Popular in Taipei! "Baffi Italian trattoria" mustache stylish Italian romance!


We interviewed in the previous Taipei travel "Cari de Madame"The affiliate store is、
It is very popular in Taipei, young and gourmet person who
Italian restaurant "Baffi Italian trattoria"。
A station in Northern Italy on the concept、
I would like to enjoy the Italian there feel free to volume、It offers high-quality cuisine of Italy.


It becomes shop name "Baffi"、In Italy, "Mustache"Means。
Taipei、Made by a management team with over 15 years of experience in Shanghai、Young and vibrant managers、
You want to provide a sense of humor in plenty of high-quality services、
It is a representative of the Italian gentleman "Baffi = Mustache"And named、
Image of a rough representation、Wishes are trapped can act smart!


And consistent themes ranging from a space plan menu、
Tin and plus the warm wood upholstered walls and red brick of 剥kidashi、Playful interior design。
The store's logo、An orator but short shorts!
And、Waiters wearing knee socks and incongruous style mustache drawn、
♪ owner of thought to want to shop and full of humor you can feel a great deal


Display all over the shop at the black and white photos of actors becomes the mustache。
Mustache is the romance of man men dream once I ♪


Open kitchens were set up in the back of the store。
With a job in the kitchen of their young staff、And showing signs of a quick and accurate and、
How lively it is can ask ♪


BaffiIt has in Maine chefXavier Hsu

Got a hot passion to cook from my childhood、
Taiwan and Australia、Ongoing 10 years training under renowned chef of Singapore、
In Singapore、As a trainee、It was in a short period of approximately one month
"Restaurant André"To also told us that it had been enrolled!
Mustache GroupTo enter the shop and since、Now elegantly as a chef here, has been active.


Stylish handsome of the headquarters sales staffGuo Yong, Eason Kuo (a.k.a.:Yong)is、
English and Chinese、And with Japan Japanese smattering is currently studying、Using a machine translation of the mobile app、
Please introduce the restaurant。
Strive hard study I love JapanYu-sanMr. a、"Nihongo、It's difficult...."And laughing、
Each other with studying Chinese and Japan to、Was so much fun (lol)


BaffiTo visit、Come because it sharpens the senses, please enjoy the variety!
This menu board backside "Mustache"As has been、Photo is perfect! (Lol)

BaffiNow、Hors d'oeuvres、Appetizers、Other entrees、Variety of desserts and wines。
Commitment to fresh ingredients、Taiwan chicken eggs、Farm-fresh vegetables、And use the Taiwan deep sea fish such as、
Rice、Pasta、Olive oil are proudly selected from overseas。
And meals every few hours, make chicken with vegetables soup、Homemade sauce、
If you can get delicious with confidence is popular!
Lunch is on time and reasonable"Lunch set," 295TWD (about 1,090 yen in the Japanese Yen)It is also available ♪


"buffalo cheese and homemade dried tomato salad"
Buffalo Cheese Homemade Sundried Tomato, Pesto, Mixed Salad
380TWD (about 1,400 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Appetizer is the most popular salad。
In the assortment of organic vegetables and fresh Buffalo cheese、
Aromatic basil dressing、Guests can enjoy organic vegetables crisp texture。
Accents and sweet-and-sour homemade Sun-dried tomatoes and baked at a low temperature、Is stimulated the appetite!


"Today various hot water (ball rice Koyu) "
Week Day Soup(Corn Potage)
200TWD (740 yen in the Japanese Yen)

The soup of the day、It is a warm corn potage soup。
Smooth your throat、Blessed with natural corn sweetness、Almost gone stiff and soothing and tender taste。
Going in Japanese、Approximately two-volume by the volume three times since、
To prepare the dish especially since、Share seems to be good!


"Provencal vegetable stew pot, add pieces of partially cooked eggs in soil"
Zucchini, Japanese Eggplant, Organic Carrot, Bell Pepper, Poached Egg
360TWD (about 1,330 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Caponata served with poached eggs (egg)、And will be on a baguette。
Baguette、Use the flour of France, and toasted、Smells good。
Lots of tomatoes to the onion、Paprika、Japan Eggplant、Zucchini、Carrot、Green peppers、For example, young corn。
Really delicious organic vegetables、Natural flavor brought out gracefully!
Vegetables It is a product we'd like to recommend for those who lack feeling ♪


Carried to the table from、Gemcutter, sprinkled some Parmesan cheese risotto.


"Lu Assorted cheese mushroom risotto "
Italian Carnaroli Rice, Fresh Truffle, Mixed Mushrooms, Asparagus, Poached Egg, Grana Padano
480TWD (1,780 yen)

Also popular risotto。
Use carnaroli rice with "rice of caviar" in Italy and earned the nickname。
Several kinds of mushrooms and fragrant porcini、
And、Lavished with truffle、Flavorful finish to al dente risotto。
That stirring was served with poached eggs (egg)、
And increase mildness、In the feel the fall in the flavor and aroma of truffles and mushrooms、It is very delicious!


"Homemade sauce seal cherry duck leg with Porter"
Duck Thigh Confit, Mashed Potato, Arugula, Orange Segment, Porto Wine Sauce
580TWD (Japan yen approximately 2150 yen)

Of Yilan specialty "Cherry Duck"With duck confit。
Slowly cooked、The skin is from paritto、Plump jucie is!
Cherry DuckThe、No fishy smell、As pictured in the very fine-grained flesh and fat paste、
Thick, soft in the mouth of the Japanese sashimi。
Must be accompanied by amber with a thick sweet with port wine sauce。
Was served with mashed potatoes is so smooth、Exudes a very rich in taste does not feel the persistence of butter!
Delicious bitter taste of Arugula、Great entrees!
Burning of this confit is a rarity ♪


"Homemade tiramisu"
Tiramisu Brick
250TWD (about 930 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Tiramisu with a weight of about 10 cm in diameter。
Desserts are huge in Taiwan、It is obvious!
I think that it is unbearable to Suites favorite!
Every dish is a hearty、Volume more than exceptional tasteBaffiOur cuisine!
On a trip to come to Taipei、From the very beginning "Alright! Let's eat Italian!"And that may not、
Who got tired of Taiwan local food and Chinese cuisine、
All means recommend you want It is a shop ♪
(P.s.:So here are a unique charity in the toilet、Come and enjoy:Lol)

12309996_ 10153427122246888 _ 9100831529340044222 _ o

I want you to put us a picture of the entire staff! Was please to Photo with!
On this day all together if possible、
How can was raised to take in beautiful husband of the camera (laughs)
The best Italian young energetic staff who are、
It is still likely to be high expectations from now on ♪

Baffi Italian trattoria
Address:Four-345-AI road, Taipei City, alley 4, lane 1, 4th floor,
Hours of operation:11:30To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

Four-345-AI road, Taipei City, alley 4, lane 1, 4th floor,

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