Resort hotels in Kenting "Gloria Manor" Go to Night Deer !


KentingThe resort hotel "Gloria Manor"The、
Whole area belongs to the tropical climate boasts extensive grounds "Kenting national forest recreation area"Located in the。
Also culinary Director responsible for the、In addition there farmerFudy Chenis、
"Let's go to see the deer!"And me out to drive at night in the Park.


Freely inhabit in the National ParkSika deersThe nocturnal order、
During the day's taking rest in the forest、But in quiet、
To be active at night、Feel free to wander in the Park!
As you ride in the carDeerCan be observed in、Miniature lights can bring with、But she's ready!


By driving around and overlooking the dark、There in this oneDeerYou can come across!
Cross the road toDeer、Enjoying a mealDeerAnd the variety is、Slowly, silently runs to amaze。
At night,、Sika deersOf the priority road transforms sounds.


DeerA very timid animal.。
Out loud and sound、DeerScare from to to be careful!


DeerThe grass and leaves on the herbivorous、Nuts、The herbage and fruit。
Males have hornsSika deersThe、No female angle、Has a gentle face products!


DeerThe parent and child do?


React to light、To see what's hereDeer
But we have taken with telephoto from a vehicle、DeerTo avoid action approach。
Much of the dayDeerMore than to observe how active at night、Night deerThat is a good idea.

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

Kenting National Park

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