Italian counter seats only 'brirantesuzuki' only course dinner


Tokyo's Nishi-Azabu "Ristorante alport"The later trained under chef Kataoka Ichigo、An independent Honda Tetsuya there had been sous chef Chef "Ristorante HONDA"But the arm polished、A year or so after his training in Italy、To return to the local city Hamamatsu independence open.Tomoki SuzukiChef shop "BRILLANTE IL SUZUKI brirantesuzuki"Mr.。From the train station 10 minutes walk from pub Street lamp Street within walking distance、Tantalizing smell of grilled chicken、Narrow backstreets of little unusual places。Is marked with a red sign was hung on the wall.


Climb up stairs、Wood dark brown to olive trees decorated with iron art door、Here is the entrance。"Brillante"And is in Italy"Shine""Glamorous"A word that means。Hamamatsu City、And want to shine with your legs to carry... and I think not, so the name!


Shop counter seats only.10Seat。My grandfather、To my fatherArchitectIn a Suzuki chef、I feel the attention to design and make the space。And chef also Scandinavian furniture like Suzuki's thoughts are put thereChairThe、There is a rounded back、I didn't get tired sitting、Good as armchair length、Gem cherry wood color changes through the years and was chosen?。Italy who is 1-2 hours, let alone、3-Have a habit over time of about 4 hours, and enjoying a meal。Eager to spend much time on select chairs。Commitment is not in the Chair、One of the items for enjoying food、CutleryAlso reflects the。Sanjo manufacturer a co-production with lacquer cutlery、Lacquered glossy red dyed bright table。It is also is affixed to the side of the knife and fork chopsticks nice。The menu is、18From: 21 a.m.TheCoursesHas become、6,480CircleAnd10,800CircleThe two courses only、10,800CircleOf course it is ideal's reservation 3 days before。21At:The、À la carteIn the time zone where you can enjoy and will。Just、Until the end of the month to celebrate the brillante's 5th anniversary5Anniversary Special Omakase course 14040 YenLike neighbours.、3Prior reservation is required and。On this day、Because it was the day before reservation、Same as last Omakase course6,480CircleThe order book has been.


2014 June,To be opened on the site of the old Alfa Romeo Hamamatsu automotive town North Island town "Maserati Hamamatsu"The General ManagerSugiura AkiraMr. in together、5Moon、6Maserati events held inOf the meeting, is a dinner party。For fujieda from the Mr./Ms. Sugiura、Hamamatsu area is still undeveloped is like、There you have a common hobby that loves eating out、Future、I think if they can introduce a little shop in Hamamatsu! On the contrary、Good information of Shizuoka in the East and is familiar with the、While you will exchange information、Also expand the scope of each、Also not fun (lol)


"NV Blanc Brut, Franciacorta Blanc de cavalleri" glass 1674 Yen

The highest peak of the spumante、In "Franciacorta"、Months del Bosco、And Bellavista"Three major Franciacorta.Talented said cavalleri。Wine Kingdom 40 no.Now、"Italy all 20 States strongest 50 books.To"Blanc de Blanc Brut'Chosen as、Hallmarking is quality! Known as the No.1 Japanese Italy wine sommelierNaito, KazuoMr. "cavalleri spumante and fruit tasted sweet and attractive umbrella。Women who love champagne too convincing quality。"And the rave reviews! Comment as follows、Is a very delicious spumante, which condensed fruit syrup.


"Homemade Grissini"Two types of tomato and Curry spice。


Amuse "Toyama squid ink sauce and potato puree.

And boiled squid season now Toyama、Served with potato puree underneath。Some people are harsh and marinated baby squid off the coast of、If this delicate flavor is OK as is? Combined with the smooth potato、In addition to the mild taste。Will be on teeth-blackening、SIP his and (lol)


See domenevelvilcro·Mercureprmie-l ' Evêque·Cru 2009 "France red 9000 Yen

Hue is rather thin, deep, bright red color, fruity、Woody、Floral scent.。Tannin is less、Sour、Fresh mineral feeling mortal enjoy fruity flavor。Grape varieties、Pinot Noir 100%。Maine's duck and ask、Was selected by Sugiura.


"With summer vegetables and gorgonzola cheese scrambled eggs.

