"Gloria Manor" "MU lounge" for breakfast on the terrace and BMW electric car!


In the resort town on the southernmost tip of Taiwan "Kenting national forest recreation area"And in the、
Resort hotel is surrounded by nature "Gloria Manor"Now、
The ground floor restaurant "MU LOUNGE"Morning 7:00-11:30Before you can use as a breakfast Hall。
Temperatures in the morning of March end of Kenting in very comfortable、20Will be around C。
In the morning "Gloria Suite Room"The staff morning bath in the bathtub and refresh!
Having a bath while witnessing the wilderness、Good time!


On this day breakfast is also good Vantage terrace in Farmville。
The main dish choose one dish from the menu、Bread and salad、Comes with soft drinks, such as set
Will order one dish breakfast。
After the meal、To participate in the optional tour activities、
Sportswear ready is ready to go!


"Homemade bread platter"、"Carrot & Apple juice"

Every day provide assorted freshly baked homemade bread。
Half of our bread、In the same group "L’IDIOT BAKERY"But we are manufacturing process by offering bread and the same recipe。
Using wheat flour imports from Japan.、Natural ingredients such as dried fruits and vegetables in addition is made。
Recent、In increasing the quality of Taiwan's Pan、Bread shop is growing。
Let the homemade honey butter or olive oil to your liking.


"Garden Salad"

The vegetable garden of organic vegetable salad、And by using local vegetables、
Tomato, ricotta cheese、And sliced、
Balsamic vinegar with Ginger Sauce dressing will be!



Abalone slice of finely cut carrot and onion
Are environmentally friendly utilizing sweet vegetable with fish stomach claypots or congee (rice porridge)。
Topped with a poached egg to rape flowers、Bean curd milk、 Meat beard (minced meat) must be accompanied.


"Banana Pan Cake"

Served with fresh bananas and grilled banana、
With plenty of custard cream pancake、Caramel sauce!


At the courtyard grass grows blue、Gayla kite or Frisbee、Such as badminton
Equipped with various toys、Guests are free to use is possible。
Services for families with young children.


By the pool、And put a giant chess board、It is possible to play free!
A one piece's weight is、You can move the body feel good outside while enjoying the game!


Gloria ManorNow、For environmental protectionBMWThe electric car 'i3"It is possible to rent (reservation required)!
International driver's license holders、Try to challenge us!


You've got to design a comical、Compact size with a spacious interior "i3"The、
With zero emission vehicle exhaust emission to zero-emissions、Comfortable silence makes you feel good、You can experience the nimble、
Appealing for environmental protectionGloria ManorThe perfect car!

TEL:+886 8 886 3666(Ext.:1511-
Hours of operation
Breakfast:Morning 7.:00-11:30
Sunday-Thursday:12:00To 22:00
Friday、Saturday、Public holidays and Eve:12:00-24:00
22:00-24:00The、And offers light snacks and drinks:L.O23:30)

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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