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I heard "inheritance."、What comes to mind the most? "The inheritance tax of the rich seems to be serious..."、We don't have that much property, so it's okay.。And、Don't you think? Certainly、In 2009, 1.14 million people were gone.、46,439Only people are taxed on inheritance tax.。 The tax rate is only 4.1% because only 4 out of 100 people are taxed on inheritance tax.、It's no use thinking that it has nothing to do with you.。(Changes in the Taxation status of inheritance tax, from the Ministry of Finance's website)、The amendment of inheritance tax has been discussed.、The basic deduction for inheritance tax、2it is expected to shrink as follows in the next year.。



5,00010,000 yen + number of legal heirs x 10 million yen to 30 million yen + number of legal heirs to 6 million yen (40% reduction) By this revision、100The tax rate of four out of four、8it is expected to increase from about ten people.。 100When it comes to ten people、I can't say it's someone else's business anymore.。

However,、What is the most serious problem with inheritance?、Inherited real estate、Securities、Cash、It is a method of dividing "heritage division"。 According to the Supreme Court's Annual Report on Judicial Statistics, H22、in the entire inheritance split case、The number of inheritance tax splits of 50 million yen or less withno inheritance tax at all、It accounts for 74.2% of the total.。 To be surprised、1,000The number of fights is 30% of less than 10,000.。Even if it divides cash of only three million yen、When you make a mistake, you lick it.。"Inheritance" becomes a "conflict"、It's not about other people.。It's not like i have a lot of heritage.、Everyone has the potential to become a "conflict."。


If there is a person who can feel free to consult about "inheritance" more closely、74.2% of people may not have had to ask the court for help.。 You may not have had to fight for bone and bones in your family or brothers and sisters.。 To prevent such misfortunes、To help you receive "inheritance with a smile"、I'm an inheritance diagnostician.。The inheritance diagnostician、understanding a wide and wide range of issues related to inheritance、We will conduct awareness activities for the general public.。 Among them、If there is likely to be trouble about inheritance、lawyer in advance as much as possible、Tax accountant、Judicial scrivener、to administrative scriveners and other experts.、 Pick the buds in question early、It plays a social role as a "smile inheritance path guide" to facilitate inheritance.。If you have any problems with inheritance、Why don't you consult your nearest inheritance consultant first?。

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