Morimachi French "noyau" French restaurant & café overlooking a quiet satoyama is now open!

Based on the concept of "countryside, food, and music"、Overlooking the quiet satoyama of Enshu Mori Town、In a place where the countryside spreads out below、Go to "French Restaurant & Cafe noyau", which just opened on November 1, 2023 this year。 In French, "noyau" means "seed."、The sign of the store name is said to have been drawn by the son of the old tree owner and his wife, who is a child when he was a child。There is an indescribable taste in that hand-drawn sign.、I can feel the compassion for my child。 The design of the restaurant building was done by his wife, Seiko's father.、It is designed by visiting from Kagoshima many times。 Mr. and Mrs. Furuki, who will be the owners of this place, are a migrant group、It has been three years since he moved to this area, and he has been steadily preparing to open the store。This place, which is a small hill,、You can see the countryside of the long quiet satoyama.、Feeling the changes of the four seasons、An ideal place where you can also grow vegetables。 Opening hours、Lunch time 11:30-13:00(L.o) and Cafe Time 14:00~ 17:00(L.o)、Closed on Sundays。 A sign board that serves as a child's hand-drawn autograph is also cutely displayed on the wall of a simple galvanium steel plate。 The interior of the store has a simple design based on white.、There are 16 seats in one row by the window。Admire the view from the window、You can spend a leisurely and peaceful time。 It is built with a high ceiling and is full of a sense of openness、Corkboard walls create a warm softness。 His wife, Seiko, who is also a pianist and composer, goes from grandmother to mother、One piano that has been passed down from mother to daughter Seiko。During lunchtime, you are busy with serves.、At café time, there seems to be a menu called "Improvising original songs for you"、It seems that you will have a happy time to play just for yourself。 Mysterious art on a snow-white wall。In fact, this is also an enlarged picture that was traced by the two sons when they were 3 years old。 In the corner of the loft、Ebisu-sama with a small format in his hand that makes you feel warm unexpectedly。 Owner and chef Daisuke Furuki、1983Born in Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu City。After graduating from university, he moved to France.、2006Over 8 years from 2014 to 2014、Studying at hotels and restaurants、After returning to Japan, he worked in Osaka at the Michelin-starred restaurants "Tourmonde" and "Adok"。I decided to open a business in Ichinomiya, Fukuroi no Mori Town.、I moved here with my family about 3 years ago.、「フレンチ食堂&カフェ noyau/ノワイヨ」をオープンさせます。 The lunch menu is only one omakase course.、"Gougère、Seasonal soups、Appetizers、Main meat dish (can be changed to fish dish for +1,000 yen):Reservation required)、Dessert、After-dinner drinks"、It is ¥3,200 (excluding tax)。 Even though this day is a weekday after Christmas、Already fully booked at the time of booking。Ask for a free schedule、I was able to slip in safe。 「ジンジャエール」¥400 「グジェール」 チーズの香りが楽しめるプティサイズのシュー皮でふんわりとしたグジェール「香味野菜のポタージュ」 香味野菜をたっぷりと用いたポタージュは、Served with croutons and smoked bacon from Morimachi's popular "Iruka ham" shredded。 「ホタテのミ・キュイ かぶと柚子」 帆立の貝柱をミ・キュイ(mie cuit)の半生で仕上げ、A colorful dish served with carefully chamfered and marinated turnips and turnip leaf oil、Refreshing yuzu scent。 「自家製パン」 ふわふわでもっちりとした軽い口当たりの自家製パンは、It will be entangled in the sauce。 「豚ロースロティ 季節の野菜添え」 静岡県産もっちり豚のロース肉を使用し、Roti in the oven until moist and tender。Served with stick señor grown in the garden and thick, flavorful raw shiitake mushrooms harvested in the back mountains。 「クレープ・ショコラ みかんのジャム」 ショコラの香り高いクレープ生地に、Slip in a melt-in-your-mouth smooth chocolate sorbet、Accented with dense jam that condenses the taste of tangerines。 「コーヒー」 食後にあっさりといただけるアメリカンなホットコーヒー。 Product shelves are prepared in front of the store.、「Enshu Olives/遠州オリーブ」のEVオリーブオイルやオリーブリーフティー、Selling handmade olive soap and other items。 Baked goods that are ideal for tea sweets are also available.。 奥様・聖子さんのピアノアルバム「un noyau」¥1,500も販売されており、It was created with the hope of creating an album that would gently accompany your daily life。