Crowded with patrons at the counter filled with warmth "Bassa" tree of Lindau


The full warmth of a semi-underground tree in the place where it went into the alley in Nakamachi and the middle point of Atari Aramachi of tram Street Italian
"KAKI’s kitchen BASSA バッサ"Mr.。
2012On August 8In the open since、Beloved patrons and as early as the third year coming!


Deep L-shaped counter 12 seats becomes the main、Unbelievably good at kitchen、
Behind 2-6 people includes tables of the number of seats for。
And、Extends video projector on the wall。
"Asano presents! Hot Toyama in quick turns, Night!"For the fifth、Click hereBassaSan。
30-With one in 50 minutes、We have begun around looks like emptying a bottle of wine at very good alcohol (laughs)


Owner-chefSeiji kakitaniCum、And is graduated from the Department of metallurgy and Toyama National College of technology、
Is a classmate in her husband's National College of technology。
KakitaniThe Kun family、Toyama's famous furniture factory "KAKI CABINETMAKER"And known in wild millet nest、
HonestSan、PositiveSan、ClearIs it the kakitani three brothers began focusing on furniture making。
It has a positive's second son of the second sonFine DivisionWhen the shop produced、
Interior、Furniture、Fittings, etc.、All who cooperate as。
The shop nameLOW "And the、In Italy, means "below"、
According to chef、"It will continue to rise from a low place"With that。
In the end、To rise to the top of the Hill"HIGH"(In Italy, "on") want to expand the、You have an ambition that!


"Pekkenino San Luigi / Dogliani DOCG"

The history of viticulture pekkennino House、1700 Dates back to the early、Have been growing vines in the vineyard since ancient times、
Start as a winery owner, Orlando and Attilio。
From organic cultivation Dolcetto depart Orlando and his brother Attilio、
And brewed wine to dispel the image of the wine storage = daily life in the past、This is the one。
Bright, dark red-violet、For without the use of oak barrels is brewed、Smells like berries of jam and released straight to、
There are plenty of umami and acid balanced and tannic to feel the weight。
Finish also is high wine cost performance that firmly enjoy ♪


While soaking up the afterglow of red wine at the counter、Enjoying the pasta Chef de kakitani process, and I see、
Dandy 4-man team had been drunk next to still their Daddy was multiplied voice。
It seems to me in response to the husband of the camera (laughs)
♪ that was able to spend a very enjoyable time with the new communication born at the counter


KakitaniThe chef、Tokyo、Gotanda soil cuisine and famous "Nukitepa"In and trained for several years、Then cross into Italy.、Approximately 8 years、
In some restaurants like over training。
Even after a Tokyo shop、Return to the Toyama local and independent open and、Www。


"Shirasu and broccoli Orekiette"

And orecchiette、Means "little ears" in Italy。
To enjoy the texture and chewy orecchiette、Over broccoli and Shirasu、
Of Shirasu saline seeps source sweetness of the vegetables of broccoli、As accompanied by good balance。
White is a pasta that would fit in wine ♪



5And the second House、Us pace is a bit slow and、
To finish、Our favorite "Sunflower restaurant"I am waiting (laughs)
KakitaniChef、Any suggestions!
Sincerely ♪

KAKI’s kitchen BASSA バッサ
Toyama Prefecture Toyama ebina town 4-4-3 takato Bldg. 1F TEL:076-481-6922
Hours of operation:18:00~ 1:00Closed on Mondays:Monday

Toyama, Toyama Prefecture Ebi-machi 4-4-3

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