Designers of vintage tableware representing the Nordic "cup and saucer"


Relief relief series Teacup saucer Jens. H.Quistgaard Jens-Quist go

Designer of DenmarkJens H. Quistgaard ( Jens-H-Quist go )The design "Relief reliefIt is a tea cup & saucer of the series.。Leaf-shaped relief patterns emerged.、Modern and calm design with a Japanese atmosphere。1950from the 1980s to the eighties、 Kronjyden – Nissen – Bing&GrondahlIt is a long hit series that continued to be manufactured across three companies and。Here isKronjyden (front photo)AndBing&Grondah (back photo)It was made by two companies.。Relief reliefThe series is、Each glaze has a different expression and tastes。

Jens H.Quistgaard /JHQ Jens-Quist go

Jens H.Quistgaard (Jens Quistgo/JHQ)、1919Born in Copenhagen, Denmark。1950It is a leading designer of Northern Europe who led Scandinavian design in the 1960s、He is also known as the founder of DANSK.。1954After establishing Dansk in、Most of the products that Dansk has announced over the past 30 years、Designed by Jens Quistogo。It is also said that Jens Quistogo was influenced by Japanese ceramics.、It appears in the design of the ceramic which is working on Kronjyden etc.。


Jens H.Quistgaard /JHQ
Jens-Quist go
1919-2008 Denmark


"ARABIA / Arabia Tunturi Tunturi series coffee cup&Saucer ' Ulla Procope Ulla procoppe

ARABIA / ArabiaThe integral on the vintage DesignerUlla Procope ( Ulla procoppe )By 'Tunturi and Tunturi' Coffee Cup series&I'm a saucer.。A flower is drawn on the base which is a little more brown than the ochre color.、There is a brown line inside the saucer and cup.。It is a series that makes the shade of a little astringent and the matte texture make you feel a little nostalgic somehow。Also、Durability、Excellent heat resistance、Because it is a little thick, it is very strong and easy to handle.。There are many works of Ulla Procope、"Ruska / RuthenianSuch as color is different one by one as。

Ulla Procope Ulla procoppe

Ulla Procope (Ura Procoppe) is、1921Born in Finland。1948He was active as an exclusive designer of ARABIA (Arabia) from 1968 to 1968.。Unfortunately, it was an activity of about 20 years, but Ura Prokoppe、I left a lot of masterpieces。There are many masterpieces such as Ruska (Ruska), Kosmos (Cosmos), Valencia (Valencia) etc.、Along with KajFranck (Kai Frank), he is a leading designer of AR Arabia.、She is a popular designer who continues to be loved by people all over the world.。


Ulla Procope
Ulla procoppe
1921-1968 Finland

The vendors of vintage tableware of the designers representing Northern Europe this time、Located in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture,Norse home fixture talo taro"Mr.。Mr. Talo of Nordic furniture、Focusing on Finland and Denmark、Furniture and tableware used in Northern Europe、It is a shop that delivers miscellaneous goods to everyone in Japan at a reasonable price with good quality.。When the owner talo visited Finland on a trip, he was impressed by the wonderfulness of Nordic furniture.、It has been sold with more than ten years of trust and track record since。Talo himself went to Scandinavia、Touring many antique markets、Because it is imported and sold to determine one point at a time with his own eyes、It is possible to purchase with confidence。I always buy a favorite product at talo's place .Round eight real estate group"The ChairmanHirano OsamuFrom Mr.、I'd like to have some materials for you.、We also selected and purchased! (Thanks) tableware without the same face at one point。So to speak,、It is not an exaggeration to say that there is only one tableware in the world.。I can't stand the excitement until it arrives and the fun of determining one point at a time! The luxurious tea time you can enjoy with Nordic vintage tableware will give you time! In Talo-san、Although there is also a net sale、If you can, go directly.、It is recommended to directly touch the antique world of Nordic furniture♪


Nordic furniture talo
Koinaba 2136-1 TEL, Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture:0463-80-9700
Business hours 10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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