The album, which bears the same name as the name of the store, seems to be weaving sound with the hope that "the seeds of sound will bloom a small flower in your daily life"。 A picture of a son with an adorable hand-drawn touch。Forks and spoons、Is it a ladle? A casual illustration of a child who grows up watching the back of his father, who is a chef, is framed.、It decorated the front of the entrance like a small work of art。 While borrowing the forest and rural scenery in the back mountains、Spend a long quiet time in the satoyama "French Restaurant & Cafe noyau"。Mori Town, a small 1 hour from Hamamatsu, is、Because it is near Oguni Shrine、It is ♪ recommended for lunch while enjoying worship & driving French Restaurant & Cafe noyau Address:4847-7 Ichinomiya, Mori-cho, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka TEL:0538-74-7304(Lunch reservation priority) Lunch:11:30-13:00(L.o) Cafe:14:00~ 17:00(L.o) Closed:Sunday + irregular holidays

Hamamatsu "Meeting with Hidetomo Kimura, a world-renowned artist who creates art aquariums"

Relaxing in the dining room at home as usual、Unusually, a phone call late at night。 "Please! The person who called me with such thoughts、Art Aquarium Artist and Founder of Art Aquarium、It was Hidetomo Kimura who traveled around the world.。At that time it was just、I thought it was a mistake call.、When I got out, confused by the call that didn't stop ringing for too long, "Actually, the car stopped working ..." and、Apparently having trouble with cars。If you listen to the details、Shin-Tomei moving in his car Ferrari 456M GTA、Resting in the service area of NEOPASA Hamamatsu、Suddenly, the security of the car malfunctioned and he was trapped in the car.。Although I managed to escape、If security works and the engine does not start。It was an unexpected and sudden request for help。 From the symptoms、Not engine trouble, etc.、Ferrari 456M GTA security remote control may be out of battery、I searched at Ministop in the service area, but I couldn't find an AAA size "LRV08 12V" battery.、He seemed to be in a lot of trouble.、The image of the disassembled remote control key on the left of the image was sent by messenger。Street、Finish exchanging situations、We immediately looked for electronics stores that might be sold online.、Arrive at the electronics store just before closing。When I told them the model number, the staff at the electronics store checked the stock of this battery and I was able to purchase it safely.。When you send a battery image、"Oh... I'm happy."。We clutch the batteries、Go straight to "NEOPASA Hamamatsu Up" with your feet as it is! formerly、Mr. Kimura、If you have trouble with the alternator of the 1997 V8 Quattroporte designed by Marcello Gandini、I was introduced on Facebook by my friend Yuushin Nagai, who is a flower arranger.、Although we were communicating with each other by arranging parts、Actually, it's nice to meet you。Still, if you know that your car buddies are in trouble late at night、I can't help but move。Surely anyone would have done the same。Time and time again,、I've been helped by friends and acquaintances when I have car problems.、I can't pass through these accidents as a fellow car lover.。By chance、Car trouble was in Hamamatsu、By chance、In a recent exchange、I used to send a message saying, "Please stop by Hamamatsu when you come to Shizuoka."、In the corner of Mr. Kimura's memory、Although it is in a strange form、A miraculous night when I was able to meet you。 If it is a yellow Ferrari, I will find it soon and when I look in the parking lot、By chance, a yellow Prius stopped next to it.、When I received a message with that as a landmark。I found it! A car that stands out badly (laughs) in the summer night breeze、I was welcomed with a powerful handshake from Mr. Kimura, who met me with a refreshing smile that I couldn't believe I was in trouble! Replace the battery of the remote control key with a new one in the parking lot of the service area、Prayerfully release the security and turn the cell "Vu~n" The sensual sound of the Ferrari 12-cylinder echoes through the hushed parking area! I was able to confirm that the engine started safely.、Mr. Kimura said it was really good! Think the worst case、After I got the phone call、Because I was contacting all kinds of car friends to see if there was a way to deal with them、We patted him on the shoulder in relief.。 