"Barzel" daytime's bar、Toyama Italian trattoria and two-face has a night

Was born in the complex located in Toyama City health and welfare to the theme "sogawa Legato square' in Italian"Barzer (balzer)"To!

The drug manufacturers 'health' theme aimed at better life in all areas "Kokando (kokando)"That produced"Kokando natural Cafe (NATURE CAFE by KOKANDO)、Also spared was closed "La bettola da Ochiai Toyama (LA BETTOLA da Ochiai Toyama)Susumu Fujita Ritz (Shinji Fujita)And welcome the chef、2018In December three days "Barzer (balzer)"As is the renewed Italian restaurant!

Day as Barr's famous sandwich and snacks such as Panini、And feel free to enjoy espresso machines made in Italy offers a barista, with ranch-style、Combines the faces of the two as the Trattoria enjoyable evening of seasonal ingredients mainly Italy cuisine à la carte and of course country accompanied by excellent wines!

On this day in Toyama home、To produce a day Halle, such as wedding planning company "Humming bird / Wine | Hummingbird/wine"The served in the 1 Division, has been working as a Wine importer in South AfricaKaori Takeuchi Miller(Ms.Kaori) with the concentrate!

In the restaurant、That seems to enjoy wine in South Africa is Becker's Kaori、Order a cappuccino with special latte BREW shop Barista Cafe offers this time!

And to leave it to the barista art theme、What! To celebrate the birth of new era "Reiwa.、And the adorable Nyan child promises "Reiwa" cappuccino、"Moon and Sun" of us for a cappuccino!

Start start the chat time healed in the delicious cappuccino while! Of very venerable dry goods wholesaler "Udo shop"The born、3Kaori says she grew up surrounded by brothers very friendly、What was our interaction several times on Facebook、A friendly a nice woman this day feel completely free, such as the first meeting!

He had been active in the field of fashion in the past Kaori、Young younger days when was moved to England to study fashion、South Africa who now becomes the masterShawn Thomas Miller(Sean) Facebook and met by、Border control and South Africa will celebrate the turning point was born in life! By remarkable coincidence,、There is master Sean's cousin married to wineries in South Africa、Kaori's bonsai "taste of the true African wine".、"This delicious South Africa wines in Japan want to disseminate more! "The pure feeling how they、As porters so that walk!

At that time in Japan so distribution wasn't South Africa wine、In recent years、Its richness in the variety of the breed, cost performance, and high quality、Development of buzz among Japan's wine Raval has undergone!

Kaori's deals go South African wine would introduce, see the brochure!

And left strong impressions we also took a trip to South Africa、I still see the country you want to visit again? "The question always rises higher in South Africa!

To serve Japanese GuideKeiko UmbhauAnd I'm in South Africa's oldest Winery "Groot Constantia(Groot Constantia) "to brought back happy memories took!

At that time our Kaori's as well、I was really amazed at the deliciousness and affordable price range of the first South African wine!
This time、To Kaori who happened to be looking for a local Japanese guide、I was able to introduce the local keiko to the kicker、Our reheat to South Africa is likely to spring up!

[South African winery handling Humming bird]
A winery that is attracting new winds in South AfricaBarnardboy's Wines(Bernard Boys)
South African iconic artist Carol Boys designed etiquette、Premium wine collection in collaboration with my brother Bernard BoysCaRRoL BoYeS Wines(Carol Boys Collection)
An up-and-coming winery that loves horse and wine and is passionate about cooking and art.Cavalli Estate(Cavali)
A prestigious winery with beautiful baroque musicDeMorgenzon(Demogenzon)
A treasured wine grown by one of South Africa's best growersElgin Vintners(Elgin Vintners)
A popular cult-like winery by a former engineerSpioenkop Wines(Spion Cop)

Every winery was very interesting.、Especially because of the work of female artists.、I was fascinated by the elegant touch etiquette design "CaRRoL BoYeS Wines(Carol Boys Collection)" "SKETCHBOOK Cabernet Sauvignon( Sketchbook Cabernet Sauvignon)" was received as a souvenir!

Early-morning hand-picked grapes are used in the Stellenbosch and Pearl districts.、Bottling after 12-16 months of maturation in French oak barrels!
Black fruit aroma and mint incense、With a full body with a wonderful condensation feeling and skeleton of the bouquet! I want to look forward to opening the plug in my house!

Finally, i took a commemorative photo with Kaori and Balzel staff!
I want to enjoy this meal next time! Kaori-san、We look forward to seeing you again!

Barzel (BARZER)
Address:Toyama City Sokuwa 4-4-3 Chome Legato Square 1F
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:00(L.O.16:00-、Dinner 18:00(L.O.21:30-
Closed on Mondays:Fire、Wednesday

Humming Bird
Address:1-6-9 2F, Chuo-dori, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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