Taipei "Zucchini" Italian restaurant Karimoku of wooden furniture is full of matching warm


"Taipei Songshan Airport"It was open in the corner of a quiet residential neighborhood of"Ballet HOME"The street also several restaurants next to the、
Ballet GroupIt is but to commemorate the founding '10
2015In April, one day.Italian restaurant that was open to "Zucchini"。
Green garden filled with red-brick exterior a calm time directing、Cosy atmosphere!


In the warm, Woody shop、Poured loose natural light and pleasant、
Keep the spacious space like Café、
Group内の「Ballet HOMEDealing in ""Karimoku 60"Is placed、Homely atmosphere。
2Two four-seat sofa、1Two four-seat tables、4One two-seat tables、6Private names will total 26 seats in the one-room、
You can party, such as the use even of up to 12 people by installing a long wooden table ♪


The white brick wall and "The Beatles The Beatles"The poster is decorated、
How owners蔡振田(Chris Tsai)With his wife林婷婷(Tina Lin)Mr. can ask whether you love '60s ♪


6 private rooms and tables of names、The entrance is placed just right、
Chef程詩珈 (Scarlette Chen)Mr. Howard garden planted with herbs grow in the home garden、Would be cosy.


These days doubles as a translator、In the commuter town of Taipei is horsing around and new Taipei Hsin-soft opening
Luxury hotels "PLATINUM HOTEL"The front Office Manager
Lin Shuo, Bernard Lin (aka:Bernard)I was escorted to! (Xie Xie!)
Of the owner蔡振田(Chris Tsai)With his wifeTina Lin,BernardGreetings ♪ of been started in conjunction with the


For my wife林婷婷(Tina Lin)SanThe、
Taiwan Hsinchu University Avenue ni thou ru "国立交通大学(National Chiao Tung University)"And graduation、
After the assumed or work related to marketing、The owner蔡振田(Chris Tsai)Mr. met、
2005On July 6To seeCafe Ballet"You have to open the ♪


Of the owner蔡振田(Chris Tsai)Mr. a、
"Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited' , 'Eli Lilly Japan Co., Ltd."To be engaged、
Long involved in pharmaceutical products have so been held、
Coffee's love interest、Is aimed at the cafe owner was in the dream、
In Taipei "Cafe Ballet"The open。
Chris.林婷婷(Tina Lin)Mr. a、Cafes, furniture、Interior、Movie、If you have common interests, such as music、
From being open a cafe after three years that you rush to the stable time it is your wedding!
Then expanded the business steadily、Where I am today。
ChrisAnd I was there had been long engaged in Japan Ltd.、It is intimately familiar and unfamiliar culture of Japan is.


"Homemade baguette Mediterranean Salt homemade herb butter of Longan and raisin-filled" 80TWD / person
(In Japanese yen about 300 yen / person)

The menu here is、Or has been changed every season、It is possible that you like to enjoy à la carte。
Are aiming at incorporating plenty of fresh vegetables and healthy Italian。
On this day、ScarletteIt was decided to get the recommended chef!
Bread、Each offers baked in a homemade 日ji。
The freshly baked bread with Dragon's eye of the famous Taiwan fruit, currant、
Must be accompanied by Mediterranean sea salt or homemade herb butter。
Surface and in better texture and moist、And the fragrance of wheat、The sweetness of the fruit、Is a delicious baguette.


「Pumpkin Soup」150TWD
(About 560 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Pumpkin taste to enjoy untouched、Cream well ahead、Dare has thicker rough。
Faintly taste ♪ the spicy black pepper remains


「Vegetables Soup」150TWD
(About 560 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Stewed finely cut vegetables as minestrone gentle taste of soup ♪


"Shiso Plum Tomato Salad with Mazarolla" 320TWD
(Japan-Yen about 1190 yen)

Mozzarella green and purple cabbage、Tomato salad、
Jelly made from ume shiso leaves and balsamic vinegar, served with、Tastes nice acidity.


"Zucchini Salad with Goat Cheese" 220TWD
(About 820 yen in the Japanese Yen)

A salad lavished with Zucchini has also become the name、
Yellow Zucchini、Green Zucchini、Red onion、Raw goat cheese on shredded smoked duck、
Leave a crisp texture、Complemented by rich flavor!


"Carbonara" 320TWD
(Japan-Yen about 1190 yen)

To yield a sweet onion stir fry、Taiwan Bacon, crisp finish、
Carbonara with egg yolk and Parmesan cheese。
Pasta in Taiwan、Well over Boyle.、
As noted here, do。
Unlike typical Carbonara、Is a simple Carbonara。


"Duck with Orange Sauce" 480TWD
(About 1,780 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Using the duck's Taipei Yi LAN (sansing)、Roasted。
Orange cooked in the broth from duck with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce。
Nodding and finished in sweet sauce。


While eating、The owner and his wife and many we talk、
♪ that was able to spend a fun lunch time


Chef程詩珈 (Scarlette Chen)Mr. a、"Shih Hsin University"After graduating from the、Crossing to France、
"the blue cordon"Introduction、After a trained pastry chef, French was out about three years at various restaurants、
This is a woman chef is still left here shop at the young that some 27-year-old ♪

程詩珈(Scarlette Chen) work experience in France
2012 pastry diploma
2013 work in le cordon bleu(assistant)
2013 cuisine diploma and grand diploma
2013 les climats ㄧ Michelin star
2014 the genius of flash
2014 farago


"Zucchini"Now、Saturday and Sunday morning8:30-10:30In between the、
As a buffet-style breakfast、1People 280TWD (about 1,040 yen in the Japanese Yen)You can enjoy the things in!
After enjoying a meal、"ZucchiniAdjacent to the ""Cafe Ballet"In the、
I received the invitation of tea! (Xie Xie!)
Next in line、Is the introduction of the cafe owner's origin can be said!

Address:Taipei City East Lane 5-36 8-64 No.
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 / 17:30-21:00

8, Lane 36, Lane 5 of Minsheng East Road in Taipei 64

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