Kosai "Live Fish Inn Asao" Standing on the shore of Lake Hamana, you can enjoy live fish while overlooking Bentenjima (1)

Standing on the scenic lake of Hamana Lake、You can enjoy fresh dishes using live fish, mainly local fish, while overlooking Bentenjima, a popular tourist attraction as a power spot of Lake HamanaLive Fish Inn Asao"To!

The first company that was opened as a fishing boat shop in the 1960sMasahiro YamadaI started a restaurant with the desire to let the customers of the fishing boat eat delicious food.、In addition、To welcome customers in a better environment、Reborn as an inn in 1982Live Fish Inn Asao"。

From April 2021、Of the young husband who was succeeded as the second generationKeisuke YamadaWith his wifeMiy moonnew addition to management.、I struggle every day so that I can feel the charm of the inn!

Because it's coronal disaster.、Check in after temperature inspection and hand disinfection at the reception desk!
Mr. Miki, a young landlady、Because it is a business while raising a daughter who will be two years old、A cute young lady also greeted me!

On the walls of the building、The total length caught by masahiro Yamada, the first of his father:Yatsuso Roku 糎 (86cm)、weight:The 瓩 of the five 500 tiles (5.5 kg) 鱸 the splendid "Sea Bass" fish opening、You can feel the remains unique to fishing boat shop!

All 11 rooms have a south-facing lake view、It will be an inn where you can overlook Lake Hamana!
1On the 1st floor, there are 5 guest rooms in "Manfuku" in the large hall that becomes a banquet hall、2There are 6 japanese-style rooms on the 1st floor!

This time、The room you take care of is "Yu moon"。

The rooms are、Small 6-tatami-mat Japanese-style room。As a facility of installation,、Air conditioning、TV、Security box、Hanger Rack、There is bedding in the push-in.、Will you lay it down during the meal?。There is no washroom and toilet in the room.、It becomes the form to use a shared washroom and a toilet、You can taste the feeling of training camp when you were a student!

On this website, I have a "training camp plan".、If it is more than 30 people such as student training camps, it is possible to charter it, and it seems to be received in exceptional!

Because tea leaves of green tea and hot water are prepared in the pot、Let's brew warm tea!

Have a cup of tea、Take a look at the inn introduction and sightseeing information around Lake Hamana。

If you open the window,、Lake Hamana spreads out in front of you、You can see the Red Torii Gate, which is the symbol tree of Bentenjima、If you go down to the lakeside walk behind the inn,、It is also possible to share the superb view to yourself!

You can move around the building in a yukata.。Have a bath towel and face towel for equipment、Come with a bath before your meal!

1The bath on the 1st floor is "Tonoyu"、It is separated from "Hime-no-Yu" and men and women、When taking a bath、Display a sign that says "In use" prepared on the table。Don't forget to turn it over after use。Because of the coronal calamity、It is a bath while everyone gives in!

Dressing room of "Hime-no-Yu"。Chairs and cribs for small children、Moms with children will have nice items!

The bathtub, which is in a chartered state, can be bathed freely with open limbs.、It gently solves the fatigue of the hardened body!

After taking a bath、While served with cold water prepared in the hallway、Cool down!

The attached karaoke box could be used if you made a reservation originally.、Now because of the coronal disaster、Please note that it is closed!

This is a pet-only room that is attached, so you can stay with a dog by making a reservation in advance.、24Time-conditioned and equipped with gauges and seats。This time、The main reason why we chose this inn is here.、I was looking for a pet-free inn around Lake Hamana where I could enjoy Japanese food.。

※Pet-only room usage fee:1,100 yen separately
【Provided by the owner】Blankets other than meals, tableware, watering, reeds, and sheets

A dog shower room is set up in the pet-only room.、Medicinal shampoos and special dryers are also available.、Owners are free to use!

This inn is、No matter which review you look at, I'm looking forward to it because the food is full of reputation!

Watching the fantastic sunset、We also recommend walking along the shores of Lake Hamana!

Live Fish Inn Asao
Location:3392-3, Shinimachi, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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