You put communal mate!

That third party may、Already in the tipsy State I feel good!
From sparkling wine for red wine and entertain while、Dream a lot young people in their 30s and talk through the night、Showed a surge in ♪ you、Thank you ♪

In beige、It is possible to enjoy the meal and as primary and、Respond to requests for a drink in a secondary or tertiary lightly squeeze、Will be casual and wining & dining.

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