Taiwan's southernmost "Kenting National Forest Recreation Area" Sea,、Mountain、Woods, Let's explore the nature blessed national park !


"Coexistence with nature"Theme、"JAHAA"Engaged in design、
Creating user-friendly natural designs
Kenting resort hotel "Gloria Manor"The、
Whole area belongs to the tropical climate boasts extensive grounds "Kenting national forest recreation area"Located in the。
Hotel tours activities、Every season has a variety of courses for、
In late March of the spring sunshine "Kenting National Park"The hope to enjoy the walking trails。
From the hotel to the entrance of the Park、And shuttle with shuttle service、
Entrance ticket Center has arrived!


National ParkThe admission rates during the week in100TWD (Japan Yen:About 360 yen)That would be、
Gloria ManorThe use of vouchers and discounts、75TWD (Japan Yen:About 270 yen)In which is very reasonable, for.

Admission fee (Gloria Manor special and General admission)
On weekdays:General costs TWD 100 (Japan Yen:About 360 yen) → Gloria manners 75 TWD (Japan Yen:About 270 yen)

Weekend:General 150 TWD (Japan Yen:About 540 yen) → Gloria manners costs TWD 100 (Japan Yen:About 360 yen)


"Ding Kenting forest recreation area"The entrance is here!
On the map of the Park、Each point around.、Will be approximately 2 hours walking.


Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, Park map

Kenting national forest recreation areaThe、Located in the center of the Hengchun Peninsula in Taiwan most dock near there、
Above sea level is 300 m from the sea surface、Boasts a 150-hectare area。
Belongs to the tropical climate and、Annual average temperature is less common variations。
Park's trails can experience more、9Is the highlight point locations.、
Courses with crispy round and your time is approximately 80 minutes、Leisurely ride round also will be approximately 2 hours.


On this dayGloria ManorThe Director isJames Chungis、
A lovely holiday! (Xie Xie! James! )
KentingIs because they belong to the tropical season art、Characteristics of tropical rainforest plant is watched.


A typical plant and high coral reefs、
Yellow heart persimmon (ryukyugaki)、Marking、Wadomari、Is Bishop wood, etc.、
Other、POON、Taiwan FCGI、Ivory wood、
Lotus Tong、tropical almond, also exists.


In the tropical evergreen trees "The great palm trees"The、
To grow erect massive thick shaft、"King Palm"The connotation with the name、
Synonymous in Japanese "Royal palm"As is known。
Most central part of height can increase the stem、Leafy large pinnate leaves at the tip of、
Be used as a building material、Is used as a street tree or park tree.


The area of point (1)、Continue for 250 m 'Common Garcinia"It is。
Physical characteristics of premisesAnd the、Evergreen tree in the Clusiaceae、
The leaves are oval in shape and thick、Is glazed.、With white flowers.、To tell the truth ripens to yellow.


The area of the point (2)、"Weeping Fig"It is。
This area is、In 2012, was aired in Taiwan
"life of PI / Tiger and 227 days drifting"That
Because the same tree as the location of the movie、Only in places such as、Topical and popular.


"Weeping Fig"The、The scientific name "Ficus benjamina"Said.、
"Benjamin"、"Benjamin Gomes tree"And also referred to as、
Is widely known as a popular houseplant.


The area of the point (3)、"Heritiera littoralis Dryand"It is。
Old approximately 400 years a huge "Heritiera littoralis DryandHeritiera littoralis itane"The、
Growing like Octopus legs、Very beautiful are powerful!
Comes restricted tags、Heard that prevent the tourists to graffiti。
Please act like is you want to stop!
Heritiera littoralis itaneThe、The evergreen tree Mallow、As a phenomenon of tropical trees、
Upholstered in itane radially from the bottom、Stem support enabled、Are adapted to the climate of high temperature and high humidity。
Itane symptoms grow significantly less expensive trees、
Heritiera littoralis foliage and green table、Because you're a silver back、
With the sun shining silver、Unleash the beauty!


The area of the point (4)、"Lost Summer House"It is。
Here is、In the former presidential "Chiang Kai-shek"The place was in the Villa。
In the building deserted、Became a refuge for birds and insects.


After the point (4) followed by a stone staircase!


Viper、Bee venom、Because there is a centipede of signboard、Note, let's move on!


Feet to make them, but were continuing to climb stairs、
I looked back and、Negative ions of forest surrounded by trees to the heart will be healed.


At the foot of the stone stairs、Occasionally、Watch a sign of inhabited by birds and other animals。
Here is、"Alcedo atthis"。
Bright blue color and long beak is characterized by、Length is the size of a Sparrow。
Jade、Blue gem、Is the oldest known as Sondre (green bird).


"Hyla chinensis"
Tree frogs.


"Manis pentadactyla-


"Butastur indicus"
Grey-faced buzzard '


Climb the stairs and、Point (5) "Sea gazebo(Sea-Viewing Platform)"To arrive at the abode!
Mostly be empty、In a spot overlooking the magnificent sea and mountain、
The chairs are placed、Would be a great short break location.


We've had the stone stairs、It is a good exercise!


The Bulletin Board written with the entrance point (6)、"Fairy Cave' Is!


The steep stone stairs for、Coffee and Rails、Watch out, ready to go。
In the cave is lit for don't worry!


Sento became a 127-metre、In Taiwan the longest elevated reef watch。
Affected by the erosion of beauty。
On the wall "Old man smile"、"Antarctic Immortals Weng"、"Stalactite waterfall"And you can enjoy the form named!


The stalactites form the mysterious balls of icicles、From the shape of the Lotus、
"The Lotus lamp"And has been named.


Because the shape of the big ear "Buddha’s Ear"And are named。
It is obvious that big compared to the human ear!
In the sentō、A little cooler、And the perfect place to cool down.


Point (7) "Viewing Tower"We can see!


"Viewing Tower"、360In the observation deck where you can enjoy views of the C、
Each year from September through October、Becomes the best place as sparrowhawk and grey-faced buzzard watching spot!


Height 27 m、Diameter by 18 m six-storey "Viewing Tower"Views are the views!


On this day、That was covered with clouds、
During fine weather、And on the Taiwan island's southernmost Cape eluanbi (granvi)
Pacific and Bashi Channel、Overlooking the statues across the Taiwan Strait, and it's invigorating!


To the Observatory store is、Snacks and desserts、Drinks are sold。
James ChungFrom "Soft serve ice cream"Recommended for the、Let's break here!


ice cream 25 TWD (Japan Yen:About 90 yen)

The Taiwan soft serve ice cream、I ordered the mix of vanilla and chocolate!
Ice-cream90CircleIt is cheap!


The calories consumed in the hotel we are taking very easily、
Should reward hard work still would (laughs)
Very smooth and soft serve ice cream in Taiwan、Taste milk chocolate ice cream。
KentingThe sea is famous、Also blessed with mountains and forest、Was fuelled on natural power.

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

Kenting National Park (Kenting National Park

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