"GLORIA HOTEL GROUP" We went to Kenting of Surprise spot Fudy deliver !


In Taiwan's southernmost Hengchun Peninsula、
Famous as a tourist destination can enjoy tropicalKentingThe、
Landmark large Apex stone mountains and Lakes、Tropical forests、In the scenic area include sand dune seen、
Is showered praise and Taiwan one beautiful beaches.、Known as a city loved by surfers、
Active water sports such as diving location。
Blessed with the nature、Belonging to the tropical climateKentingThe National Park "Kenting national forest recreation area"In the
"Gloria Manor"The、
"Coexistence with nature"Theme、To design care background harmony with nature
Taiwan's southernmost resort hotel!


Here "Gloria ManorI run a "
Also culinary Director responsible for the、In addition there farmerFudy Chenis、
"Guide to a surprise spot in the Kenting!"And luring、Took out the car!


Driving a car from the hotel、The dynamic run through the vast grasslands about 10 minutes!
Around to face the、Natural greenery and mountains!


Get off the car、FudyOut walking towards a mysterious rock、Will guide you。
The rocks in front of the eyes、As it approaches in the boulders can realize the enormity、Opens up a magnificent location!


Carvings on a huge rock of height 6 m、
It's almost as if、Studio GhibliProductionHayao MiyazakiDirector of feature-length animation "Castle in the Sky"In view of the world as!


Look up at the huge rock、Raised coral rock。
In the cavity is、The God enshrined aborigines and enshrined、Has become a place of worship of the natives.


After the worship service、Once again gets in the car、Further inland towards!
Because it is not on public roads、Has rattled the unpaved alley、
FudyTo show driving 4WD (lol)


Cattle have been grazing discover!
Horns and ears、Great body too、Eyes gentle behavior and has、
Magnificent ocean in the background is the peaceful scenery.


And suspended meal of grass in his mouth、To see what this gesture is also lovely.


Belong to the tropical climate,KentingNow、In a place where tropical plants with mild temperatures throughout the year、
Has many native plants less unfamiliar in Japan!
Just a burning、But Brown dead。


Standing alone in a vast meadow overlooking the Pacific OceanFudy
The last time、Fudy farmBy playing with vegetablesFudyBut it was、
Accept that nature always remains natural and this is、
Will experience anything to be said.


The location overlooking the hilly grasslands、Manchu Sha TanOf the coast.


In the summer、As with the nature of Kenting、Said friends and enjoy the BBQ and campingFudy
For him、This place is very mysterious、And it seems to be one of the important places to be returned to the child's mind ♪


"In my secret place!"And me by surpriseFudyTo thanks!


When days are dark "At the end surprises! Now、Back to the hotel!"And
FudyUrged to return to the car。
At this time、Believe it or not after thisFudyWas not knowing and provoked surprise is waiting for is (laughs)


Vermilion peak beganKentingOf the sky。
Nature's fresh air flow.、Only a gentle time passes!

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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