You might go all foodie "Sunflower restaurant" Toyama-grilled Italian


ToyamaThe Chuo-Dori exit、There are life-prolonging jizo statue located in the Itachi RiverIshikura-machiTo、
Chef has a lot to elsewhere in Italy and TokyoHozumi Tanaka-Kun
And expand nationally in Italian、Yes made a fortune in his hometown Toyama、2013March 5In the opened "Sunflower restaurant"Mr.。
Beer barrel lined with benches、Like vines and that vine in symbol of the slow food snail
Iron sign designed the screw part of the wine openerSunflower restaurantAnd it's is a landmark。
This sign is、Owner-chefHozumi-Kun、Said to have come from the shop had previously worked、
That really mean a lot to sign。
In the family homeToyamaIn the when to go home、It is sure to want to visit Italian!


Shop、The simple white walls and wood is clear space。
Will be brought in front of the stores、Spacious kitchen was clean and organized。
You can look through the glass。4 counter seats、In the kitchen late rice、Table seats 10 seats.。
The menu configuration、From appetizer pasta.、Main、All desserts can be ordered à la carte、
Especially recommended is char-grilled vegetables, fish and meat dishes!
Shuttle is available alone as 300 will take。


"Asano presents! Hot Toyama in quick turns, Night!"The finish in six hotels to chose、
And we taught this Navigator "Cave l ' onde"AsanoAnd I was holdingThey are Mari restaurantMr. is!
Recalls、2Here in the summer two years ago I met I is now on the edge!


"Batard 2011 Querciabella.
Italy / Toscana / white / Chardonnay 50%、Pinot Bianco 50% dry

Since 1988, the first vintage 1991 list of batard Pinot (Bâtard-Pinot)、
In the meantime Pinot Bianco and Pinot Gris also was a blended wine。
1992 started blended with Chardonnay-that until 1994 were listed and batard (Bâtard)、
Noting from the Bourgogne AOC name has again batard (Batàr)。
The current product portfolio is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco 50%。
The grapes were harvested and vinified separately、
Most squeezed carefully decorated in France produced 30% new oak barriques fermentation and malolactic fermentation and barrel aging is。
Blend after bottling in stainless steel tanks、Barrel aging period 12 months.。
Bitter almonds、Raisins、Aroma reminiscent of ripe melon and mineral rich、
And、May meet the drink body thickness with a refreshing acidity like lemon.


Here isHozumi TanakaChef。
HozumiThe chef、20When I was a teen、All over the world to traverse in the backpacker、Touching the cuisine of different countries、
And proceed to cooking people take an interest in Northern Italy in Italian。
After that、In the famous shop of Tokyo ten years training is a return to the Toyama、Seems to be the current。
Bold, distinctive, one side and one side that combines naïve、Yet calm personalityHozumiChef。
His Cook、The warmth is transferred properly。


"Artichokes with lamb ragu, trofie" 1400 Yen

Italy language means "rubbing" to the word "trofie",、
Traditional short pasta in Liguria, was born.。
Enjoy the texture of the soft flesh of the lamb and artichoke pasta、Appetizers are great!



As food ingredients in Japan、Are not familiar with artichokes、Has been edible and widely in Europe and America。
Also、Is dried in India and Viet Nam, as the tea drinking habits.、Hangover prevention、Prevention of frequent urination、There are effects such as deodorant。
Incidence of the edible portion of the total volume、The edible young bud。


"Siccagno 2012 Arianna ocipinti.
Grape varieties:Nero davola

One of Sicily's leading producers of costume owner、Giusto's niece、Arianna ocipinti Winery。
Practicing organic farming according to the NF in the field、Brewing terms、Without temperature control with wild yeast fermentation for deeds、
Only sulfur dioxide added at bottling time slightly。
In the natural approach、To create wines with abundant individuality。
Maker of Sicily now attract the most attention is one!
Siccagno Nero davola 100% red wine.。
The blackish dark shades、Is dense.、Guests can enjoy a lively floral fragrance。
Fruit flavors、Tannin、Acid、In all the high level and quality、Firmly with the forcefulness of the Nero davola、
Build a natural wine.、Very pleasant to drink straight fit body has the advantage.


Goat juice for 1000 yen + four generations

Goat soup is on the menu and add four、"Here you will 〆mashou with this!"AndAsanoSan。
Four is my favorite、Actually the goat soup、We both of them is weak (lol)
That is the、If you would recommend her! And as we try!
Amazingly nasty habit of goat soup no fishy smell、Elegant, light and delicious!
To the very finish is a perfect dish!


Goat soup PHO、Lime squeezed tightly, add in your favorite chili、Enjoyed in the taste with the changes.


6In the second House that、AsanoAnd I'm also quite tipsy condition is、
PartnerItoAnd it is to late-night pub crawl is hard (laughs)
Thank you very much for your contacts!
Just、Finished the job "Lévo"ofEiji TaniguchiAnd the chef、
"Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."The sixth eyes apprenticeMs. Noriko MatsuiChan and、
Writer artist "Gaku Syakunaga"Kun was mustering buzzing!


TimeAsano.TaniguchiChef's valuable relax in one photograph。
You will be working in the front line had this Toyama continue going to go!
When you go home in the summer to stay with me, preferably also appreciated。
AsanoSan、Thank you tight Navigator with a great presentation!
Summer、Is there still no go、First of all, "Carve junky"And I'm in Let's meet!


Always in mischief with a lovelyHozumiMr。
I also always head out from 追i返sanaide (lol)

Sunflower restaurant
Toyama Prefecture Toyama ishikura-machi 1-301 TEL:076-482-6091
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

1-301 ishikura-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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