This Sauté of France from lidbovor (calf thymus)、With asparasobergiu。Elastic puritsu soft and smooth, the unique texture for the RIS de veau, a mushroom sauté、Can you mix it pulls an elegant habit of gorgonzola cheese scrambled eggs、Expand your palate flavour Cup。The asparasobergiu、In the European Eclipse of long and slender as a flower stalk vegetables、There is no distinctive taste and crisp texture、Stickiness in the cut is characterized by、In France and Italy cuisine has been approximately one month more expensive ingredients and season。Gently seasoned food、Are casually affixed to the side of the United KingdomNatural salt in Maldon Maldon。Has become thinner and finer crystalline、Mouth melt better、Enjoy sharp, refreshing and mellow flavor after flavor、Is your salt to bring out the flavor of the food.


Homemade breadUsing whole wheat flour、Good flavor, and sweet、Goes well with the sauce and soft。


Cold pasta "Mikawa from cockles and clams、Capellini with trefoil "

Without any salt、Capellini with feeling the taste of harmony by using the broth out of cockles and clams, and made。Enjoy with a crunchy crisp of the trefoil and the palate with delicate pasta.


Hot pasta "red squid and scallopsSpaghetti with champagne cream sauce.

A classy champagne-based soft sour cream sauce、Without feeling the weight, refresh and furnished、Red squid and scallops finely chopped、Crunchy texture and flavor、Enjoy the accents of black pepper pasta.。One would want to drink until the source!


Source of Hokkaido from duck meat (snow white CERI Valley) smoked roasted red wine

Snow White CERI ValleyThe、Characterized by a pure white feather。True, like snow falling on Hokkaido was derived from the white feather that、With this name。This breed is、In Europe a popular Duck dish was originally born in.、In Japan's No.1 market share cerivalley.。Snow White CERI Valley is pulling out its goodness。Cerivalley species、Because nature prefers cooler climates、In Japan, Hokkaido、Are the most perfect breeding ground as the best conditions to clear air and mineral-rich groundwater in the finest duck。Lightly smoked sheets scented with after、Roast the meat was moist and so。We will be involved in an elegant red wine sauce。Is very smooth and、High-quality, full of flavor and sweetness to feel fat。Garnish with vegetables、Enjoy the sweet taste and texture finish。Resembling a flower、Look at the cut around the LotusWill see all the foilAnd will appeal to car deer sore Sugiura's (lol)


Digestif 'grappa'

'Frescobaldi Castel, Giocondo-grappa-de-Brunello di Montalcino' 1,404 Yen
1Condensed to two bunches from trees、High-quality Brunello Grappa.

"Bertha arrived distillato di UVA 2002" 2484 Yen
In Piedmont, Bertha's annual production of just 5296 book but not precious grappa。Fermenting grape must not remove the skin up to alcohol content 5 times、After the distillation、10 years 4 months are aged in barriques Allier Thrones of 225 L。Ripe fruit with amber color.、Cherry、Tobacco、Enjoy the unique complex a wide rounded like a concert played by the cacao and vanilla scents。Taste like something called MAGIA (Magic), rich in flavor and likewise。Luxury grappa flavor longer than grappa area where lingering indefinitely.


Desserts 'chocolate mousse cappuccino style

Chocolate mousse made spice up a rare white Strawberry and frozen strawberries in red wine sauce。Can you mix with warm cappuccino foam、It is a dessert you can enjoy the blend of hot and cold state.



The cup of、Okinawa's writer's work?。You can feel the warm but chic.、The where?。Coffee sugar cane with chewed on while we espresso、It is delicious!


"Petits fours" sudachi and honey jelly with Sesame rice crackers。

Future、Sugiura who work in Hamamatsu and the shop wanted to introduce the means、Brillante,。Artistic CHOY appetizer and、Attention, such as equipment and cutlery、And more than anything else in the delicate and elegant cuisine、So hope you like what you see very、It is worth mentioned is happy as long as。And Mr. Sugiura、Because it turns out that suit the taste of the food、Next time have a chance to act together continue to increase it (laughs)、Sugiura's territory but let's show a Shizuoka!

BRILLANTE IL SUZUKI brirantesuzuki
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 322-13 lamp alley building 2F TEL:053-596-9620
Hours of operation:Omakase course 18:00-21:00 À la carte 21:00-23:00(L.O) Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

322 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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