"L'IDIOT RESTAURANT" Luxury lunch in-house organic vegetables and commitment aging meat!


"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The 1st floor restaurant
2014JulyOn the 1st floor original restaurant was "La fanten"Renewal open。
While hotel owners also culinary Director responsible for、
In addition there farmerFudy ChenOrganic farms produce a fresh organic vegetables and
Has been reborn as the restaurant can enjoy the delicious seasonal hand-made dishes。
Morning 6:30-10:00Until the guests breakfast venue.

Location:The ground floor
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 17:30-21:30、Snack 21:30-23:00
Book by phone:+886 903 393 098


This time we are、Fudy ChenAlso"To travel with the series"The efforts to introduce、
Brought from Japan "Gaku Syakunaga"The 6 dishes including new show、
"L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"The decided to collaborate with food! (So thanks! )
Just、Taipei also "The Wonder 500 Secretariat"As part of the overseas ACTIVITIES do、
1/22(Fri) ~ 1/24 (Sun)For three days only, it was、
"Makoto and faith Bookstore"In the display、
To the people of Taipei "Gaku Syakunaga"The was made unveiling event with just that!
This alsoGraphic designerAnd working with、"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Casual pop-up coffee stand
"EAVES COFFEEIt is a Taiwanese friends have launched a "
Lee Pei-SyunTo cooperate in the interpretation、It is a great help! (Xie Xie! )
FudyIs watching the instrument "OK! AndI'll try!"And was declared.


Hendon and me showing me、Will be cooked from ingredients!
28Meat loaf's day aged t-bone steak to lobster、Homemade pickles、
Picked the morning, lined in luxurious fresh vegetables were taken within 20 minutes、Tomatoes and Swiss chard、
Red radish、Pumpkin、Jalapeno and great food is packed!


"Own wind dry Ilan Orchid duck breast cold cuts plate (seasonal water play,small pickled mustard greens)
YILAN HOUSE DUCK PROSCIUTTO (Seasonal Fruit, Pickles) "280 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1000 yen)

On the wooden plate with seasonal fruits and pickles
Miso marinated Wagyu beef (WAGYU)、Yi-LAN duck ham、With cured ham, in the Pinchos will!
Red radish but highly aromatic and flavorful beef miso has been harvested earlier match very refreshing!
Melt fat smooth、Also tasty ham
You rely on wine in Yi-LAN duck breast with fig ham taste best appetizer!
Is a brilliant, colorful, bouncy conversations while picking a little gem!


"Farm garden salad (fresh raw vegetables,Seasonal water play,Farms organic: fresh)
GARDEN SALAD (Seasonal Fruit, Lettuces,Beet) "260 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1300 yen)

Dubbed the garden salad plate、Organic vegetables on a farm of their own that has been plenty of juice dish!
Fennel slices in garlic、Tomato、Lettuce、Beets、Strawberry、
Cucumber、ビーンズ、Cashew nuts、いんげん豆アーミッシュ・ディア・タンなどなど
Serves the shakishaki and filled with flavor and sweetness, fresh organic vegetables and dressing!
ReallyFudyThe vegetable is the best!


"Cloth sjara Osso-GOL Tower KIA workers and sugar beet root season-Eggplant (sugar in medium root oil ,Gold level mud)
BURRATA CHEESE AND BEETROOT (Candied Bacon Vinaigrette , Calamansi Paste)」280TWD(日本円:About 1000 yen)

Fresh cream wrapped in a purse shape in a fresh mozzarella、
Mouth to melt cheese originated in Italy and Puglia in smooth personality schoolBullata (Burrata)のサラダです!
フェンネルやビーツ、Tomato、Tastes delicious with Mesclun.


"Handmade handicraft noodles wrapped bread.

Homemade bread during the meal provided by service and carevinesdip。
Depending on the day dip、These include tomato dip and cariflowerdip!
Various vegetables and beans、スパイスを用いたカレー風味のディップがとても美味しく


「日本馬糞海膽與薄片麵包(Ricotta 起司煙燻蕃茄與柿子莎莎)
UNI ON TOASTED BREAD WITH HOUSE RICOTTA(Uni,Toast,Ricotta Cheese,Smoking Tomato Salsa)」
520TWD (Japan Yen:約1,900円)× 釋永岳「年輪薄鉢」

Served with homemade ricotta cheese on toast、
Horse manure with sea urchin on top of cheese Blatter ordered from Japan by item。
Roasted to a crisp toast it with plenty of Sea Urchin,、Put edible flowers NAS Tatum and Borage, enjoy!
While enjoying the fragrance of、Extremely mellow and tender taste of ricotta cheese and yuzu salt dip mix。
"Gaku Syakunaga"The natural wood grain"Ring thin bowl"The us match the beautiful colour of the Sea Urchin! (Xie Xie! )
I feel warm and expressed in similar colours.


