Yugawara French "HERLEQUIN BIS" It is surrounded by a taste full of bamboo forest bliss birthday lunch


Quietly nestled at the foot of Mt. Hakone Taikan Yugawara-machi。
Collection of poems "Manyo-Shu"For in the、As the only hot spring well written,、In the drift of the many patronized by many ancient history and culture。
Well as a hot-spring resort name、In four seasons as the town to the sea and nature、Still adored by many people、
Is indispensable to events such as the anniversary couple we post anyway。
This time、To celebrate the birthday of my 42-year-old travel、Did her husbandTravel to Atami and Yugawara
By always taking in Yugawara place、
In my carMaserati 3200 GTFor along with the boomerang single!


Inevitable visits in Yugawara and French restaurants。
Narrow steep path uphill.、Surrounded by bamboo forests, and create a fantastic world of、
Provides authentic French cuisine incorporating Japanese Japan atmosphere and refined techniques "HERLEQUIN BIS"。
Owner-chefJunichi ItoMr. a、Left the old good emotional Yugawara, Favorites、
Restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo had operated its own "HERLEQUIN"To close in nine years、
Very new、2006/3The French restaurant was open.


The old parking、Down the steep side slope than in stores、There was a little bit away、
Now、Secured parking and spacious store kosaka came up on the left、
Easier to Park than ever before!


Walk from the parking lot、Stone stairs going down.、Gravel's approach, which becomes、Come to the entrance of the restaurant a point。
The retreat-like atmosphere and superb location、
Having more fans to visit from far away、Restaurants know。
Also our couples2010/11The birthday trip and legs carry machine、As early as 5 years is flowing。
Enjoy the four seasons of Yugawara、
ItoFriendly French dishes to、Coming in on a regular basis.


"HERLEQUIN BIS"The introduction of the concept

"HERLEQUIN BIS"Serving authentic France, inherit、
Japanese Japan emotion becomes graceful and refined technique is hidden。
It's、Communicated only to the mouth of the essence。
Capped who come only to deliver、Is the spirit of hospitality。
And、Taste the Yugawara land of fresh seasonal ingredients and、
One of those able to offer to our customers also the history and culture of。
"Traditional techniques of Japan" and "hospitality"
And "fresh produce" is a tricolor、"HERLEQUIN BIS"Do exist!。
Such a thing、Taste of space and well-being through、
Always connection of people to want to believe。


Shop、White stucco walls lined with natural stone resting on floor、
Dark stained glass window overlooking bamboo groves, the table provides 45 seats、
Savor the extraordinary time, quiet、An elegant lunch begins。
Elegant bamboo forest filled with the taste of Japan、
And there with Japanese "quiet mind" and "heart in motion"ItoChef is considered、
Here you will、Emotional to eliminate useless things, order only what you really need、
During the course of the time rich and spacious、Is being wished for enjoying the moment to feel happy。
Utilizing the technique of Japan food serving France、
Utilizing the land of Yugawara、You can enjoy France cuisine made with fresh seasonal ingredients。

Lunch menu、Following two courses there is.。
This is a birthday celebration that"In sunshine to evening elegance" 5400 YenOrder!
(* Service fee by 10%)

Trees lunch 3780 Yen
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Soup、Fish dish or meat dish of the day、Dessert、Drink
"In sunshine to evening elegance" 5400 Yen
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Fish dish of the day、Today's meat dishes、Little rice.、Dessert、Drink


Terrace enjoys one of the best locations。
Bamboo swaying in the wind sound is refreshing、Birds chirping is also comfortable BGM.。
ご希望とあらばテラスでは、Because mobile is available for serving after dinner coffee、
Staff's instructions and attendants will be better!


