Surrounded by bamboo forest of 'ellcambis' sunlight through lunch and a luxurious footbath


Inevitable visits in Yugawara and French restaurants。Narrow steep path uphill.、Surrounded by bamboo forests, and create a fantastic world of、Offer authentic French cuisine incorporating Japanese Japan atmosphere and refined techniques "HERLEQUIN BIS"Mr.。Parking、Stores than in front of a few metres downhill、Located in a short distance.、The low-slung like Maserati cars、Requires attention to when entering the slope angle is barely so!


Walk from the parking lot、Follow and arrive at the entrance of the store and down the stone stairs。その隠れ家のような佇まいと見事なロケーションから多くのファンを抱えているフレンチレストランです。This time、訪れるのは随分とご無沙汰してしまっており昨年の5月以来の来店ですおよそ2ヶ月ぶりにようやく休みを取れたため皆さんより少しだけ遅い夏休みとして2日間いただき、Atami、Yugawara、長泉方面に足を運びたいと思います♪


Shop、White stucco walls lined with natural stone resting on floor、Dark in the stained glass window overlooking the picturesque bamboo tables 45 seat.。While many customers from afar、Savor the extraordinary time, quiet、An elegant lunch begins。Owner-chef of thisJunichi ItoMr. a、France、Belgium、After going through training at the restaurant earned numerous stars, such as Italy、Tokyo in Ebisu1997JulyTo seeElle can"To OPEN、2006/3In the land of Yugawara、Favorite transfer the richness of nature "HERLEQUIN BIS"Launch。Good producing ingredients while utilizing the delicate techniques of Japan、To complete the source finally called life of France cooking that delicious dish is。Lunch menu、Following two courses there is.。We also always "the town" 3675 Yen order lunch。(* Service fee by 10%)。夏休みということで夫婦揃って今年初の浴衣で出向きました♪

Sunlight Ranch 3675 Yen
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Soup、Fish dish or meat dish of the day、Dessert、Drink
In the sunlight, 5250 Yen in the evening
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Fish dish of the day、Today's meat dishes、Little rice.、Dessert、Drink


"Perrier Perrire" 750 ml 970 Yen

The most famous carbonated water drunk in 140 countries around the World Cafe and restaurant。There is no food and beverage outlets especially in Europe have to say that、There is also a custom drink Perrier instead pre-dinner drinks。"Perrier"The name in 1898 bought the ownership of water resources、Focused on bottling facilities and bottle development、In France doctorsLouis PerrierFrom the doctor。Granular、Carbonic acid sparkling long is characterized by、Napoleon IIIisPride of FranceCritically acclaimed and so that you seem to.





Appetizer of deep fried avocado and roasted bonito akune, Kagoshima Prefecture

鹿児島県は阿久根で獲れた鰹は炙り柑橘のソースでさっぱりといただきます。Under the、インカのめざめ(じゃがいも)のピューレを添えて粗めの千切りにカットされた梨と一緒に鰹をいただくと梨の甘みと香りがふんわりと広がりサラダ感覚でいただけますアボカドのフリットは衣サクッと軽く中はとろっとした食感が楽しめます♪


Homemade bread バターを添えて


Two appetizers "poached egg"

温泉卵に燻製したコンソメのジュレと燻製した鶏のピューレを添えてあります。You mix with a spoon.、Closer to her mouth and fills the air with the aroma of smoked。コンソメのあっさりとしたジュレが涼し気で、Increasingly flavor in a savory, rich sauce chicken mixture.


Soup chilled soup of pumpkin



Fish dish of grilled dry fish stock source grunt



Meat dish of oven baked Ginger Chicken breast of Fuji water marine and wasanbon source



Dessert "mango kuzumochi"





Sweet homemade Brazil pudding

Brazil must be produced here at homemade pudding。In Brazil、プリンはPudimプジンとよばれ、Mother's made as a snack.。Features、Using condensed milk and coconut milk、Taste is thick、Filling。このプリンをベースに伊東シェフが日本人の味覚に合わせて作ったプリンがこのブラジルプリンですコーヒーと共にほろ苦いカラメルと濃厚なプリンのコクを楽しめます♪


The terrace boasts a location click here。竹林が風で揺らぐ音が涼しげで蝉の鳴き声がまた心地良くBGMとなってくれますご希望とあらばテラスでのお食事やお食事後のコーヒータイムに移動も可能ですので、Staff's instructions and attendants will be better!


As a way to enjoy the meal other than、Foot heal daily fatigue "Vacances de pied"。"Foot holiday"Provides a name and relaxed atmosphere。Moments after the meal I enjoyed here foot。Bamboo bamboo's sound fluctuations in the wind、蝉の鳴き声と共に心地良い癒しの時間ヴァカンスに相応しい時間です♪


See mint water'

Hall staffTaro Irieさんが絶妙なタイミングでドリンクをサーブしてくださいました!(嬉)足湯に浸かり汗ばんで乾いた喉を潤す一杯です♪


Sunlight Ranchという名に相応しい場所で太陽をしばし浴びて光合成(笑)普段室内での仕事が多いわたし達夫婦にもたまには必要な日向ぼっこかもしれません♪


旦那様が撮った写真をホームページ等に活用されたいとのことで記念にスタッフの皆さんで一緒にパチリ!伊東シェフを筆頭にエルルカンさんは素敵な仲間たちに恵まれております。Mr. Ito、Staff、また伺わせていただきますね~♪

Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town miyanoue 744-49 TEL:0465-62-3633
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 17:30-20:30 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 744 -49

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