Full course in the "good of the flavor in the sunshine" of duck-deer and special lunch of "Erurukanbisu"


Inevitable visits in Yugawara and French restaurants。Narrow steep path uphill.、Surrounded by bamboo forests, and create a fantastic world of、Offer authentic French cuisine incorporating Japanese Japan atmosphere and refined techniques "HERLEQUIN BIS"Mr.。Parking、Stores than in front of a few metres downhill、Located in a short distance.、The low-slung like Maserati cars、Requires attention to when entering the slope angle is barely so!


Walk from the parking lot、Follow and arrive at the entrance of the store and down the stone stairs。French restaurant has a lot of fans from the retreat-like atmosphere and superb location.


Delicate and elegant、And I come for the less gentle French body!


Shop、White stucco walls lined with natural stone resting on floor、Dark in the stained glass window overlooking the picturesque bamboo tables 45 seat.。While many customers from afar、Savor the extraordinary time, quiet、An elegant lunch begins。Owner-chef of thisJunichi ItoMr. a、France、Belgium、After going through training at the restaurant earned numerous stars, such as Italy、Tokyo in Ebisu1997JulyTo seeElle can"To OPEN、2006/3In the land of Yugawara、Favorite transfer the richness of nature "HERLEQUIN BIS"Launch。Good producing ingredients while utilizing the delicate techniques of Japan、To complete the source finally called life of France cooking that delicious dish is。Lunch menu、Following two courses there is.。This time the、In birthday celebration"In sunshine to evening elegance" 5400 YenOrder、Before Ito chef in loveDuckAndDeerI asked Maine。(* Service fee by 10%) is approximately months online!

Sunlight Ranch 3780 Yen
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Soup、Fish dish or meat dish of the day、Dessert、Drink
5400 JPY evening elegance in the sunshine
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Fish dish of the day、Today's meat dishes、Little rice.、Dessert、Drink


The terrace boasts a location click here。Sound the bamboo swaying in the wind is the BGM.。Wish toaraba terrace denoo meals Yao meals after the coffee to mobile IM is available。As a way to enjoy the meal other than、Foot heal daily fatigue "Vacances de pied"。"Foot holiday"Provides a name and relaxed atmosphere。You will also enjoy this foot of good。Staff got to please lend a towel if you hang your voice!


"Perrier Perrire" 750 ml 970 Yen

The most famous carbonated water drunk in 140 countries around the World Cafe and restaurant。There is no food and beverage outlets especially in Europe have to say that、There is also a custom drink Perrier instead pre-dinner drinks。"Perrier"The name in 1898 bought the ownership of water resources、Focused on bottling facilities and bottle development、In France doctorsLouis PerrierFrom the doctor。Granular、Carbonic acid sparkling long is characterized by、Napoleon IIIisPride of FranceCritically acclaimed and popular anecdotes that seems to。On this day、Even after this move in a car so、2Man, the gas-water!


Amuse "pickles、Olive、Stickcheesepai、Puree of smoked chicken consomme, poached egg.

Green Italy olive salt pickles、And curricula and the aroma of stickcheesepai.。In the small cup、Added chicken consomme and smoked egg puree。You mix with a spoon.、Closer to her mouth and fills the air with the aroma of smoked。Plain of consomme Gelee with fresh、Increasingly flavor in a savory, rich sauce chicken mixture.


RareItoChef suits had holes serve! Even the (surprisingly) "、This day's holiday for children of staff is、Service staffTaro IrieIs it only with a manpower shortage for、Making and help so it is (laughs) cooking instructions、So was also further serve、As you'd expectItoChef、It is supposed to!


Appetizers for one source of oyster and avocado Carpaccio with persimmon

Slice the oyster and cooked bass and at 60 ° c。Together with the avocado slices on the Carpaccio。ItoChic chef?、In the texture of creamy Oyster luscious thanks to controlled burns will be at the source of the persimmon season (lol)、Mellow avocado also joining a perfect balance! Is good with sauce, finely chop the onion.


IrieIs it the serve、Possess a solid knowledge and attention while、A refreshing smile is impressive。And still、Even though the appearance and how customers are happily taken to communicate is vividly、Is very good to watch.


Homemade breadYour choice with olive oil。


Two appetizers "Hokkaido cod Milt with sweet potato roasted vinegar sauce"

Enjoy winter is approaching and Milt's favorite! Pan Fried cod Milt has been shaking jiggle and dish on。Delicate ROE of fish and、Toro-up and full of a milky taste。Under the sweet sweet potato roasted。Will be in a vinaigrette sauce with mushrooms and nuts.


Fish see red sea bream steamed ware"

After lightly sauteed Red sea bream、Complemented by soft and plump, steaming。On the vegetables steamed with NAPA cabbage and scallion。And Polo green onion and radish.、Full of clams sauce!


Meat dishes, roast fillet of duck thigh meat

It is a game my favorite season! Also part of duck thigh meat and Tenderloin (Fillet)。The skin surface from paritto、Sauce of caper and sherry vinegar.


Meat dishes grilled bread crumbs in the Hokkaido venison

Characteristics of venison、The less red meat、Less calories than pork or beef。And is rich in iron、In the flesh of other fish without an often contain DHA and containing、Good amino acid and mineral balance、Will be highly nutritious and healthy meat。Often accompanies deer or venison habit even less suitable for beauty and health。The venison and painted mustard、Put the bread crumbs and baking our exquisite lighting。If you look at the beautiful colors at a glance across the deliciousness! Will be in a rich sauce of red wine and Raspberry.


'Pilaff made beautiful pork loin with homemade ham and eggs"

Finished to dilute the salty homemade ham and use with plenty of、Eggs with beautiful color smooth rice pilaf。French course、The last course of Japanese style that we cherish here will be with small rice!


Even to this day husband ago celebration cake order with us was like、ItoIn chef's original specialty birthday cake celebrate me ♪ (hee hee)


Original Ito chef chiboust with Apple and fruit birthday cake

2On the cross、Received the festive message with decoration birthday cake in Italy and France, ♪ (Raj) even if some one happy celebrations、Continue to increase body only the happy few (lol)


"Dessert plate"

Birthday cakes just for variety of desserts little Jazz fit with us。The apples chiboust、In the ITO chef's favorite dessert、Good acidity as fresh apple sauce, then caramelize、Enjoy the difference in the texture of the fabric and texture of the apples soft moist 1 dish。Fresh chestnut mousse to Almond Cake、Jonathan Apple sorbet、PEAR and PEAR mousse、With Brazil must be produced here at homemade pudding in the Middle。Brazil pudding、Using condensed milk and coconut milk、A nice scent、A smooth, rich's a filling、Would become addictive if making again!



Little by little with dessert coffee moments of bliss and you take the time。


You see meItoMemorial as the chef took a picture! In the shop here for your favorite 2011 surprise marriage proposal from that one、It is one of the most important shops to visit, such as the anniversary of something。ItoThe chef started.、Very fun and friendly staff found this review up、Will always linger too easy。Elle can's like cozy、It is recommended!

Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town miyanoue 744-49 TEL:0465-62-3633
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 17:30-20:30 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 744 -49

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