Let's make a universal source that originated in Provence with homemade Tapenade


Tapenade (Buddha:Tapenade),、In the Provence region of southeastern France that originated in paste、Black with black olive tapenade and、There are two types of green with green olive tapenade。This time the、I try to make homemade Tapenade sauce with black olives。To have a first、It is seedless black olives。May find the taste preferences of black olive directly affect taste so delicious sauce to make shortcuts。This time the、YBARRA PITTED BLACK OLIVES black olives 1 can prepared。After opening the、Open the colander that earmark any soup with black olive、I'll leave because juice uses a tablespoon per cup or so.


Homemade sauce

Seedless black olives 1 can (by using the YBARRA:What total amount 350 g)、1 olive can
Anchovy oil 1 can (by using the fillet of GABAN:Contents weight 48 g)、Capers (35 g)、2 cloves garlic、Olive oil 50 g、1 teaspoon lemon juice


Put all ingredients in a food processor switch ON! Only the easy recipe is (laughs)


Put the mix in a jar to store boiled sauce、So the film clad in olive oil、Use I bought in Italy CANESTRO pepper with olive oil.。


Can be kept refrigerated、Making large amounts of frozen storage is good for、Pasta and fish dishes、Use the meat dishes、Delicious Veggie dip, including universal source。How did you make so I thought、The last "Brirantesuzuki"And I, because we are very good。And it is not Suzuki chef's recipes、Is not currently has the same taste or because of different olive、This is delicious so it is just。Available materials、Just mix with easy cooking。I want to arrange in a variety of dishes.

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