HERLEQUIN BIS Elle can screw chef Ito Junichi JUNICHI ITO, I

1981In Ginza "L’ecrin", Started his career as a chef France、
3During the European of the year "Lucas Carton"In the hot appetizer、Also, specialty film Division Chef in charge、
Also on track to advance your career、
1994In Tokushima 'Aoyagi"In hitting the gate、Koyama hirohisaIs it's under the covers for three years Japan cooking techniques。
At that time、32As a pupil at the bottom to start over from scratch and, at the age、
Ginza "KOJYU"ofToru OkudaMs Roppongi "Japan food Ryu Gin"ofSeiji YamamotoFacebook and learn together the essence of the Japan food。
1997In the Ebisu "HERLEQUIN"Open。
2006Closed, Ebisu branch、2006In March, "HERLEQUIN BIS"Open in Yugawara。
Own experience as service staff you've got、At that timeK. OshiroCan you be the chef、ItoAnd it is for the time being responsible for the service。
2009 year、Yugawara is himself responsible for the chef、As a sister restaurant "HENRI HERLEQUIN"Open。
After that、"HENRI HERLEQUIN HENRI HERLEQUIN"The changing business model"Sushi HENRI HERLEQUIN"Next、
In addition、Casual diner. "Kitchen by Ito Style"3/20/2014 to open。(Long vacation from 1/12/2016)
Delicate and elegant、Supported by many fans as a body has no burden of gentle French、
Magazines such as "specialty" and "Brutus"、NHK TV、Cooking class、Active Hotels France food fairs, including。

Ito Junichi JUNICHI ITO profile
1980March, l'ecrin recan (Ginza) Services Division.
1981March Culinary Arts Department (food wall etsuo said, studying under current Chef Vincent)
1988In April across France.
1989Le pre aux clercs-Trois Faisans Le Pres au clay Trois feyzin confectionery Division Chef in January.
Sporting du Cap sporting du Cap confectionery、Meat、Fish、Each Division Chef
1989September across Belgium.
Le Treffle 4 Le Trevor a Quatre ★ ★ (Chef:Michelle AKAN)
1990In January across France.
Lucas Carton Senderens Luke cartoon Sandra ★ ★ ★
Hot appetizers and specialty Division Chef (Chef:Alan and Sandra) 3/1991 渡ita rear
Enoteca Pinchiorri Enoteca Pinchiorri ★ ★ ★ (Chef:Annie Heald)
1991September, returning to Japan after the Pont Marie (Osaka, Japan) chef.
1994March 5 Aoyagi (Tokushima).
1997In July's Elle can (Ebisu) owner-chef
2006March, Elle can screw (Yugawara) owner-chef.


We have、This time from Japan ceramists in Toyama's friend
"Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
Click hereItoAlso chef "To travel with the series"And entitled、
In his work "Black glaze series Petri (28 cm)" And "Ring plate series (32 cm)"Introduce、
"HERLEQUIN BISBoth dishes and "we have to collaboration! (Thanks inspiring!)


ItoMadame in the chef's wife is from Okinawa、
And operated by the husband and wife get together、Are you responsible for Hall。
Speaking of Okinawa、And responsible for the Hall first opened、A few years ago was going away to Las VegasShimabuku TakeshiKun was born in Okinawa!
In addition to open at that time.、Had been a chefK. OshiroChef is from Okinawa、
Now、Return to the local Okinawa "HIBISCUS"" It seems that they had French restaurant。
Here you will、/ The Madam in the peasant family UncleKamisato SakaeLet's love、Super fresh organic vegetable growing、
As Elle can home farm "Kamisato farm"The offers being made from fresh vegetables.


"Gimonnet Cuis 1er Cru Brut Blanc de Blancs Pierre Simon Cui Premier Cru Brut Blanc de Blanc"
France Champagne

Pierre Simon champagne、Dense and powerful while、 With delicate taste is characterized by、
Use only the pure juice of the grapes were harvested from the best vineyards、
How strictly the provision、You end up having great Champagne confined finesse。
Is exported only about 20% of total production of valuable Simon champagne!
Grape varieties:100% Chardonnay。


Here you will、But again we are celebrating Memorial Day、
But as memories of the best、Best place affected by the proposal will be。
On the day of marriage、In a surprise from her husband、
ItoOur chef and staff involved big Daisakusen is fit success、
Tears touching finale that still remember like yesterday。
I cried out loud, couldn't stop the hiccups、
The staff quietly hand me hot teaTakeshiChan。
"Are you doing?"
Here is、In the shop and begin our married couple seek、
Ever been introduced to lots of friends。
A restaurant filled with such wonderful memories。
And、And the quality of how many times you visit not come in tired、
Enjoy inspiring visitItoMany of the fine cuisine of the chef。
"Thank you from this"And with gratitude is toast!


Amuse "with garlic waffleThe cream cheese、Stickcheesepai、Pickles.