Mr. Kimura, who was calm, invited me to drink as a thank you.、Keep it on、I even left my dog Chocolat and jumped out.、Rather than stopping somewhere,、Guide me to my home、To rest your tired body。 When I return to my home、My dog Chocolat at the door、I was greeted with a face that said where I was going so late.。 On short notice、There is nothing special to offer you.、So is the long-awaited、シャンパーニュ「Jacques Lassaigne × Kisui Nakazawa」をお試しいただきましょう。I was told that I didn't even have time to eat.、Prepare easy dishes to accompany Champagne。 Hidetomo Kimura Profile 1972、Born in Tokyo。"Art" "Design" "Entertainment" and、Art aquarium artist who conceived, established, and founded the field of "art aquarium" that fuses "aquariums" that he pursues as his life's work。 We are also actively engaged in environmental conservation activities.、Japan the aquarium material brand "ORA" of the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Laboratory, the world's leading oceanographic laboratory in Florida, USA.、Activities that link aquariums and natural environmental protection、"One Ocean Project" an activity to think about the nature of the sea with ocean athletes、Active as a board member of "Sailors for the Sea" founded by David Rockefeller Jr. in the United States、Actively engaged in various activities。 While working as an artist、His activities as a car hobbyist are also remarkable.、Invited to flagship events around the world、Therefore, the pipe to the automobile world that was naturally cultivated is thick.。2009Starting with the "Tokyo Concours d'Elegance"、Served as a general producer of "Japan Classic Automobile" and other works.、At Nijo Castle, a former detached palace that is a World Heritage Site, "Concorso d'Eleganza Kyoto" was held、Successfully held a world-class vintage car competition event、Developed into the most prestigious competition in Asia。As a young enthusiast who can lead the field、It is expected to play a role in preserving automobile culture for future generations。 2018In the basement of the forest that houses the Fukutoku Shrine in Japan Bridge Muromachi from March of the year、 We have opened a new theater-type restaurant and lounge "Suigi-an" where you can easily experience authentic Japan culture centered on the traditional performing arts of Japan。Advocating a cultural maison、It is a facility with a tea room where you can watch the stage of Japan traditional performing arts every day and night.、A gathering of cultural figures from the original family, the original mainstream, transcending genres and schools.、With the theme of passing on to the next generation, we are disseminating Real Japan to the world.。 image:木村英智さんより提供 画像木村英智さんより提供 画像木村英智さんより提供 画像木村英智さんより提供 「水戯庵(SUIGIAN)」 東京は日本橋室町で運営され日本の文化を通して感じられる大人の遊び心を刺激する隠れ家レストラン&バー「水戯庵(SUIGIAN)」。Noh and Kyogen、Japan Dance、Kagura、Traditional performing arts that transcend schools such as gagaku are performed.、You can enjoy Japan traditional performing arts up close as a "banquet"、It is said that you can have a valuable experience full of people。For performances every day、They are making a wonderful effort to enjoy it whenever you go。東京へ足を運ぶ際には是非立ち寄りたいものです! 画像木村英智さんより提供 画像木村英智さんより提供 画像木村英智さんより提供 「Honey boy MixNuts × クリームチーズのカナッペ」 何もなくても、Even with sudden hospitality、これさえあれば大丈夫!私の故郷である牧之原市の養蜂家・河村充さんが作る国産蜂蜜「Honey boy(ハニーボーイ)」に香ばしくローストしたミックスナッツを蜂蜜漬けにしたもの「Honey boy MixNuts」。If you serve this with germ crackers with cream cheese、As a finger food for a little hospitality、You'll be done in no time! For a brain that is mentally exhausted by a small accident、甘い蜂蜜が一番ですね♪ 「桃の冷製パスタ」 今が旬の桃。There was no Cappellini.、Use Fusilli to make "cold peach pasta"。Grate the onion、Whipped cream、Unsweetened yogurt、Extra Virgin Olive Oil、Italy is an organic white balsamic vinegar from Modena、Lemon juice、Honey、Add salt and pepper、Adjust the taste and mix the cut peaches into the sauce and chill。Boiled、Combine it with fusilli in cold water and you're done.。暑い夏の夜にシャンパーニュの当てにもなるパスタです! 初めてお会いする木村さんの生い立ちでは「生き物」が身近にあり、I asked you that you have been a big lover of living things since you were a child。At the age of 19 during the ronin、After working as the business manager of a tropical fish store that I had a relationship with, I became independent and successful.