If you enjoy the Kenting night "The Deer Head" Hideaway bar is tucked away in a guest house!


Become lively as the night indulgeKentingFor if you enjoy the night、
A little away from the bustling main street、
Would be nice to know the retreat bar and Café in quiet and off the beaten path!


In Taiwan's southernmost resort in Kenting、Exists in numerous youth popular。
"The Deer Head Inn"Even in that one、
From Kenting-Kenting large night city one into back alley、On the advanced so far、
20 at nightFrom、Wrenching change to accept customer Café。
Each placemark、Red Mini Cooper and deer-shaped iron sign!


Lobby Lounge

Leading to the Guest House and lobby lounge。
"Deer Head"The、Night 8 pm beforeThe only guest user input and can store、
Night 8 pm or laterAre and will be available for visitors.


Restaurant and café-bar、Counter seat 6 and table seating、Sofa seating、Separate from the terrace、
Is a cosy small stylish space.


Enjoy the evening breeze outside the terrace。


This café-bar "Gloria Manor"The Director in
James ChungTo encourage、
Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAnd
PR/Copy Writer,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofStephy LiangAlong with the
Enjoy a night of Kenting.


"Deer Head" 300 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

White Curacao with sweet red wine、Sprite to mix a small amount of lemon juice
Cocktails "Deer Head"。
Red wine based on Blue from the bottom、Yellow、And the Red
Gradient color is stunning beautiful PESCA Fe style cocktail!
Let's mix with a straw attached.


"Scent of a Woman" 300 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

DITA at the Gin-based、Nice cocktail flipping luster plus rose liqueur。
Strength of the Jin attack wrapped in mellow DITA、
Last tickles the nose faint rose fragrance、A drink to enjoy.!


Owners select book and LP position on shelves、Flow is WARBLES in the sense of good Jazz、
It is calm and peaceful space.


ReadingAkiera JyoTeacher "Bartender"They were placed。
Taiwan also is very popular.


Guest house owner & bartenderRedIn the greetings! Hello!
This guest house2005 February 1st.To be opened and、Is already celebrated its 11th year。
RedThe、James ChungAnd that close friends、
We have presented here is、It was a very shy, gentle and nice people!
In the southern resort of Kenting evening、Great place until late at night is full!

The Deer Head Inn
Address:No. 29, Tonghai Lane, Kending Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
Hours of operation:20:00~ 26:00

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