"Roman La Vita" Trattoria travels to Northern Italy regional cuisine


"Burbank barbanco"Sent from as close、In the back alleys of the city and open and、
It provides the food and rustic and warm service in the hospitality
Shop local cuisine of northern Italy "Vu~iba La Vita viva la vita"Mr.。
6MoonThe storefront is、Looking forward to seeing roses blooming in vivid。
Music and making things、Festivals and more、Is a Trattoria where you can enjoy various aspects of Italy.


"Cave l ' onde"The ownerDaisuke AsanoMr. go
"Asano presents! Hot Toyama in quick turns, Night!"In the second、Click hereRoman La VitaSan。
Is your store、And specializes in regional cuisine in Northern Italy、
Especially Venice and Milan、Friuli cuisine handed down in the State are provided。
Shop、There is a bar and Trattoria、
In the folksy farmer style、Can be used as a bar and Venetian Bacaro、
It is also possible to enjoy the dinner as a trattoria (cafeteria) ♪


"Let's go in the Quick To crispy!"And、2Go second in the StandingAsano Presents! (Lol)
Shop quality and commitment、Property made easy in the short term, will PR fine、
Experience with various、Who knows all sorts of delicious thingsAsanoIt is Mr. unique feats ♪


Roman La VitaAnd it's menu is、Food is abundant, none reasonably priced。
Italian northeastFriuli Vu~inechia GiuliaThe、Located on the border with Austria and Slovenia、
Influences of different cultures、Unique restaurants。
ThatFriuli StateSpeaking of、"Charusonsu"The pasta such as desserts and、
In a sweet pasta stuffed with a puree of potatoes seasoned with cinnamon to homemade ravioli、
The sweetness of the sugar and cinnamon、Saltiness of the smoked cheese、Involving aromas of mint and various elements in、AsanoMr. tail is recommended dish ♪


ChefM. m. 牧谷Mr. a、And then worked in Italy restaurant in the city, such as、After that、About a year and a half、And training in the authentic Italy、
2002 yearItalian restaurant at Kureha "Trattoria Vu~iba La Vita"Open。
Subsequent years to the current 2007Yasuda-choTo and has been moved to the shop。
The charm of still local cuisine and wines of Northern Italy that is not much known in Toyama
I spent every day that are struggling and trying to get to know many of you even a little ♪


「コ ル ヴ ィ ー ナ · フ ァ ラ ス コ ヴ ァ ル パ ン テ ー ナ Corvina Veneto Cantina Valpantena」

In the internationally acclaimed red wines、This class is an uncommon、Using grape shade, high sugar content。
A little longer to low temperature fermentation in stainless steel tanks、Clean fruit taste。
Spared no effort and has been finished、Is the intense smell like brown sugar and plums.、
Acidity and gentle tannins that have、Enjoy the taste, very well balanced and easy to drink wine.


"Meat stuffed frit olive" 600 yen

Eat as the addictive dish of Italy。
Taste of enough good acidity and Jushi~i meat olive is delicious spread in the mouth and Juwa~tsu!
Here is、Italy、In Le Marche, Ascoli Piceno local dishes、
Beer and snack、Is a fit with white wine Italy delicious appetizers!


"Country soup JOTA Toyota transferred to northern Italy border" 600 yen

Owner-chefMakiyaLet's Cook Toyota impressed by anything else in Italy。
Since opening、I kept making signs is provided here。
This dish is Northern Italy located on the border with Slovenia.、Cormòns、Soup you gorizzia area。
This is "official", Italy、German、Place frequently used Slovene cultural integration。
It is not used very much in Italian”J”Name but of this soup"ヨ タ" (JOTA)Feel of the exotic has become。
Kidney beans、Farmer based on potato soup、
A little bit into the fermented cabbage sauerkraut soup lactic acid fermentation (nuances of pickles)。
The flavor of ingredients brought in whipped cream、Stomach almost gone stiff soup comes、Taste becomes a habit。
Previous、AsanoJust had lunch during、
By high school students drink this Toyota "Delicious ~ ♪"And to listen to was saying with a smile、
Just taste hard to understand in the amateur、And whether this will reach the young women's、
It 'seems to have become happy about heart warms up (laughs)


"Russia Nyo Ne monkey Start"

"Right or wrong、It also eats you!"And the Asano recommended kidney Saute。
No smell of fresh kidneys just to、
The kidney was burning soft、It is a flavor, slightly bitter, with a spicy wine goes quiche!
Your Mise-gotoAsanoThan Mr. "Please eat this in this shop!"And、
Select recommended drinks and dishes filled may have、
None really delicious delicious!
6Hotels in turn is still second、I feel the gait becomes more and more light (lol)
MakiyaSan、I will come again?!

Vu~iba La Vita viva la vita
Toyama, Toyama Prefecture Yasuda-cho 3-14 TEL:076-413-7166
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:30Closed on Mondays:Monday、Lunch weekdays only

Toyama, Toyama Prefecture Yasuda-cho 3-14

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