Taiwan 's southernmost "Kenting Street Night Market" Local snacks and delicious restaurants and bars Night Market


Taiwan's southernmost resort as a surf spot in the youth popularKentingTo visitors
Be sure to visit the largest night city "Kenting Street Night Market」!
Continued endlessly along the Kenting-big city main street、In the evening、Chamaeleonidae in Kenting visitors。
Night in the city、Delicious snack stalls and gourmet restaurant、Tropical resort-style bars and clubs、
In addition to the、Studded resort fashion shops on the main street.


"Gloria Manor"The shuttle bus will transfer to the entrance of the city of Kenting Ding。
Immediately、Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAnd
PR/Copy Writer,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofStephy LiangTo
While you guide、Kenting Street Night MarketLet's explore!


Many experienced in Taipei、Stalls and people crowded at night and the impression of the city different、
On both sides of the highway are well-balanced arrangement stalls and restaurants、New、Is the staff.、
As the smell of night city does not feel too much、Spending is easy-to-night city。
Because pedestrian road、Driving in the car, with like 10 minutes!


On this day、Many students of Taiwan Suites "Zha Jiang Sun Kong"The stalls before、
With a bevy of young female students are。
Square moulding paste milk, flour and sugar (or condensed milk), fried、
A mellow sweetness fried sweets "Zha Jiang Sun Kong"。
Here is1Skewer 20 TWD (Japan Yen:About 70 yen)And to enjoy sweets like ♪


In the stand of the Taiwan fruit、
Apples to bananas、Gautama Buddha in guava、orange、Along with pineapple、
Pineapple quickly in front of the shop owner only shaving、Cut has been sold!


Fried chicken and Taiwan sausage、
Minor hiccups stand volume, such as a sandwich that is popular to young people.


"Roasted sautéed fish (grilled squid)


Komi early "ice tea (iced tea)


See, rock shrimp (giant freshwater prawn).


"KIA Tsukasa potato (potato cheese))


"Big hot dog (hot dog)


"Weekly (ii) taste (Taiwan Oden).


Of Kenting "NIGHT CLUB KING"The、
As well as live takes place in an American-style restaurant & Club。
In front of the shop、Barker has been better wearing a King Kong costume、
Have been conspicuous in the guise of King Kong the realistic interaction.


Thailand food specialty stores stood "Mambo thai restaurant"。
KentingNow、Over the years through for hot climates、Thailand food salty taste is very popular.


Open terrace、The liberating feeling Italian restaurant "Amy’s Cucina"。
Is a popular restaurant, offering authentic hand-made pizza and pasta over more than 20 years。
On the front of the shop stalls will be opened and、Has a takeaway pizza!


Incorporating elements of ethnic、Centered on Thailand cooking
Southeast Asian cuisine restaurant "Ocean Blue"。


Kenting Street Night MarketThe、Lasts for approximately 1 km。
While I tell of popular stores information, such as、Walk slowly and take approximately one hour.


Along the way "Loopholes Kingsley in melon"The tasting for me and your sister!
In Japan "University of sweet potato"In the、From the sweet potatoes and fried、Be involved in the sugar
Is in Taiwan, traditional suites.


Of grumepav done live performances on a regular basis "J CAFE"。
Provides an American-style cuisine.


Naples pot on the back of the car! And、It is a surprise Street appearance!
Sells hand-made pizzas baked in the oven.


From the entrance to the back goes to、Instead of fewer stalls、The influx of the stalls bar!
Jamaica music hilarious "Reggae Bar"。




Tropical air drifts、See more gay people and feel good, enjoy a drink!


At night more than admiring the panoramic view of the city、
This day's dinner、Along the main street of popular seafood restaurants "Journey South seafood"The go!

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