"L’Air café néo-bistro" Coffee pairing with co-star French chef and coffee Meister


In Taipei of Taiwan local food of famous shop started.、
Stylish spot with stylish shops and teahousesYong Kang City (yonkange)
French restaurant located at the intersection of small alleys in the area "L’Air café néo-bistro"。
In Taipei this popular Patisserie "Boite de bijou"And Deli-Cafe"Take Five"And becomes a surprisingly、
Women of the foodie owner as well as spatial design isSusan LinOperated、
"L’atelier de Joël Robuchon Taipei"A woman from Chef
Dana YuIs neo Bistro was open and welcoming.


Shop、On the walls of the brick-colored natural wood furniture and its interior an calm.、
Even with high-quality space feel cozy and warm
Ambience unique to women owners of what.


This time、Will be held the event to pair coffee with this French course
Coffee Meister "Rakujin Osen (aka:Osen)"To introduce you to participants! (Xie Xie! )
Mr.OsenThe、Will be responsible to provide at this coffee coffee beans coffee roasting and sommelier。
He、Is food and drink (free people) is hard to define in a nutshell。
Belgium "Royal Conservatory of Brussels"The jazz and graduated from、
World folk music scene of the stringed instruments on the King of Middle Eastern instrumentsUD (oud)As a player now,、Has been active。
Beside that、FOODIE、Food critic、Cook、味覚提案者としての顔も持っています
"Court musicians' And the 'But soon I (learn)" And "From the lot I (enjoy)」の両方の意味を持ち彼に一番相応しいタイトルです!
In all、食べ物と味覚のセンス習得が特定領域からではなく様々な生活経験や美学など
世界中を渡り歩き、Continued eating outMr.Osen
He、Even now Asia focusing on gourmet asked journey continues to。
Now、Own café to open in Taipei has been hard to prepare.


Contrary to the natural wall、Eyes bright blue wall continues to ground floor、
Casablanca's large paintings might impact。
Blue is there cool shades、
Without a sharp impression、The ultra-soft feel nice!


The underground floor of the shop、8-Will in 10 or so private room available。
Coffee pairing for this event、When held in December last year became a sellout of popular、
This month also held seats like, very crowded!


In the counter with our staff、
Mr.OsenAnd their friend "Laku Laku Cafe"OwnersBooby Chiang.
Are encouraged to prepare、System ready to guest are aligned.


This event was、For French full course seven dishes will pair 7 glasses of coffee.。
Be honest、Prior to be held "7The last cup of coffee?"And wonder that my mind was too!
However,、After this、It is blotted out and the feeling is easily。
7Without too much claim to cook each dish、
Cuddled like a wine in cooking、That feeling spread protean、
Enjoy Coffee pairing you can enjoy the taste and flavor.


"Lomi Tasha (romitasha).
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Nitro cold brew by Eske Place Coffee house

Using liquid nitrogen、Finish and fine carbon coffee、1From the impressive new coffee tasting! (Surprise)
Not too hot.、No singles、The fine carbonate provided in the temperature of coffee.、
Misty with bubble fragrances、Drifting somewhere good to soft flavor、Guests can enjoy a mild taste.


1A cup of champagne like、
Celebrate the beginning while hanging in the delicate coffee aroma healed!


"He 公魚、Yellow lemon、Coffee Hing sugar.

Lemon scent、It is deep fried smelt him wrapping made from coffee sugar。
Pairing coffeeLomi TashaAnd the、
In southern Ethiopia Sidamo language "Soft lemon"Seems to imply、1 dish inspired by it!
Crispy and light cloth、Flavor of bittersweet pond smelt hypomesus olidus、
There are new accents of fresh lemon flavor and aroma of coffee!
Enjoy a fresh pair from Tray 1、Expectations!


Homemade bread

Must be accompanied by France of butter, your choice!


Each table 1 cup each、Mr.OsenOf the to get a detailed description、
Feel more interesting pairing of fun、Becomes a luxury.


Do politely and carefully pour into wine glass temperature of coffee.Mr.Osen
Photographed by her husband that me liked、
After this event soon Facebook profile photo adopted me (lol)
I love coffee certainly shows significantly better pictures!


