Italian counter seats only 'brirantesuzuki' Omakase course dinner on new year's


After Tokyo, trained under the "Ristorante""Nishi-Azabu Kataoka Ichigo chef、Polished arms in an independent Honda, Tetsuya had been sous chef in there chef Ristorante HONDA、A year or so after his training in Italy、To return to the local city Hamamatsu independent open with Tomonori Suzuki Chef "BRILLANTE IL SUZUKI brirantesuzuki"Mr.。From the train station 10 minutes walk from pub Street lamp Street within walking distance、Tantalizing smell of grilled chicken、Narrow backstreets of little unusual places。Is marked with a red sign was hung on the wall.


Climb up stairs、Wood dark brown to olive trees decorated with iron art door、Here is the entrance。"Shining" in Italy and "brillante"、"Glamorous" means。Hamamatsu City、And want to shine with your legs to carry... and I think not, so the name!


Shop's counter seats only 10 seats。My grandfather、A father with Chef Suzuki architect、I feel the attention to design and make the space。And chefs also Scandinavian furniture like Suzuki's thoughts are put in Chair、There is a rounded back、I didn't get tired sitting、Good as armchair length、Gem cherry wood color changes through the years and was chosen?。Italy who is 1-2 hours, let alone、3-Have a habit over time of about 4 hours, and enjoying a meal。Eager to spend much time on select chairs。Commitment is not in the Chair、One of the items for enjoying food、Reflected in cutlery。Sanjo manufacturer a co-production with lacquer cutlery、Lacquered glossy red dyed bright table。It is affixed to the side of the knife and fork chopsticks too nice!


During the "half as chef Suzuki-Kun goto in space。Antimite's stores after that、RIM now has is served as an Assistant in the shop here,。Brirantesuzuki, this year in April 2014 to five years will be、So, good luck with two chef Suzuki and his wife have been、In that with a reliable Assistant such as GoTo-Kun、To offer better service than ever ago,。The menu is、18From the time has become the courses until 9 pm、6,300Only in yen and two courses of 10500 Yen、10,500Yen course is ideal's book 3 days ago。21When、And the time zone where you can enjoy an à la carte。On this day、For new year's open with some friends and his wife、Did order book in the Omakase course 6300 yen.


"Barbera d'Asti Superiore Blue label 2006 Trinchero "Italy Red 6,300 yen

Grape vines is 20 years.。After fermenting in concrete tanks、Aging in stainless steel tanks。 Been laid for many years will be released。This wine is made from young trees、Deep taste fresh, acid, light is、Has a good body.


Two kinds of "homemade Grissini" black sesame seeds and spices。


Amuse "Manger of the turnips and crab

Smooth texture spread out mellow and sweet turnip Manger accent served with cheese and pepper with olive oil。With a small spoon, mix together crab。Tender and flavorful、Feel her stomach tired!


"Radish variety with seafood sauce.

Enjoy the texture and whisk gently marinated and variously with radish and sweet jucie, but domestic production of white asparagus、Vegetables vegetables URI (オオバキボウシ) is a bright color。A creamy codfish ROE and white plain with olive、Capers、Match with anchovy sauce、Taste delicious spread is deep.。This sauce is、Menu was done in brirantesuzuki's cooking class?。聞ki出semasenn recipe from Chef Suzuki had、"Easy, and save the、There are a lot of recipes to cook pad looks like (laughs) "and told me。I try to not forget the taste of Suzuki in.


Using "homemade bread whole wheat flour and good aroma, sweetness。It goes to this sauce.


Pasta with cold Capellini with oysters and rape

Feel of the Hyogo Prefecture, setouchi oysters and spring Greens pasta。Good friendly rape mellow fragrance of oysters and sweet bitterness。Whipped cream is tastefully seasoned brirantesuzuki, no matter what。Seems that people sue you prefer deliciously seasoned、Oh eyes light on our favorite couple as good seasoning amount as is good!


Hot pasta FAGOTTINI of duck and foie gras (ravioli)

Ravioli stuffed with duck and foie gras、In the fond de veau with jasmine tea refreshing the psoas。Using nature to withstand the cold store sugars, such as leaf、By exposing the cold northern winter air、Sweeter than the usual spinach grown "cold tightening spinach"、Not only increases the sugar content、The higher content of vitamins。Even the color of the leaves become thick、As well as the sweet, rich flavor and is delicious!


Main Tanegashima from black 鉄(kurogane) pork roast

Black iron poke from the Tanegashima、Than 10% sugar content of Tanegashima island and feeding a sweet "sweet potato"、It is reddish and fat balance is good, very dark black pig。Fine meat is good, fat even sweetness, fully feel the goodness of the pork。Shimonita garnish with braised in a Gorgonzola Sauce, very tasty!


Dessert "ricotta cheese and coconut mousse Campari jelly frozen Tangerine and strawberry.






The cup of、Okinawa's writer's work?。You can feel the warm but chic.、The where?。カファ地方からの100%の野生種アンドロメダエチオピアの芯のあるエネルギッシュなコーヒー。In just one whiff of the aroma of coffee、"I wonder if Ethiopia? "With friends like coffee production to hit her husband。It is a truly smell! (Lol)


Petits fours

In foreground、Green jelly。At the back is、Belgium industrial、In the life type melted mouth was born in blending the two different types of cacao 70% and 63%, smooth, rich cocoa flavor baked goods、Also sold in time for Valentine's day, is likely to have been.


Jasmine tea

Abuzz with talk about cooking with Chef Suzuki, has been long and、サービスでジャスミン茶を出していただきました!(感謝)料理教室もとても興味があるのでまた機会を見てお邪魔したいと思います♪

BRILLANTE IL SUZUKI brirantesuzuki
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 322-13 lamp alley building 2F TEL:053-596-9620
Hours of operation:Omakase course 18:00-21:00 À la carte 21:00-23:00(L.O) Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

322 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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