Enjoy charcoal-grilled dishes, sunflower restaurant Toyama produce fine Italian


ToyamaThe Chuo-Dori exit、There are life-prolonging jizo statue located in the Itachi RiverIshikura-machiTo、
Chef has a lot to elsewhere in Italy and TokyoHozumi Tanaka-Kun
And expand nationally in Italian、Yes made a fortune in his hometown Toyama、2013March 5In the opened "Sunflower restaurant"Mr.。
Beer barrel lined with benches、Like vines and that vine in symbol of the slow food snail
Iron sign designed the screw part of the wine openerSunflower restaurantAnd it's is a landmark。
This sign is、Owner-chefHozumi-Kun、Said to have come from the shop had previously worked、
That really mean a lot to sign。
In the family homeToyamaIn the when to go home、It is sure to want to visit Italian!


See white shrimp, cucumber, and barley salad
Speaking of Toyama white shrimp。


Fresh water ebizucchinillinguine
Fresh seafood pasta。


"Horse meat charcoal grilled fillet
Char-grilled meat is recommended!

They are Mari restaurantIs it the dishes、But they are delicious、EspeciallyCharcoal-grilled dishes□ We recommend!
Personally,、"-Grilled meat"Forget the excitement here at impact.

In this home、Was scheduled to dine here.、Schedule, gave。
Only their face and try to、I stopped by ago the opening of the store and、
Had been trained in the shopHozumiくんと暫し歓談タイムを取ることができました
Now、HozumiKun is likeKagoshimaThe Italian 'CAINOYA in"Mr. on

Sunflower restaurant
Toyama Prefecture Toyama ishikura-machi 1-301 TEL:076-482-6091
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

1-301 ishikura-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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