"Road home Rose of Summer"
Ethiopia Kafe, /Gesha Village Manor / 1st vintage

In EthiopiaGeshaBreed was indigenous in the region said.、Low productivity、
Geisha species currently in Panama to miraculously revived as marketing has become a mainstream。
However,、This timeGeshaThe EthiopianVillage of GeshaOf1vintage StHas been adopted、It is a very valuable coffee! (Terrible)
Sweet with a fruity flavor、Delicate acidity、Full of grace, the taste is great!


Carefully finish 1 plate 1 plate in the kitchenDana YuChef。
A delicate flavor and well-balanced、And like potions、Woman has become a dish full of femininity.


"Echinoids (Sea Urchin)、Girls summer Frost、Nori seaweed.

A smooth nod of sea urchin flan、GeshaBy wrapping source using scents enhance、
Pairing coffee and making a superb match。
On the、Sea Urchin、Seaweed、And with gold leaf、A luxurious fragrance of seaweed and sea urchin sauce dish!


"Transcendental cloth cord ratio inscriptions"
Ethiopia / positive red Aricha 2015

And fresh lemon and Earl Grey and has a smooth、
Enjoy flavors of raspberry and cherry red fruits、Guests can enjoy a lingering cold, it also。
It is a strange, delicate coffee!
Not even wine-heads in、Light aroma of coffee in some sense like get drunk even.


"Crab meat、煨 noodles、Vegetablesx o ginger blue 檸、Sea fish.

Capellini (also known as:Angel Hair)Finished in Chinese-style soup, wine, with noodles dish。
With plenty of crab meat in green peas、Above served with steamed red snapper。
Savory onion flavor andArichaThe scent of red fruit for、Enhance the synergy effect.


Japanese agricultural Muchoki specialties 2015
Nyeri, /SL-28

Located in the central part of KenyaNyeri (Nyeri)In the area of small family-run banana plantations
MuchokiHigh-quality specialty coffee begins.。
Coffee with strong sunshine of Africa, he learns、Powerful aromas of Cassis flavor and great acidity。
It's as if wine and is tasked with features such as how to.


"Duck liver、Congratulation yurika、Black 醋 chestnut、Dark five zinc.

合挽ki hamburger incompentent duck foie gras duck and pork.。
The source is、Duck broth, red wine、Chestnut、Cassis、Using mushrooms
Complemented by flavorful and tender taste.


To cut with a knife and、During the Hamburger Patty plenty and foie gras time。
Considering the amount of foie gras and heavy images are、
Try to eat、Around the duck and pork 合挽ki meat and let mix mushroom、
Creating light and found a fine balance、Is hamburger tasted like chicken.



The palate freshener Granita、Tomato flavoured and refreshing!
Is granite and you feel better than Sweet Sour!


"Gesha road.
Panama Altieri family / Gesha 2015

Of Panama "Altieri family"ofGeshaThe、Panama coffee competitionsBut reputation and high、
Important to the original fragrance、Using Sun dried methods。
As a result、Guests can enjoy a taste of unique scents such as lemon or Jasmine tea and Gesha firmly。
Is straight、Sweet aroma of melon、
Guests can enjoy a luxury fruit drink looks like flavor and taste! (Terrible)


"Calf cow Dragon force、Black goose、The wind dried tubo plethora、Yu Cheng Qing.

Australia veal fillet with truffles、
Sun-dried tomatoes、Young corn、Sautéed、Fungus、Garnish with cabbage。
The veal was finish and moisturize、Very soft、Guests can enjoy a smooth fiber。
Because of the thick、Flavorful enough to enjoy、
What fresh veal meat flavor is very tasteful!
The acidity of the tomatoes and PanamaGeshaThe high-quality sour sauce is also good.


L ' Air café néo-bistro elegance over Original meat circular

Taiwanese meatball/BawanAnd the meatballs that are、
The difference with meat dumplings in Japan、Chewy texture is Taiwan's characteristics.Taiwanese meatball/Bawan
ThatTaiwanese meatball/BawanToDana YuIn the original chef, cooked!
She has studied cooking in various countries、This time the Taiwan local foodTaiwanese meatball/BawanIs the French twist!
In the skin, such as potato and rice、Shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots、Meat、Shrimp stuffed full with meat dumpling。
Taiwanese meatball/BawanOf the above、In any shop and put coriander (cilantro)、Its flavor accents and becomes a habit。
Even out skin click the、And made of sweet potato starch、The texture is a delicious rice cakes in the form!
Previous、"Every night market、Gastronomy square"With eating hot and denseTaiwanese meatball/BawanAnd the difference between the impression、
Elegant and easy-to-eat tastefullyTaiwanese meatball/BawanIn Nice!



