Casual Italian lunch enjoy the ingredients carefully selected 'all Fortuna'


The bright red signs be located 100 m or so, Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya subway Higashiyama line kakuozan station No. 1 exit down Kobo shop Bldg. 2f, Italian landmarks "AL Fortuna BOTTEGA Bottega all Fortuna"Mr.。2011Opened on 27 January、Store just this year greeted the third anniversary in 2014。From the train station is located in the preferred means、If you enter the shop by car、Shop-only parking is not equipped for、Pocket using the parking convenience store before the Bill or coin-operated parking meters away。On this day、Stay two hours at lunch, was a parking fee 500 yen!


1F,、In the elevator on the right to the second floor。Open here suggests that the in-store appearance at the glass door is the entrance。


Shining on the white wall clean and bright red tile in the kitchen、For very small red ones are placed accents、Inside, light and informal atmosphere。Except for a private room in the back、Taxis from the Hall in which table in the kitchen and is、In the kitchen there presence full of chefs are busy working。The handwritten menu drawn on the Blackboard of the counter top、Has been the introduction of seasonal ingredients suppliers in greeting in Italy and Japan。Counter 7 seats、In table 22 seats、And women has become a sofa seat led wall is so easy to linger and enjoy。On this day、Partly due to public holiday?、Also try booking on the day, and call several well-known restaurants in Nagoya、Wiped out brilliantly。Lunch refugees and nearly was.、When you were about to give up、Lucky shops here, with us at the counter if you wish、Was able to enter the shop! The cooking process on a counter、This is the seat for our couples (lol)、Favorite dinner is waiting for waiting for volume、Ordered a second can enjoy appetizers, pasta, main course 2200 yen.

Lunch menu is as follows.。

-Primo-first course (appetizers、Pasta、Cafe) 1500 Yen
-Delizioso second course (appetizers、Pasta、Dessert、Cafe) 2200 Yen
-Secondo third course (appetizers、Pasta、Main、Dessert、Cafe) 3200 Yen


"Appetizers assortment.

Appetizer "appetizers assortment.、「季節の無農薬野菜を使った滑らかなバーニャカウダ(アンチョビとニンニクのソース)」「本日の鮮魚のカルパッチョ契約農家のサラダ仕立て」の3種の中から選べます前菜の盛り合わせとくればそのお店の全容とまではいかないものの、So just a little 掻i摘mu you can always say I'd order。Spinach Frittata、Angler fish escabeche、Carpaccio of tuna、Amami Island pork Pate、Hits the sweet potato croquettes。However,、Organic vegetables from the farmer's Alliance commitment seems strong in shops here, because、Bagna Cauda you later? At least I thought。周りを見渡すと盛り盛りによそわれた野菜たちのバーニャカウダをオーダーしている方が多かったですね(笑)


"Today's fish Carpaccio with contract farmers salad



「自家製フォカッチャ」 黒胡麻とローズマリーの2種のフォカッチャ表面カリッと硬めで水分量は少なめオリーブオイル付き



パスタは+料金のものも含め、5You can choose from the types of。こちらの冷製パスタがお店のスペシャリテのようでオーダートマトが美味しいだけあってフレッシュ感があり量的にもトマトソースの主張が強いパスタですのでトマト好きには嬉しいメニューだと思います強いていうなら冷製なのでもう少し味の締まりを引き立て単調になり過ぎないように食べていて飽きない量でパスタソース共に加減してくれると嬉しいかな、I think。


「ボローニャ風(牛豚などの煮込み)ラグーソース ピーチ(トースカーナの手打ち麺)」

ピーチはイタリア中部トスカーナ州で生まれたロングパスタで州の中の特にシエナ周辺で作られているパスタです。The etymology、アピッチカーレ(伊APPICCICARE)”くっつく”という意味から来ているそうです腰がありもちもち感が味わえるので食べ応えのある麺で肉系の煮込みでトマトソースなどとの相性が良いとされています柔らかく煮込まれたラグーソースで優しい味わいが楽しめます出す直前にチーズをたっぷりとかけてくれるのでコクもプラスされ風味も楽しめます


Dolce season





AL Fortuna BOTTEGA Bottega all Fortuna
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Chikusa-Ku, 末盛-Dori 1-1 Kobo shop Bldg. 2F
TEL:050-5872-3208 (Reservation number)、052-753-4799 (Telephone inquiries)
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:45-14:00(L.O) dinner 18:00To 22:00( L.O )
(* February 21 dinner L.O.:30To change)
Closed on Mondays:月曜日(月曜日が祝日の場合は火曜日が振替休日)

Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Chikusa-Ku, 末盛-Dori 1-1

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