"Toyama when you come with airport" at a mother's day lunch at Tokyo Ginza sisters authentic pizza!

Became the only Riverside airport in Japan、Toyama CityThe gateway to the sky "Toyama when you come with airport TOY/Toyama"To!

"Toyama when you come with airport TOY/Toyama"The、As an airport with a runway of 1200 m in the dry riverbed of the jinzu River flows through the center of Toyama Prefecture、1963Has been opened in years (0/1963) 8/20、1984Due to the growing aviation demand, (0/1984) 3/18、Extending the runway to 2000 m、Airport jet aircraft is reborn!

Domestic flights to Tokyo and Sapporo delivery of、International line is "soul express".、Dalian service、"Shanghai express"、Taipei service and is operated by、It is possible by using the flight operates daily to 21 cities around the country or world travel!

Parking is free area and divided in the paid area、Free parking is 1536 units.、Equipped with 126 parking。Also stayed many nights for free parking for free、Peace of mind for long trip!

To the left on the first floor of the airport's domestic flight check-in counter、Teleca has international check-in counters on the right!

Huge monitors in the Central Lobby (2.1 m long, 3.7 m wide) to seeBasin of the wind"The landscape is projected and、And the main function of the fun virtual experience can be appearance of the dancers in the stand to the monitor before、Like any other installed armor as well as、You can ask about while small children are excited and entertained!

2The shop-floor, shop、Star-studded local products and specialties of Toyama "Maido's at Toyama airport shop"And,"ANA FESTA"、And with placement of mountains known in the whole country "Kokando (kokando)"Enter the store and、International line introduced waiting room have also duty-free shops Duty Free Shop!

At maido's shop、Toyama souvenirs would you like to go shop here!

Sushi I 外senai say Toyama souvenirs or 'kamaboko' at the top、The wide variety of aligned's Toyama Bay Seafood gift、Delicious brand rice naturally produces fertile land and fresh water surrounded by mountains further wealth wealth wealth and sake "Masuo fountain brewery' , 'Blade shop (Fumi Kiku Shuzo)"、"Do prawn crackers", such as interweaving traditional Japanese-style confection store their sweets, place ramen noodles black Toyama, 出揃imasu!

Cafe restaurant in the airport、Feel free to enjoy the seafood of the Toyama Bay "kaiten and Yamato sushi" introduction、Have a store in Ginza, Tokyo、Italian restaurant came as a sister restaurant "Airport kitchen (AIRPORT KITCHEN)」、Coffee Wing operates all year round early in the morning from the 6:20 to the、Speaking of Ramen in Toyama、To provide black Black soy sauce ramen Tokyo ramen show or achieve the V5 "Noodle House ABCs Toyama airport shop"Have been opened!

Toyama every year at this time in her husband's family to return home.、That time coincided with the "mother's day"、And ask them about things I ate your MOM、Come back unexpected or surprising answer is not high end sushi or kaiseki "want to eat pizza with dad and absolutely can't! "With that!

If so、Aiming at the authentic pizza baked in a stone oven、An Italian restaurant in the airport on the second floor open to a 4/2013 "Airport kitchen(AIRPORT KITCHEN) "to have been doing!

Blue sky blue with a refreshing image color is used as、The finished brick、And open the sofa by the window、By saying you can enjoy dinner while watching the Federal Tateyama is on a sunny day、This day is all window seats are reserved seats and the more popular swing!

Are guided to the sofa seats are available in-store、See the menu!
Started in production of specialties of Toyama off menu.、Authentic pizza baked in a stone oven and hearty burgers、Guests can enjoy a colorful salad and pasta!

"The grace of the Toyama Bay plenty of seafood"when you come with"salad" 1200 Yen
Toyama! Say that the seafood salad、Fresh, sweet white shrimp and squid was acquired in the form of、Oval squid sepioteuthis lessoniana enjoy the soggy texture and sweet taste with plenty of、Color in salmon and scaffolding is a luxury salads accompanied child!

"Toyama Bay squid pizza" 1350 Yen
Also became a Toyama's Pizza、Mozzarella and fresh squid 漁reta in Toyama Bay、The combination of oregano and baby leaf salad!
Actually,、For any "meat" to eat is my mother in law、Don't eat too much.、Only food eat your MOM on this day and order coloring fun!
Stone kiln was set up in the kitchen are baking at high temperature of 550 degrees for、To finish one minute and as soon、Plump in the ear while even I click real pizza is!
Size is good to share four very large 30 cm size sense!
From preppy baby squid、I miss wine taste is!

"Genovese" 1400 Yen
With a combination of shrimp, mozzarella、Genovesepizza finished with fragrant basil pesto!
Focus it will spread and roasted pine nuts a good accent、Guests can enjoy a savory taste!

"King of mushrooms with porcini and truffle fettucine with cream sauce" 1400 Yen
Using better associated with a rich cream sauce fettuccine pasta、Taste、The appearance of the truffle and porcini fragrance with excellent mushroom King also is!
Can enjoy 2 delicious pizza ear (cornichon) with the remaining sauce and eat!

American Tower systems, such as eat and cannot open a large Burger was so delicious, so、I think next time I go there!

After the meal、4On the floor to a visit to the observation deck、Taipei service on a flight starting this afternoon watching you!

Runway carpeted in the dry riverbed of the only in the country!
In vantage point lookout、Enjoy the peaceful scenery of nature in、You can view aircraft just around the corner!

In the runway flight time reached、Dancing heart roar from aircraft、Taste the excitement of take off!
Waving to the aircraft "it go?! "And、Hope the flight safely say good-bye!

Top weather、And best restored with panoramic view overlooking Tateyama Mountain range and the North Alps、Recommended for a special date!

Toyama when you come with airport
Location:30 akigashima Toyama, Toyama Prefecture

Airport kitchen (KITCHEN AIRPORT)
In the airport on the second floor
Hours of operation:10:00-21:00( L.O.20:00-

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