Popular seafood restaurants along Kenting of Maine Street "Journey south seafood" Seafood cuisine of daring sea !


Located in the resort on the southernmost tip of TaiwanKentingThe、
A vastKenting-great BayThe endowed、In the city the surfers love、Delicious seafood dishes is packed!
Kenting Street Night MarketOf the main streetKenting Ding roadAlong the、
Taiwan cuisine based on seafood and fresh seafood restaurant "Journey South seafood"。
Here "Gloria Manor"The hotel owner
Fudy FamilyWhats the best purveyors restaurants in!
KentingOpening night at the、Dinner and let's here!


Fresh seafood cooked in storefront、Emitting the aroma of seafood、Is intriguing the appetite of people going by。
Shop a huge water tank is some sort、A huge crab and shrimp、Oyster、In the swim and fish, such as、
And to order food from the tank system、Is a restaurant you can get a luxury seafood in the round table.


Big clam and fresh oysters、conch、Kama grilled、
Whole squid and squid balls、Such as dumplings、
Fresh seafood is.


In the Aquarium、Daming shrimps and wild Dragon Shrimp、Mantis shrimp、Marisa mother crab and、
Fresh seafood becomes complete.、
Select the ingredients on the spot、It is possible to order the fresh seafood dishes.


Fresh lobster!


Too big!


Bound to not scratch the body!


Equipped with luxury ingredients such as Scyllaridea and Parribacus japonicus


Tiger Grouper




Large clams and clams!


Luxury lobster than the phantomScyllaridea!
Large shrimp that inhabit shallow temperate as well as lobster is edible。
The cooked shrimp here, highly recommended!


Touching the outside air in a shop front stalls seat、
Eat freshly cooked in front of you recommend.


The raw oysters were piled high、In good order and is、
Get charcoal.、Could you squeeze a lemon!


The menu is the only Chinese、For the photo menu is、
Pointed at the appearance of Visual and order is possible.


None looks so lost、The recommended order、
"Gloria Manor"of
Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAnd
PR/Copy Writer,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofStephy LiangTo let me leave!


Here "Gloria Manor"The Director in
James ChungPush "He "whole (squid balls fried)' Is!
Sorting a lot of delicious dishes at the round table、
Three girls with grin、Have a dumpling Squid Photo hot preppy!
Well then、Went for well to do.


Taiwan beer

Largest of the beer industry in Taiwan "Taiwan smoke drink Ltd"Beer that sells。
During the occupation of Japan's manufacturers here、Founded by Japanese engineers "Takasago Brewery Company co., Ltd."That is the predecessor company、
After more than 90 years of history with proud、Will be representing Taiwan beer。
The palate is、Unlike the Japan beer、No bitter taste and drinkability is up for sale。
And sharp of Japan beer to anyone who likes a rich、Feels slightly pompous does everything but、
This is commonplace in Taiwan、Guests can enjoy a taste of light!


"Raw oysters"

But in the smallish size of raw oysters、
Feel the fragrance of its rich flavor and clemmie is unquestionably enjoy!


"Suu wild fried dried fish"
(Mt. Su and fish sauce)

Best crisp texture!


"Aberdeen kiss seaweed soup"
(Jaco seaweed soup)

Enjoy the fragrance of instant soup!


"Fried Dragon Ball"
(Fried octopus mouth)

Elasticity and become a habit of deliciousness!


"Typified noodles"
(Taiwan seafood fried noodles)

Nostalgic taste seafood noodles!


"Fried octopus balls"
(Squid balls fried)

Preppy fried squid balls!


"Fish chin"
(Kama grilled)

Kama grilled sucking with!


"Chaco soft shell crab fried"

Fry Mantis shrimp immediately after molting whole、Spicy garlic or chili dish!
Shell only、With crunchy and crispy texture、Spicy in flavor are、It is very delicious!


"Grilled Scyllaridea"

Luxury lobster than the phantomScyllarideaCut into two each waiting shell、
Once you have burned on charcoal grill、We will focus on the lemon!
Its spicy spread mouth Cup、Is a luxurious dish with fresh texture.


Mr. and Mrs. FudyFor by a friend come from Texas units had been
Patrick Walbridge (Patrick)AndLaura Kay Walbridge (Laura)At least you encounter ready、
Very fun and lively dinner time!


Is the largest night market in Taiwan 's southernmost that night will be busy enough get late if Fukere
"Kenting Street Night Market" Of "Journey South seafood"The after dinner、
Director ofJames ChungRecommended retreat there hadBarTo and to let go.

Journey South seafood
Address:No. 193, Kending Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
Hours of operation:11:00-14:30、5:00To 22
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

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