If you taste the chocolate rich in Toyama Patisserie giraffe in a pampering experience


Kurose-Cho, Toyama CityOfJinzu RiverThe Patisserie located along the Causeway "Patisserie giraffe"Mr. so、
While the rebuilt France confectionery classic and owner patissierHONGO, Jun-ichiroBy Mr. hands
You can find cakes their distinctive contemporary twist!


Shop、Antique lighting and furniture order.、
Stores and soon two mouth-watering cakes in the showcase and baked sweets they appear。
Right showcase、Chocolate candies, baked goods, such as gift and gift becomes complete.、
Left the showcase、Is the chocolate cake!


It was always in store happend to engine and will、
Not enough people from the end of last year、Will happend it would have been。
Also hope that it will resume.


See you after a long timeHONGOMr. a、But still energetic
From the end of last year's child and 2 alone seems turned shop、So we are very busy。
Current、Patisserie Giraffe and I'm not、Because the staff seems to have been recruited、If you are interested, please contact us!
still、So from this year mainly changed Center closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays、I would appreciate your attention!


Le Plaisir 562 Yen

Spread in the mouth spicy nutty and dense ganache。
During the、Guests can enjoy a taste of the crispy meringue。
Because the engine could not be、We select something easy to eat in the car on the、
Even the typical cake of the giraffe is marked as a "G" beautiful "Pelle"And rich"Trocadero"Still it is very recommended!

Patisserie giraffe
Toyama Prefecture Toyama Kurose-Cho 1-8-7 TEL:076-491-7050
Hours of operation:11:00-19:30
Closed on Mondays:Water、Thursday (* changed from Monday、Please visit the website)

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