"Gloria Manor" Big surprise of Fudy! Candlelit dinner surrounded by nature !


Of Kenting "Gloria Manor"The、
"Coexistence with nature"Theme、To design care background harmony with nature
Taiwan's southernmost resort hotel。
From the hotel、KentingThe landmark also isMt. DajianSevere、
With lush green lawns courtyard and outdoor pool、You can enjoy the happy hour!


Hotel ownerFudy ChenTo the left and led to the roof is guided by、
View from the rooftop is a luxurious place but dumb、
SpectacularKentingOf the sea and the heroicMt. DajianSevere、Is an outdoor swimming pool and a lush garden is spread.、
I feel close to the blue sky tinged with beautiful gradients.


FudyHas provoked big suprise、
What! What! Welcome on the roof "Special Candlelight Dinner"Failed!
Gloria ManorNow、Towards a proposal dinner or a special date
This 'Special Candlelight Dinner"He suggests、
In the majestic wilderness、You can enjoy a summer move to the starry sky of the fantastic landscape around sunset and perfect sky
"MU RESTAURANT"To deliver"1Day 1 only"of
2It is only a private romantic dinner!
The proposer of this、WhatFudyThe wifeHannaThe idea was!
And listen to women、Born in women's surprise dinner、
Most popular hotel in the optional is that!


He launched the surpriseFudyIntroduction、
With staff was carried out in secretMt. DajianA photo background!
Too much of a sudden surprise、Just amazed, and the Rapture、
FudyWide grin "Here are two fun alone! It's your honeymoon today!"And、
Gave up the best surprise! (very appreciated!)


From sky blue pink.、To the purple and the ever-changing and transientKentingOf the sky。
Looking at the stunning gradient、
So forget the passage of time as、It swallowed its mystical atmosphere.


Service staffTina (Nami) LinThe、
The Japan language learned in College、In the restaurant the staffYou can only speak Japan。
We have champagne、Is the beginning of a blissful dinner!


In just a few minutes in the Royal Blue Sky dyed、The atmospheric dinner。
FudyThe hope to enjoy butt naked!


"Smoked Quaills"

And fried chicken thigh meat of quail、
Fried noodle with cage in the diagnosis、Served with smoked quail egg。
The quail、Small, while the palate is rich has deep、Soft and so delicious!


"Matsuba Crab With Abalone"

Taste Matsuba crab's claw and shark whole sauteed onion salad and both。
Sweet but strong taste overflowing Matsuba crab、
While modest, plump and tender, aromatic fragrance of abalone、
Tomato and cucumber、And serve with the sliced onions.


"Grilled John dory(Crunchy grilled John Dory scales) fish bato.

Bato fish (John Dory)The scales in the crisp finish、
Taste the difference holded texture and soft melting texture
In a sweet and sour sauce a spicy green chili、Is a dish to enjoy with food, such as fungus.


"Beef Vegetables Soup"

On the thin flat rice noodles、Horo and stewed beef, served with、
You pour the soup from beef and vegetable dish。
Soup is very simple and has、It is a tender and flavorful!
The instrument、YingGeOf using pottery、And harmoniously blends into the hand.


"Top Cap Steak With Fresh Vegetables"

And top Cap、Valuable parts from wear on the rib-eye of America cannot be less than 10 minutes。
At the site in Japan, what is called the Buri、Meat is softer than the fillet、
Nice piece of rib-eye with、Especially tasty highlights。
Stewed White beans and Fava Beans and fresh vegetables grilled, served with。
In simple recipes to the sweetness of the vegetable drawer.、Enjoy with the flavor of the vegetables.


"Today’s Dessert"

The last course、The special dessert of the day!
Crispy and moist feeling at the same time enjoying a Tiramisu、
Crispy and light texture cake topped with mascarpone cheese Mille-Feuille of top offers、
Looks very lovely dish!
Bittersweet is sprinkled with cocoa powder has become adult tiramisu!


TWG tea chocolate tea

Rich "TWG Tea"The guests enjoyed the chocolate tea、
2We have spent the time of bliss only.


KentingThe night is long、From this for the summer season will be very beautiful and sparkling night sky。
We recommend to spend special time with someone special
A dream away "Special Candlelight Dinner" Is!

TEL:+886 8 886 3666(Ext.:1511-
Hours of operation
Breakfast 7:00-12:00 (L.O11:30)
Lunch 12:00-17:30 (L.O17:00)
Dinner 17:30~22:00 (L.O21:30)

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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