"Fishing today seafood SEAFOOD OF THE DAY" 780 TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 2800 yen) × 釋 Yong Yue ring-plate (28 cm)

The day's top local seafood dishes "Gaku Syakunaga" Of "Black glaze plates"Fit me! (Xie Xie! )
A recommended seafood of the day、Sauteed with fresh squid fried in Keelung harbor at charcoal grill from。
And Savoy cabbage (cabbage)
The source is、Lemon peel、Garlic、Sauteed in butter with chopped parsley respectively,、
Happy with gremolata sauce vinegar!
By adding NAS Tatum flowers、
Views of the squid with spicy like Wasabi!


Roasted full-wave person incarcerated Dragon Shrimp GRILLED WHOLE LOBSTER 1800 TWD (Japan Yen:JPY 6480)

With the additional order of lobster here with a main dish meat
1,800TWD-499 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1800 yen)And deals with during the campaign it was!
Canada produced thoroughly and fragrantly roasted lobster、
And let's focus on lemon!
The lobster flavor and condensed、Chewy and thick texture you can enjoy!
This menu is、"Gaku Syakunaga" Of "Black glazed reversible Petri dish"The was fit using the back! (Xie Xie! )
To whole lobster with one、Kaburi付ku that remains in the hands of delicious!


"28 day dry aged-bone beef exhaust 22 盎 Tsukasa Futaba who, AGED 28-DAY HOUSE T-BONE FOR TWO (beautiful country).
2,700TWD (Japan Yen:About 9720 yen) × 釋 Yong Yue ring plate (32 cm)

The main dish is American t-bone in a homemade 28 days dry aged in、
Spain was born in charcoal oven "Josper"In, I made roasted chestnut and special weekly
"Gaku Syakunaga" Of "Ring plate (32 cm)"And us fit! (Xie Xie! )
And T bone、The best Sirloin steak with bone、Cut the fillets are attached to the inside at the same time.。
Because of T-shaped cross sections of bone shape known T bone steak。
To enjoy the flavor of good sirloin and filet soft、Meat is extremely gorgeous!
In charcoal-grilled t-bone、Enjoy the crunchy texture surface with flavor、
During the condensed moist and delicious, enjoy!
Instead of in the source、And you only with salt and herbs simple、
Guests can enjoy a taste of the meat to direct.


"Takumi, force lava IPAP $ 9. and herb Bing Qi deep-fried CHOCOLATE MOLTEN CAKE Vanilla Ice Cream.
260TWD (Japan Yen:940Yen)

The fondant、To cut with a knife and Toro-and-chocolate comes out overflow!
The texture of the crispy tart was laid down
The temperature difference between the hot and cold vanilla ice melts in the warmth and enjoy
Savor the rich chocolate cake!


"Hot Apple fruit school and herb Bing Qi Chinese WARM APPLE PIE Vanilla Ice Cream.
260TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 940 yen)

And enjoy the taste of apples the size of Apple Pie、
Along with the aromas of almond and cinnamon、Crispy texture with different top and bottom layer of tastes!
It is the strongest combination of Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream!


"Us offers made to Chou Su and 咖 caffes Bing Qi Chinese TIRAMISU Coffee Ice Cream.
220TWD (Japan Yen:About 790 yen)

Crispy and moist feeling at the same time enjoying a Tiramisu、
Crispy and light texture cake topped with mascarpone cheese Mille-Feuille of top offers、
Looks very lovely dish!
Sprinkled with cocoa powder in the taste of coffee ice cream
A bittersweet and the tiramisu!


"Art-Cafe AMERICANO COFFEE (ICE/HOT) 190 TWD (Japan Yen:About 690 yen)

Suites, coffee is inherent.。
In addition to American coffee Espresso and latte art.、It is possible to order cappuccino!
Here you will、Soft drinks other than alcohol、
Cocktails and wine、Beer、Whiskey as well as a generous selection, enjoy!


Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve Lois
Hotel F&B DirectorScott ChiuBecause it introduced me、Commemorative photo with the greetings! (Xie Xie! )
Able to spend full time in the great plantations expedition after lunch.

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

Location:Zhongshan district, Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 369 1F
TEL:+886 2 2581 5811

Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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