"Gloria Prince Taipei, farmer and restaurant ingredients chef supervisor

1970Long-established hotel "Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei huatai Prince Hotel"Of all dining and" lidiot restaurant L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"In, I'll have a new menu!

In the restaurant、While farmers also Cook ownerFudy Chen Chen Hisashi FukudaAnd to growing their own organic farm fresh organic vegetables with lots、We offer the taste of dishes!

With the name of "L 'IDIOT (lidiot).、Put it in France, "innocent"、Layman's terms ' idiots、Stupid、Goofy "that have meaning、Is used as the image character stupid ass laugh with a half-assed smile (Donkey) in catchy Interior paintings and objets d'art that can be decorated、Shop、In the white space to the neutral floor within the rinban floors spread over key、Decorated with creativity!

Wood Interior and a drifts natural warm atmosphere、Naked light bulb hangs on rope-like spacious floor、Delivers a soft light to the dining table!

On this day、The sous chefTsai Tai source(Jack Tsai) will introduce the new menu is very fun! Yeah!!

New Menu
(1) see the ricotta cheese and nuts&Baguette (Ricotta Cheese and Nuts & Baguette).
Homemade bread during the meal provided by service!
Spread with butter、Ricotta cheese with homemade baguettes baked eye and sauteed、Mix with crushed nuts、Enjoy the fragrance and texture very tasty dish!

(2) "garden salad (the Garden salad)" 280 TWD (Japan Yen:Approx. 1040 yen)
Enjoying a straightaway at Fudy farm fresh organic vegetable garden salad、10Were vegetables more than just、Very colorful and rich in、Flavor of vegetables、Sweet、1 plate eating experience!

(3) see スパニッシュガーリックチリシュリンプ (Spanish garlic chili shrimp)"280 TWD (Japan Yen:Approx. 1040 yen)
The sheds have an appetite in the heat this time.、And beams.、By having the power of garlic and red pepper、Dying of the spiciness of the chili and garlic grilled shrimp and vegetables in a dish in the habit goes well with beer!

(4) "lobster risotto (Lobster risotto)] 550 TWD (Japan Yen:About 2040 yen)
Italy us made smoke and flavor of lobster and seafood risotto、Cook to al dente like stage fright、Wrapped in the scent of the Sea 1 dish feel happy!

(5) see L & # 8217s; 20 oz Rib-eye steak (L ' IDIOT Home Made Herb Rubbed Ribeye Steak) IDIOT homemade herbal "TWD 2380 (Japan Yen:Approximately 8800 yen)
Lidio it reception entrees、In a rib-eye steak was wrapping homemade herb、Eat everything feeling a juciy thick, packed with dish! Using the tip of the white oak barrels and clothe [smoked incense、The Ribeye savory grilled using charcoal、And being grilled in a State of great shades of burnt、Plump and soft finish.、Try to cut in the middle and it's beautiful lighting State、You can fully enjoy the flavor of the meat!

(6) "with vanilla ice cream pie (Apple Pie Vanilla Ice Cream)" 260 TWD (Japan Yen:About 960 yen)、"TheStart (Molten cheese tart)" 280 TWD (Japan Yen:Approx. 1040 yen)
Dessert、And the seasonal Apple Pie、2 kind of mushy cheese tart!
And enjoy the taste of apples the size of Apple Pie、Along with the aromas of almond and cinnamon、Enjoy the crispy texture with different top and bottom layer!
The cheese tart、Mouth and is baked in a smooth texture, melts、Enjoy some cheese flavor、The time of bliss!

Including the new menu、In all dining lidiot、And restaurant feel enjoyment closer to balanced meals of vegetables、Very recommended!

Lidio it restaurant L ' IDIOT 驢 child 餐廳
TEL:+886 2 2581 5811
Hours of operation:Lunch:11:30-14:30、Dinner:17:30-21:30
Cafe opening times:12:00-23:00

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei (China business)
Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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