、20From the resolution of the last summer of the teenage、"Art"、"Design"、Combining "Entertainment" and "Aquarium"、How we came to create a new world called the fantastic "Art Aquarium"、Starting from Muromachi in Japan Bridge, a city of commerce and culture、The reason why they decided to move to Muromachi in Kyoto, an ancient capital with a long history, and the people who have been involved、On the other hand、Also famous as a classic car enthusiast、国際的なコンクールデレガンスとして登録されている「コンコルソ デレガンツァ京都(CONCORSO D’ELEGANZA KYOTO)」のファウンダーとして活躍されるにあたっての秘話や、Ongoing projects, etc.、It's as if you've forgotten the short summer nights、This night was a hot night。 「フィン・ユール(Finn Juhl)ニールス・ヴォッダー(Nils Vodder)No.53」 我が家のギャラリーに設置してあるフィン・ユールチェアの中でも飛騨高山の北欧家具メーカー「Kitani(キタニ)」より迎え入れたNo.53をお気に召されたようで、Mr. Kimura becomes a picture as if it were a scene from a drama。Finn Juhl's NV-No.45 is a masterpiece along with NV-No.53。The arm extending from the rounded seat is carved with a decorative groove.、A sculptural work that curves slightly upward as it goes to the tip。A combination color of warm brick-colored leather and fabric finish on the seat。If you sit on the seat with horsehair as it was at the time, it is a gentle line that completely wraps around your body。And、The beauty of the shape of the tip of the beautiful arm part is、It fascinates people like a living creature。 Prepare a sofa in the living room on the second floor overlooking Lake Sanari as a bed.、Take a break from sleep。国産のウォールナット無垢材で作り上げたモダン家具ブランド「MASTERWAL(マスターウォール)」のCOMPOSIT SYSTEM SOFAは、A popular low sofa that can be freely combined according to the space。The cushion structure has、It uses a laminated structure of high-density urethane that does not use springs.、Highly durable due to its simple structure、Flat but firm support of the body、It can also be used as a sofa bed.。To invite guests、ベッドの役割も果たしてくれるコンポジットは優秀です! 朝焼けが美しく映える様子もご覧いただけ、He said he had already slept。 Summer sunrise early、In the morning, I woke up to a chorus of cicadas in the dining room in the sun.。I woke up early and was getting ready for breakfast.、"Good morning! Mr. Kimura got up。 I didn't know if I was going to have breakfast or not.、Keep it light、But prepare a lot of "miso soup"。In fact, in the last few months、Breakfast at our house is only miso soup without rice。Since then、My body is in great shape.、16Even if you don't go as far as fasting time、Maybe it's because the stomach doesn't put a burden on it by resting、My body also started to feel lighter。 I told Mr. Kimura that as well.、When we sat around the table, I said, "It's Japanese food after all."、Dining room with the sound of sipping miso soup。In addition, he complimented me by saying, "You're a good cook."、Conversation is also lively。And beams.、Beautiful and delicious things have the power to make people happy.、It always seems to play a role in connecting people。 食後の一杯は「まめやかふぇ」のアイスブレンドで淹れる「アイスコーヒー」「木村硝子店」のピッコログラスに記されたKIMURA GLASSの刻印に即座に反応くださり同じ木村繋がりを気に入ってくれました(笑) ダイニングのライティングビューローに置いてあった書籍「美しい椅子ー北欧4人の名匠のデザイン」を手に取られたので、Hans Jørgensen Wegner also sat on The Chair。It is a masterpiece that popularized Wegner's name to the world、In the chair where President J.F Kennedy sat during the televised debate、The back is supported effortlessly、Interested in comfortable seating、Also, because he looked the most beautiful、"This is a chair within a chair、"The chair" means "special chair"!It is a well-known story that he called it。 I was told that I would be in Tokyo for a meeting in the afternoon.、It seems that there was a relatively relaxed time in the morning.、Continued here from the night before、Conversation time with Kimura Bushi based on experience。Although you say that there were twists and turns,、It was also an encounter that reminded me that this is what it is like to be a man who has luck and a life that grasps luck。 You can see the gallery with different atmospheres at night and in the morning.、A scene where you can experience the works of Toyama ceramic artists and the beauty of the "beautiful chair"。 「Finn Juhl(フィン・ユール)/Chieftain Chair(チーフテン・チェア)」 1949年に発表されたこちらの椅子はフィン・ユールが自邸の暖炉の前でくつろぐためにデザインされたラウンジチェア。