2Once it's Ginger Lime Sherbet with lemon and Orange will。
Strong sour attack、Is to refresh the palate.


The main dish is the end、In front of the dessertMr.OsenChefDana YuHighly recommend! (Xie Xie! )
Dana YuThe chef's cuisine、I feel her kindness is a feminine, delicate flavor and warm。
DanaThe previously、When Japan Kyoto Italian "cenci"The legs are carried、
In doing so、cenciThe owner-chefTakeshi SakamotoIs it in the message from、
"It is possible if you meet in Taipei!"And was looking for、DanaTo tell whats that!
For Japan and Taiwan are very friendly、Now that more and more chefs are going back and forth、
Further strengthen the exchange of food-related community and I am happy!


Typical dessert of the France family "Riz Au Lait"To pour espresso、
We will finish like the affogato.


"U.S.、Citrus fruits、Herb、Pyroelectric sugar.
"Rich duck espresso.
Ethiopia / unitary dynamic: Heirloom 2015

Milk gruel with France classic desserts that rice cooked in milk, such as "Riz Au Lait"In、
Pour espresso、Finishing the affogato style pairing。
Dana YuThe chef、Using rice in Italy that has been entertaining the texture!
In addition、Risotto cooked in milk with a texture of wheat puffs (puffed rice)、
Madeleine, served with a rich vanilla ice cream with a rich、A taste of fragrant espresso、
The finish is worthy of the best dessert!


"True truffle cappuccino"
Melon land horse sjara Osso-GOL /miramundo, and fine strain rates: 2015

This cute heart latte art with coffee、In fact still not been completed!


Truffle cappuccino latte art was like no we will! (Surprise)


"True truffle cappuccino"
Melon land horse sjara Osso-GOL /miramundo, and fine strain rates: 2015

Truffles, will be completed.。
Guatemalan coffee is sweet and 芳bashi of the nuts such、
Want to try combination of truffles! And、And plunge into the world of the unknown, is the challenge!
We Immortals have always unconventional imagination and spirit of inquiry、
A new "Taste"Pursuing。
In the event of、Like a wine pairing、While various fragrant flavor、
Sweet、Sour、Bitter taste、Cuck、I'm looking forward to、Quite a different impression of coffee you've ever tasted、
"New world coffee"Let me!
I think a very interesting event!
Even Japan?Mr.OsenWelcome、Raises the warrior who launched this event is (laughs)


Petits fours "Haruna of 巧克力、Honey Ma Tak Lotus.

The petits fours、
Hazelnut chocolate truffle flavor was wrapping and
Is a small honey madeleines!


When finished eating, take a break、Mr.OsenThe friend、In the event was participating as a guest
Taiwan restaurants "Three and"The Director of R&D CenterAroma LeeAnd
Singapore brand tea with love "TWG"of
Operation ManagerViola LinHighly recommend! (Xie Xie! )


Lady ownerSusan LinEven as we greet、
In that she is very like pottery、
In the shop、Ceramic artists of Taiwan using the soil of Japan was being sold for、
You bring "Gaku Syakunaga"The decided to please watch the instrument!
When、The sharpness of the、The lightness、Shows us very interested in quality and design、Talk has spread to all other guests、
And the atmosphere of the exhibition in the shop、Great excitement!
The next time、Come on prior to going to Japan's Toyama "Gaku Syakunaga"For you and looking forward to the workshop。
GakuMr、I thank Guide!


In the last、Was a big success in the event of this coffee MeisterRakujin Osen (aka:Osen)And
With his friend was responsible for extraction of this event with cappuccino and latte art
"Laku Laku Cafe"OwnersBooby ChiangWith a photo!
Also in one-North nice woman and edge was born at night、Thank you that you have a wonderful experience!
Mr.Osen、Thank you ♪ (much appreciated!)

L’Air café néo-bistro
Address:Taipei Sobue clay flower city 164 Street 5 No.
Hours of operation:Tue-Thu 12:00-15:00 / 18:00-22:00Friday-Sunday 12:00-22:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday

Court musicians vetted and we Immortals

Taipei Sobue clay flower city 164 Street 5 No.

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