Popular area "Zhongxiao Dunhua area" fashionable young man called top good at a local!


MRTZhongxiao Dunhua stationAround localDinhoAlso known as、
Located in Taipei with its large department stores and fashion the most prosperous。
Around the station is more underground、In the basement lined with many shops, as well as a ground for、
Is always bustling with people。
If you want to know about trends in Taiwan now、We recommend to come to this area to explore.


MRTZhongxiao Dunhua EkiOf going in a back alley、Is the atmosphere of Harajuku in Japan.、
Of the Board on the road equipped with restaurant、Clothes shop、Seen a trendy area restaurants and grocery stores、
It has become a place to Taipei of youths gather ♪


Choose souvenirs in Taipei is a trendy local upscale supermarket?。
Here "freshONE fresh Pacific"The、Attention is recommended for those who are looking for a souvenir!
"Pacific Construction"In working with high-quality Super、
Food additive-free, organic and biodynamic products、Such as organic vegetables、Including rich products attention、
I can see many packages as well as pet products。
Nagoya、In Hamamatsu "Biot, Atsumi"In such luxury Super image。
Staff is central to eat bread and salad that can be、
Lunch might be a good thing to try carrying a foot in time ♪

freshONE fresh Pacific
Ren Ai Road, Sec 151, Lane 36 B1 Taipei
TEL 02-2778-1160
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00(Sun-Thu) 10:00To 22:30(Fri-Sat)


In Taipei、Anime Cafe has gained popularity recently.
MILF、Snoopy、In the anime, Hello Kitty-themed Café、
How Café girl became popular mainly、It seems there are reservation shops。

Above all2015Two days in October.ToZhongxiao Dunhua areaIn the newly opened "Rilakkuma Cafe (Rilakkuma Cafe)"The、
It flooded the phone book and open at the same time、It had been not quite。
As a result、Today, reservation is accepted only in LINE with facebook。

Everywhere in the storeRilakkumaDisplay、
Relax creative cuisine and cute Suites was designed has a high reputation from the girl ♪

Rilakkuma Café
Daan District, Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec 248, Lane on the 3rd Taipei
TEL : 02-2773-0303
Hours of operation:11:30~ 22:00


This simple and get off the mysterious entrance of stairs when "Pacific Fresh sofr3sh"There。
It was introduced earlier "freshONE fresh Pacific"The series is。

The underground plant.、In a germ-free environment、
Light and temperature、Humidity、While managing nutrients, plant growing。
Plants and vegetables are raised in germ-free condition、Make it longer!
Fruit and vegetable production and farmers stuck to other than vegetables grown here are treated。
Also、And collaboration, and the famous agricultural products across the Taiwan、Sells many souvenir items can be used as a gift!

sofr3sh fresh Pacific
Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec 216 Alley 27, Lane on the 16th Taipei B1F
Hours of operation:9:00-21:00


In this area、Alongside many Japanese restaurant、Japan restaurant、Tavern、Such as Soba、
Many eyes to the name written in Japan, or menu。
Here of homemade noodle shop "Spike Section Hand udon"。
An apprentice to chef in Japanese、Authentic homemade noodles are provided。
Thin noodle firmness laced with cold noodles、Will be in the soup spicy yuzu。
In cold weather if you prefer Curry has been。
Quality natural materials、The Japan 式nou however feel the taste、
That's right has also been accepted in Taipei ♪

Spike Section Hand udon
Chung Hsiao East Road, Taipei, Lane 27, Lane 216, Sec 3
Hours of operation:11:30~ 14:0017:30~21:00


The other day、Just asked "La Cave Aburi"Even this area。
originally"Tokyo Curry Shop"Where it was、Using the new concept business model changed、
2015Two days in October.The shop was reopened。
Shop name、With recipes "Broiled' From 'Steam"And are named。
The concept is "Japanese tapas"。
K.、Spain、By combining the cuisine of Mexico、
International cuisine to enjoy along with the wine mix of delicacy of Japan、
It is available on tapas sense ♪

Lunch、"Curry"set of the "Tokyo 咖 mairu" are provided!
The menu is、Japan dishes from international cuisine rich in variations cuisine。
Wine、Owner, he said、"I want to spread the more wine in Taipei!"With love how they、
While they still have varied constantly over 80、Are provided at a reasonable price.

La Cave Aburi
Daan District, Taipei Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec 216, Lane 32 on the 10th, Lane
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30,18:00-23:00


The number in the shop、And membership、There is also no introduction and no restaurant。
One of the shops of this mystery-filled member-restaurants。
Beyond the entrance of quietly standing still in RC wall surface、Is there any space?!


This shop appearance cute is "Kitchen Lab"The cooking class。
You can learn French course in a natural space for、
It has become very popular in Taipei, OL or Madam ♪

Kitchen Lab
Daan District Yanji Street on the 11th, Lane 160 Taipei


We interviewed in the previous Taipei travel "Cari de MadameIt is a series of shops "
Italian "Baffi Italian trattoria"Even in this region.。

A station in Northern Italy on the concept、
And you'll enjoy an Italian feel in the volume、
It offers high-quality cuisine of Italy。

Gives attention to the music and interior space planning、
Popular with stylish couples and gourmet people!
We will be here on time for lunch、We will introduce later in the article.

Baffi Italian trattoria
Ren Ai Road, 1st Floor, Lane, Lane 345, Sec 4 of Daan District, Taipei City
Hours of operation:11:30~ 22:00


In shrimp wonton famous "Little fat flat food shops"The、At lunch time there are tons on salarymen and Office ladies!
"One wonton noodles" or "rurohan",、
Traditional home cooking of Taiwan50~ 100TWD (about 190 yen in the Japanese yen to 370 yen)And
Guests at a reasonable price、Takeout is available.

Little fat flat food shops
Renai Road, Daan District, Taipei City 345 Alley 4, Lane 4 paragraph 14
Hours of operation:10:00-21:00


Speaking of Taiwan Suites in this area "Eastern pink circle"。
30Also, the shop has a history of、One of the oldest in this area are a number of popular sweets shops, popular。
Previously was a small store、Now that you've got manufacturing plant、Larger stores。

Based on the cold shaved ice and warm your sweet red-bean soup、
Topped with homemade desserts such as tapioca and grass jelly!
Is handmade、Do not add any additives, flavourings and preservatives、
You can enjoy the taste of the original material、As well as local、Many tourists are also supported.

Eastern pink circle
No. Zhongxiao East Road in Taipei 38, Lane 216, Sec
Hours of operation:11:00-23:30


We booked lunch、
Previous Italian restaurant "Baffi Italian trattoriaLet Mairi to "♪

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