9/2015 Open Design Hotel of the "HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI" check-in!


Is located in Higashi-ku is a bustling shopping area district that becomes the Taipei center
"Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)"The、
2015/SeptemberIt is a new design hotel was opened in!
MRTZhongxiao Fuxing stationHigashi-ku, from the underground shopping center14 ExitOut, the daian road and go、
The lush "Liugongjun Park"From now and within a few minutes walking、From City Center attractions very close、Very good location。
"Pacific SOGO Department Store in Taipei Zhongxiao"The fact behind that、Very convenient to shopping、
In the area、Various dining options are located conveniently place。
far300 yearClose has been erected on the site of where the water supply facilities in old Taipei the greatest。
1740DatingThe Xindian river water pull the whole of Taipei、Attempting to use irrigation "GUO Xi Rumi"And built a large water supply facilities、
later"Liugongjun"And referred to as、At that time was to pass it to many places in Taipei。
Now no picture、A former commercial district, this place.、
And a new wind to deliver stylish and modern design, furnished、
You show me a dignified appearance ♪


Welcomes the、BellhopSteven Chen.、In a friendly but shy smiles greet you!
Open the door and、This hotel on the first floor in the entrance hall.、
For the bakery counter has been installed、
Fluffy scent of fragrant bread rolls in will be tickled mind ♪


12A-story hotel for、Is there a compact size of、
And stairwell and entrance hall、
Incorporating the natural light from the window glass completely、Are now filled with the sense of spaciousness。
1We have floor Concierge floor is、No check-in counter、
3Reception of the floor or the loom cel check-in。
The check-in15:00 PMIt is more possible。
In the back、Hotel owners in、Is also culinary DirectorFudy ChenIt was built up
Italian restaurant "TK SEAFOOD & STEAK"To and follow、
1Floor - the third floor will be public space ♪


HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEIThe、There also was recognized as the "most influential designers in Asia"
It is a building designer of attentionRay ChenAnd is responsible for the design、
In the glamorous and chic attire、Copper came from an old Castle in Europe was dropped at an auction、
Feel the depth by using mirrors on the ceiling and walls in a compact size、
Boldly ashirai the chandeliers、While there are sharp and sophisticated image、
The combination of wood、As the feel good through feeling and warmth、Beautiful building with presence is impressive!

Ray ChenThe、1957Born in Taiwan、
Even aspiring architects aimed at junior high school、
Majoring in chemistry at the University in your system、After graduating from University architects for cross to Japan.、
"Tokyo Designer Gakuin College"The architect,、Osaka "Tadao Ando Building Research Institute"In the works for about six months and will return to Taiwan。
In Taiwan、A prominent architect "Huang Yonghong – WWARC Wo"To work、1999In the year "Chen Ruixian Building Research Institute"Established.。
Two friends and "afterJRV International"The established。
2002In the years、"陳瑞憲 Ray Chen Architectural design studio"Established、
Introduction to Taiwan、We will spread the playing field in Hong Kong S.A.R., China。
Ray ChenThe、Believe the subtractive principle、It excels in dealing with simple ingredients and a graceful figure figure、
In addition to public spaces like the lobby of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, some seemingly University Academic Affairs and administration building、
Has been designed also houses many celebrities and entrepreneurs。


Feel the warts using high-quality wood wall elevator Hall。
Quietly watched deer taxidermy、3Let's to the reception on the floor!


A mysterious elevator in dyed Crimson。
On the floor、HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEIThe decorated logo、
Logo、PROVERBSThe "P"AndHOTELThe "H"The Cascade has been designed ♪


3Floor reception

It is an American brand "RH(Restoration Hardware from USA)"The carefully selected antique furniture、
With a gloss of velour with leather and different textured sofa、With sadness。
Adult private feeling a small reception、
As public space、During your stay enjoy a newspaper、
Tee times available, such as、Also acts as a lounge equipped with。
Beside the reception、In the Japanese top bartenderUeno HidetsuguBar "but that was supervised byEAST END"And、
In the evening, crowded with many passengers and ♪


Reception staff always respond to the various needs of guests will。
On this day、The staff at the reception、
It is a young nobleman of the tapering back the smile highAdam Hsiang(Right)And
Soft smile is impressiveSherry Wang(Left)It is of your two ♪


Is on the 10th floor of Taiwan covering travel 4 days accommodation rooms。
And corridor wall room door、What! AllCopperOf the wall、Around sepia gold mirror world opens up all over!
As illuminated by lights dropped the Suns whiff indescribably erotic atmosphere、
The moment the elevator door opened、Involuntarily leaks of joy!
Just、Copper for total、Only touched a little fingerprint with helpful、
"Than hardship of the people of housekeeping often?"With worried fascination、
It is a designerRay ChenHe said、There is inSecular changeAnd you want to enjoy、
We are not wiping as it is so he wants!
Any one、This glossy umbrella is gone、The oxidized copper、Will be going darker。
If comparing with Japan、10Yen coin pictures should understand that?!


"1002 Deluxe Room"

Urban room、Classic room、Deluxe Room、Premium room、
5 types of proverb room.、
rooms now become indebted to "Deluxe RoomIt will be "♪


The commitment of the designer、
Dare without using a high-tech card、In a classical building、
Panel covers the keyhole and turn on、Insert the key and、Has been used type to unlock door, there is a taste。
Because it is not auto-lock、When you go there the key to tighten please do not forget!


In the room、Assist Service ManagerAlan HuangIn taking description、
Show your passport and、Signed of check in and check out。
We also speak to Japan by the staff、Basically, either the English or the Chinese language is official language.


As no inconvenience during your stay、
Check switch and adjust the air conditioner is installed in the room including、
Let's received a description of the equipment ♪


It is in the assist service manager of refreshing good young manAlan HuangAnd
Who is in charge of the coverage of this hotel、Love a cute marketing manager withEve Lois
We were allowed to commemorate shooting because who have guided in the room! (Xie Xie!)
Next in line、Boasting a great location "1002 Deluxe Room"It is the introduction of the ♪

Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)
No period of 56 Daan Road, Taipei Taiwan
TEL:+886 2 2711 1118

Taipei da-an road, 56th

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