Buy recommended wines in Toyama wholesale wine shop "carvelondo"


The Toyama, wholesale wine-savvy restaurant in、
Wine shop are open to the public only on Sundays 'Cave l ' onde"Mr.。
Of the ownerDaisuke AsanoLet's be conductedCarve RondoMr. a、Located in buildings like the warehouse which sign one。
The entrance is、Silver left hand door。
AsanoMr. a、And wine Let feel closer to、Free wine-tasting held on a regular basis、
Connect with people through wine and food、
ToyamaTo go up and ask、Various events are being launched.


Entrance doors、In is in the garage、AsanoMr. of the carAlfa Romeo 146There。
Black doors in the warehouse is the main entrance.


Unlike the appearance to open the door and、Simple and stylish space is spread.、
Where the air is cool with cool entrance is followed by。


The plasters on RC bare minerals on the wall、Successive bottles are decorated、
Here is a wine shop and tell。



Modern furniture is laid out in the Salon、Also on display are well appointed。


Basics、The wholesale of MaineCarve Rondo.、Recommended on Sunday with limited has been sold the wine to the general public.


This time、AsanoWho is、Coverage to be covered shortly resort hotel "GARAKU' And I was featured!
Now、ToyamaNow、AsanoIs it and、Has been active in various fields
30Teen ~ 40The specialists willToyamaUnite and go build、Teamwork to consolidate.。
A seemingly modestToyama prefectural citizensThough it is said that residents of、ToyamaHis heart is hot。
By the time studentsToyamaFar away、Now20 yearVery near her husband、
In recentToyamaThe development of processed milk products like feel、Good seems to have inspired。
It's filled with natural、Blessed with warm peopleToyamaThe、I also love!


Tea immigrated to France from Russia 'KUSUMI TEA (ksmiti)"We have some。
Stand out with a refreshing citrus and Spice aromas、High-quality taste.


Wine cellar

Cellar selection vintage wine is sleeping quietly。
The temperature on the brink create atmosphere is dignified air and wine history。
And、Usually flow of early wines were next to the warehouse maintains in temperature-controlled。


This time from within the warehouse、AsanoAnd I to decided to get carrots daily wine home。
Price、At a reasonable price1,000~ ¥ 2,000Wants you to come about。
Please choose from theseAnd could you tell me the features carefully one bottle of wine and ordered。
AsanoIs it of a worthy told in narrative、They listened to the story of wine each and、
Not to chooseSee all happy"Translation is (laughs)
While being a reasonable、Take the wine off of the perfectAsano select
Every time、ToyamaTo have fun going home one。
AsanoSan、Thank you ♪

[Daily wine list]

Pole go man greed and friulano
Wine as Italy white wine of excellence jyouji Friuli Venezia Giulia in clean cool mineral with acid。
Salaparuta / Colonia gnillo & vionio
Greenish straw color! Concentrated fruits and floral、Delicately complex aroma、Of the ripe fruit is the fruitful flavor white。
Terra brutigara and Vignes D'Argent
Refreshing, fruity grape flavor、Ideal features rich, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux white。
Hugel / Alsace Jonty
Revive the Hugel House is one of the most noble wine tradition that Jonty、A regular feature of Alsace white。
Conti Darko and Traminer aromatico talent
Lemon zest and wild rose、Enjoy the seductive fragrance that reminds me of acacia honey.、Italy aromatic white。
Bottega is Mano a Mano/Mano
Berry fruits、Spice、Coconut、Scent such as cinnamon is very rich、Spain fresh, well-balanced Red。
Bottega is ego and marionettes
Red fruit and spicy aromas、Ripe tannins, with elegant and fruity Spain's monastrell、Red Syrah 50/50。
Carve de Marmande and Gran shellac
Elegant fragrance of red fruits、Supple mouthfeel is silky。France has the delicate flavor of the fruit and oak flavors balanced Red。
Domaine Jeanne Gaillard and Schiller van de Bay de Corinne rodanienne
France's 20-year-old building in vineyard inherited from his father Pierre gay's daughter, Jeanne gay Yar Syrah 100% Red。

Cave l ' onde carve Rondo
Toyama Prefecture Toyama-Shi Sakae-machi 3-2-8 TEL:076-420-5001
Hours of operation:11:00To 18:00 Business days:General business only on Sundays

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