"HERLEQUIN BIS"Now、Location of Yugawara material、Of seasonal ingredients、Has been created with Japanese techniques and sources。
Is sticking a fork and knife.、While emphasizing the functionality、Select design-outstanding、
In addition、While French、Is a nice chopsticks provided cutlery in consideration。
To be more delicious dishes、Is the sensation of your hand and when is important from。
A good source of material、To buy in good condition as the basis for、
Location of Yugawara material、Us incorporated into the cuisine of seasonal ingredients。
Also、For fluids with concentrated flavor "In a charcoal grill"、
To create a delicate texture "In the Japanese kitchen knives"、
Make a broth that expired "Using a water softener"And、
Complement the quality of the material, utilizing the technique of Japan cooked。
And in the end、That source said that France food life、"HERLEQUIN BIS"The taste is born.。
The first 1 dish amuse、
Garlic flavored cream cheese waffles、
Mix flour and bread、Eggs and butter、Grate grated garlic、 Mix parsley, complemented by waffles。
Is a classic sweet salt pickles and curricula and the aroma stickcheesepai!


Appetizers "oysters from Hokkaido、Plantations Leek flan、Vegetable bouillon、Eggplant purée.

52C-oysters from Hokkaido, was burned in low-temperature cooking and 10 minutes at a temperature of 62 °、
Clemmie's moan, but is、It is thick!
Elle can home farm "Kamisato farm"In the onion made flan condensed onion flavor! (Excellent! )
Enjoy the sweetness of the vegetable bouillon、And heating the vegetable separately、
After the mix with water the vegetables every mix、As the water of the Ratatouille finish consomme and egg white。
Vegetables by mixing and burning them separately.、When you enter the motivation of each of the vegetables、
When you hover your、We spoke and it's become a source of high-quality vegetables filled with deep!
Without having to compromise on 1 tray per、Painstakingly over France cuisine。
And、Plus there are、
Pulled out the sweet and roasted eggplant using accented with spicy pepper、The puree is thick。
Here, of course "Kamisato farm"In the vegetable is made!
Not without good reason!
Quickly perishable articles and taste in、Flavor with a sweet sweet Eggplant and scallion spread.、
Overlap each vegetable、
Deep layers also feel taste!


Homemade bread

Let's taste the olive oil!


20Served over years to continue providing Ito signature dishes with foagulagrilterrine fruits

ItoThe specialties of the chef as crudités、And grilled foie gras with 厚切ri、
While painting the white port wine reduced with Ruby port wine、Pack type、38In ° C。
Are our specialty、20Specialties has been providing over years!
The source is、Greece simmered marinade、Usually made with vegetables with marinated with fruit arrangements、
Use the boiled down to the regional cuisine of Greece uses cilantro and honey with white wine sauce。
From Nagano Prefecture "Kitahara farm"The are made of grape and Apple、PEAR、Persimmon、Along with la France。
Here you will、Gaku SyakunagaKun "Ring plate series (32 cm)"Us fit! (Thank you)
To melt on the tongue, and the texture is superb with smoked flavor and taste rich crudités、
Sweet and sour、That along with the texture of the fragrant fruit、
So feel the Nice freshness、In perfect balance。
With deep especially ripe persimmons is outstanding!


Appetizers "smoked salmon confit Apple Salad.

Another appetizer、Gaku SyakunagaKun "Black glaze series Petri (32 cm)"Us fit! (Thank you)
The smoked salmon smoker smoker (smoking machine) with a metal processing company jointly developed by using、
35° C and sliced salmon smoked at low temperature "Kitahara farm"The Apple and cucumber sauce and salad、
In a smoked salmon with confit and part of the tail, were mixed in four pro、
I'm looking forward in the Petit takoyaki bite、
We will match the persimmon, sweet fennel and basil sauce。
An exquisite texture that melts in your mouth and tender smoked aroma is spreading、At the lingering scent of dill.


Fish snapper grilled steamed with Brown mushroom and scallion source

Suruga Bay, snapper baked from the skin side lightly once、After steaming, plump finish and、
Fuji "Hasegawa agricultural"The Brown mushroom and scallion sauce、
Most boobs with whipped cream to stiff、
Makkari village in Hokkaido "MINO farm"The has been brought with the gentle sweetness makes the MINO and Shinji's Savoy cabbage。
Savoy cabbageThe、From the looks of the frizzy leaves in Japan、"CrepeCabbage"As is known。
And beams.、ItoVery comfortable, friendly chef's sauce、
Without lie on stomach、Until the end is the source of the magic nice to eat!


