Renewed kitchen ITU style Ito chef produced by Western store


French restaurant "HERLEQUIN BIS"ofJunichi ItoNew European food shop to produce the chef "KITCHEN BY ITO STYLE kitchen Ito style"As a sister store ellcambis2014On March 20,.To seeSushi HENRI HERLEQUIN"At former site is renewed。 Hamburger steak、Hashed beef rice、Meat sauce, etc.、France food hidden in the Orthodox Western-style menu and a Japanese technique, are provided。 Restaurant is surrounded by natural green modern atmosphere!


When dining at ellcambis、Asked Ito chef wants to take pictures for the homepage and、We have to look inside.


2Offices on the floor at home living house & restaurant here、Green has become a space filled with!


Demolition originally large sum of one-storied House once stood where、Now Western style buildings are built 6 years ago。While leaving the gate at that time, Japanese garden、While Ito chef and hobby garden are maintained.


Lantern is transferred from your。In the only part of the umbrella4tTo say that is a surprise! It carried one at a time on the track to carry anything and took 4 times。A good balance between the Assembly but it is a hard、Standing garden lanterns look great is also!!




Sign dogColinSo I (♀)。Not too shy、Quiet、Cute one-Chan.。Looking for shade, had a NAP!


Placed in front of the entranceR2D2Head of robot built the image of is what the Bowl! (Lol) on the PC infrastructure is taken in and、Rubbish CDN presence have been built objects.




Counter in the store's eight seats in、From the spacious Windows、Dishes while enjoying the autumn trees, views of gardens such as paintings.





Is to work under chef Ito、Chef of the kitchen it u styleOsato Masaki line ( Executive yet, Yuki )San。The tall, quiet impression that、It is very nice to smile!


Fresh young men had been active in the Japanese restaurant、Miyashita, Hiroyuki ( Hiroshima was only Yuki )Mr。Now、Western has been studying both。Like a good katsura剥ki、The great radish thinness! Yet in a Western store、Japanese elements are also incorporated, offers hospitality in order making making his。Here two staff members Mr. and Madame chef Ito's wife has been operating with three.


Chef Ito、Prior to Elle can be work every morning、Have been in the shop here themselves stocking up。The menu is、And Maine's Western shop hamburger, Hayashi、There are à la carte can enjoy with sake。The quality of the food is still utilises Ito chef's ideas、This is the shape of the new European。See is good atmosphere illuminated gardens and night! "Ito chefs say。 I got lunch at the Elle can、I think next time in this restaurant you can enjoy!

KITCHEN BY ITO STYLE kitchen Ito style
Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town miyanoue 683-5 TEL:050-5890-8526 (Reservation number) 0465-63-7070 (telephone inquiries)
Business hours 11:30-14:00(L.O) 17:30-20:00(L.O)Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 683 -5

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