Taipei 101 "STAY by Yannick Alléno" Exquisite French of Paris three-star restaurants supervision!


France Paris Michelin three-star chef in Taipei
YANNICK ALLENO OFFICIELSupervising restaurant
"STAY by Yannick Alléno"Open for 2011、
A stylish and elegant cuisine refers to the many topics。
Here "Taipei 101"The fourth floor、Is the Xinyi district, famous as a tourism spot。
"French in Taiwan? "Such as throw away preconceptions says、
Will by all means want to come shopping to restaurants.


The name "STAY' And the 'Simple Table Alleno Yannick"The are named from the initials。
Big chefYannick AllenoThe、About three times a year in Taipei is gone under the supervision。
When I visited last time here and impressed by its stylish design and luxury nestled、
Your relaxed Beitou hot spring
"Villa 32"And of the same ownerJerry ChiuIs operated.


The stylish and modern setting、
Colours and shades of white and dark、Will be moist and relaxed.


Is available with a long table seating 14 people in the back、You can also wine!


3 room provides private chef's table specifically designed for、
Underscoring its increased kitchen、Meals can be enjoyed even more!


This time the、Restaurant and Central Asia at the Taipei-based Taiwan people、
Has been working as a gourmet critic "Eagle"To tell you about、
Of Public RelationsPatricia HsiehThe received will greetings!
Us to welcome with champagne、Toast! (Xie Xie!)


On this day、"STAY"The required courses.


"Spanish Gazpacho"

The amuse、Gradients are also many beautiful shades
Kindly provide a Spanish gazpacho。
Smooth avocado von fit a refreshing tomato jelly、
Yellow pepper and cucumber with out the texture、Accents in red&Add yellow pepper、
Products enjoy rich flavor taste delicate!


This time we arelade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineIn the planning [To travel with a second series] As、
In writer 2 pair will be active in the world and activities in Toyama Prefecture
Yao "Shimoo Design / shimoo Kazuhiko & simoo Saori"The wooden instrument
Takaoka "Syouryu / Yoshinori shimatani"The journey with a Tin-made instrument has。
"STAY"The works introduce to you、31Years old and still young twink Executive Chef
Pierrick MaireIn whats the collaboration! (Xie Xie! )


"Boiled soft egg with green coating / Caviar croutons"
"Syouryu" the "Tin paper (24 cm) "

Remarks at a "Syouryu" Of "Tin Paper"Show、PierrickChefs like counterpart sprang inspiration、
Pressed or bent by hand, and open with me arrange the appetizers、
Its design is a beautiful look like works of art, such as、
Our guests started.、PRPatricia HsiehThe grab to the heart、Peek up a storm of cheers begins!


The hard-boiled eggs soft-boiled according to Spanish sources reached in the chicken consomme of green leafy vegetables、
Mix sauce with a mushy yolk、
Along with the bread crumbs with the caviar and enjoy the texture and taste is!


"Scallop carpaccio / Beetroot vinegar & fresh herbs"

Appetizer 2 items、Thinly sliced Scallops with fresh、Along with the smell of baby leaf salad and dill
In a vinegar sauce of beets and enjoy。
It is recommended you put onto the crunchy texture of Rusk.


The cheerful and friendly Public RelationsPatricia HsiehThe、
The previous "Villa 32"In five years had been in the、
"STAY"From being opened、Has been working as a PR here!


PierrickTable performance in the chef's special menu!


"Red wine foie gras / Roasted peach"

This day is the beginning of July,、Taiwan's Typhoon struck that there、
PierrickThe chef、Foie gras in "Taiwan"、"Typhoons" in the choice for red wine sauce、
You gave us interesting production!
The peaches brings out the sweetness in addition to roasted rich foie gras, served with bread as、
Aromas of cinnamon and lemon palate gently up and smell、Very delicious!
Fun and unique ideas, playful special menu is very happy!


"Lobster bisque / Anise cream & Pistachio"

Soup、Rich Bisque off the lobster broth using base。
In the Middle、Put the fennel filled with lobster tartar with Pistachio cream、
That their Bisque、Enjoy the taste change.


"Chicken consommé / Vegetable julienne & Crispy wings"

Are carefully extracted chicken consomme soup、No more color saturation and light、
Shredded carrots、Fragrant babyseroli、
Must be accompanied by fried chicken was moist and burning!


"Pan fried beef cap / Truffle macaroni, asparagus & tomato confits"
"Shimoo Design" "floating patern (fuyou)Series / round tray"

For the main dish、Finishing and medium-rare in low-temperature cooking American beef top Cup 3 oz、
"Shimoo Design" Of "Floating Patern (fuyou)Series, round tray"To arrange the garden blooms us fit!
Green asparagus and tomato confit、Align the baguette with truffle cream sauce、
Must be accompanied by baby Basil!


"Pan fried duck breast / Peach Bellini, broad bean & Dauphine potato"
"Shimoo Design" "floating patern (fuyou)Series / round tray"

Elasticity and taste、To enjoy fragrant Ilan ran from Cherie duck breast sautéed with
"Shimoo Design" Of "Floating Patern (fuyou)Series oval"We meet!
Roasted apricots with a shredded Green Apple and almond、
Fava Beans、Must be accompanied by mashed sweet potato fries。
The Cuisine looks very bright to finish the job、It is refined and delicate taste.


Shimoo Design "KAZARIDAI"


In addition to our restaurant、By exclusive pastry booth、
You can get in the open kitchen of this dessert!


With 10 years experience while some 25-year-old veteran Pastry Chef
Alexis BouilletCute phthisis produce suites appeared!


"Pastry Ribbon"
Raspberry vacherin / Vanilla chantilly, Raspberry & lime sorbet Clementine's salad /
Mandarine & vanilla jam, lemon mousse Paris-brest / Hazelnut cream & Praline Chocolate tart/Cocoa sorbet


See rasburybachelin and vanillashantii、Raspberry & lime sherbet.


Hersernatzschu cream


Chocochesnuts/almond & Earl Grey tea


"Sugar Marshmallow and orange jam.




"Chocolate / cocoa sorbet"


"Rasberry & jasmine, coffee and hazelnut cake"


Executive ChefPierrick MaireAnd
Pastry ChefAlexis BouilletThe photo, surrounded by two handsome chef!




Introduced me to this wonderful restaurant is、My Taiwan important thing you have!
Thank you so much,Mary Hsu&Cost of odd san! (Xie Xie! )


"Taipei 101"The Bakery Shop operated by the same group on the basement floor"LALOS Bakery"Even and、
Nature and health concept stock stuff from Paris、
No artificial additives for wide variety of pastries are produced and sold.


MOF in France(Meilleur Ouvrier de France Boulangerie)= "France national best artisans.
Elected at age 26
Frédèric LalosJust made bread shops。
In France than abroad will only stores.


Hard from the first Danish、We also sell prepared foods bread and dessert Pan!


Line pie, croissants baked golden brown and、Whets the appetite.


Of Public RelationsPatricia HsiehTo guide、
We have a lot of good information! (Xie Xie! )
Enjoy at the Taipei home of France and French bread come enjoy foot!

STAY by Yannick Alléno
Address:No. 45, City Hall Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City
Hours of operation:12:00-15:00、18:00To 22:00
Seven days a week

LALOS Bakery
Address:B1F, No. 45, City Hall Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City

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