"Venison nuts & dry fruit pastes Fermer"

We will continue doing delicious seasonal game。
In the main dishGaku SyakunagaKun "Black glaze series Petri (32 cm)"Us fit! (Thank you)
The black glaze series Petri-leather-like moist texture、Shine of exquisite venison rose color!
Fine fleshy caught a famous Hunter in the kannami Hokkaido ezo deer。
The Huntsman、Shuzenji mainland deer and duck、
And so is captured and grew up eating only the southern Izu shiiki Acorn boar、Tamba wild boar than seems to be fine!
The lightly roasted venison that hunters were killed、
Bowl with three kinds of nuts (pine nuts、Almond、Walnut) patting、
Put the dried fruit of apricots soaked with water there and Corinth raisins
From the crowded paint pastes in hazelnut oil and egg yolk、Is toasted in the oven browned。
In a crowded place aroma oils of nuts and dried fruits from roast、Sweet、Sour、Feel and flavor
Coaxes flavor depth and richness。
To garnish、Burdock root on a Lotus root filling crispy texture with a sweet smell good、
The softer, juicier turnip、Bok Choy、It is a delicious taste of purple cauliflower and vegetable even though!
As the suit accented by a good spicy Peppercorn sauce、
Enjoy the taste and aroma of venison、Celebrate the time of bliss.


"" Shirasu "Pilaf"

Here "In the sunlight of the evening"The finish the full course of meal、
While French、Because of Japanese style is important、Always continue with the small rice。
In the combined leeks cooked in broth smell good scallop lace from Numazu College of Silas Pilaf、
Sweet taste while the、It is 染mi渡tta a deep grain of rice grain taste very delicious Pilaf!
Also as of small favor sizeItoIs a sign of kindness of chefs!


After the meal、Her husband and thanks for subscribing in advance、
ItoIn chef's original specialty birthday cake celebrate me ♪ (hee hee)
In France, "Ayako Joyeux anniversaire (happy birthday! AKO Aya)"And write us!
And、The birthday cake、
Gaku SyakunagaKun "Black glaze series Petri (32 cm)"Our collaboration with reversible! (Thank you)
To fit the dish reversible ogle、
It is a nice decoration with fallen leaves in the Woods behind us!!


As early as now to the 42-year-old (lol)
Every time one year from now "Smile"Constantly、To put in a couple more profound sense of unity、
I am happy if you and celebrate together.


Dessert sampler "Apple Cake、Chestnut ice cream、Meringue、Brazil pudding.

ItoSignature dishes as Apple Cake、Every year on the birthday of our Bliss desserts。
Apple Cake was so thank whatever good size、
Taste back and chestnut ice cream、Meringue Bake at 140 ° C for a long time, and reduces the amount of sugar to the limit、
Brazil pudding popular specialty desserts with assorted us! (I)
In Brazil、Pudding is called "Pudim (psin).、Mother's made as a snack.。
Features、Raw materials instead of using milk、Using condensed milk and coconut milk、Taste is thick、That filling.。
For hot people、As was popular coconut milk and condensed milk cold storage is necessary more than cheap and easy-to-store。
Made with condensed milk and coconut milk and the egg yolk pudding、Split with whipped cream of fat content 35% and 20%、
Taste is thick、A rich filling.
The purine baseItoThe chef、
Madam's sister was married to Brazil people that trigger the、
Trials based on recipe snack pudding is made in Brazil、
Japanese tongue that fits、Pudding made a recipe of your own to complete this "Brazil pudding"It is。
Egg shop in Sendai "Brother flower garden"So in love with this pudding、ItoAnd under the supervision of the chef's market、It seems very popular!
ItoBrazil pudding chef's original、Pudding where more than helpful!




Can be used as a way to enjoy the meal other than、
Foot heal daily fatigue "Vacances de pied"。
"Foot holiday"Provides a name and relaxed atmosphere。
Guests wishing to use、Please contact a staff。
(Please give the foot bath towel)
Bamboo bamboo's sound fluctuations in the wind、Sounded pleasant birdsong、
In the cool autumn breeze、Visit warm and warm healing time for the cats in the neighborhood.


Madame with Ito chefs photo at the end!

Me off your best smile, waving his hand until the last minute, rushing up the stairs sweet two。
Year-end and new year holidays is still and will be operating it! (Terrible)
Current、"HERLEQUIN BIS"Now、Staff have been recruited.
I aim this Chef、Also、Seeking service staff、
And with the great skill of the French traditional cooking and exquisite cuisine of Japan、
High style has been establishedItoWould like to work under chef、
Contact us by all means try!

Mr. Ito、Madame、And the staff.、
Also look forward to seeing you again!

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 744 -49
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30-20:30
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 744 -49

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