The large, graceful and presentable form is the chieftain (chief:With a design worthy of the name of the chief of a savage tribe、The chair in which King Frederick of Denmark sat at the exhibition。Mr. Kimura sits down without hesitation、It seems to have a style that is as good as the presence of the chair。 Chieftain Chair、There is a photograph of Finyule himself sitting with his legs thrown out on the armrests like this.、You can sit so that you can completely wrap your body.、The design is highly functional and stable。Real、Looks good。 Time to leave。Ferrari yellow at home。Ferrari's corporate color, yellow, is、It comes from the official colors of Modena, where the company is located,、Its name is "Giallo Modena"。As yellow lovers,、When choosing your next favorite car、This color also seems to be worth considering。456The M is a late model, although the base design is Pininfarina.、In fact, the person who worked on the modification design was、 当時ピニンファリーナに在籍していた日本人デザイナーの奥山清行(Kiyoyuki Okuyama)さんだというから興味深いです。 Dawn、The remote control key also works without any problems.、You can see it off safely。Although it was a short time、A day when I had a very intense time。 On the occasion of this day's luck、At Mr. Kimura's Kyoto villa, Mr. Kimura will be invited to the private unveiling of the next-generation car project that he is planning.、We promised to meet again soon。 Although Mr. Kimura's stay in Japan, which straddles the world, is limited,、"As a relay of the highway between Japan Bridge and Kyoto、Please use our house as a private salon."、"I will do so without hesitation。It would be helpful if there was a relay! It's God's match!" Thank you for your connection。次回は京都でお会いしましょう!...

Falconer relocation opening "NO'AGE concentré" pairing course where you can enjoy sake, tea, appetizers and sweets

Six and a half years in Fukuroi、For 21 years as an authentic bar in Shichigencho, Shizuoka City、"BAR NO'AGE" has entertained many bar fans.。 "Concentrate and concentrate" on the various encounters and experiences you have gained so far、Moved to a quiet falconer, a little away from the city, and changed the name、AS "NO'AGE CONCENTRÉ"、We are making a new start。 The name "NO & # 8217s; AGE" and the、First of all comes from the whisky terms、"Point was made by blending excellence ripening period variety of whisky、Have this term、I want to make it a restaurant that is loved by customers of various generations."。This time the、We dared to eliminate the BAR character in order to step up beyond the barriers of the BAR.、Go there、With "concentration / concentration = concentré"、Design your own sign that will be the face of your new store。 A sign with the word BAR shining and a dignified door that welcomed many guests during the Fukuroi era.、Bringing together the encounters and memories that occurred at each store、We are quietly watching the new beginning here at Falconer。 By making it more compact than before with only 6 counter seats、A modern and stylish Japanese interior that is finished in a private space where you can enjoy a more special feeling。 Here you will、Without being bound by the framework of the conventional BAR、Add the "world of tea" to sake, snacks, and confectionery.、Add the face of "tea house"、A once-in-a-lifetime special time born from conversations between people will unfold! Every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays only、Cocktail pairing desserts paired with handmade desserts and teas and cocktails during the day。In the evening, we offer a unique cocktail pairing dinner course that can be combined with dishes made with carefully selected ingredients using iron plate and cocktails (reservation required)。Sake such as a sake dish that interweaves Japanese and Western flavors and a la carte is also available! By making it a teppanyaki that cooks in front of you、We have renewed the style to meet the various requests of our customers! In addition, tea utensils are set up on the counter.、As a famous production area of tea、Introducing a cocktail menu centered on tea leaves produced in Shizuoka with a power up! Sake brewer, bartender Masaki Itani, after graduating from Osaka Abeno Tsuji Technical Institute、I work as a cook, but due to severe roughness、Turned bartender who mixes sake。2000Founded "Bar NO'AGE" in fukuroi city in 2008.、2007Moved to Shizuoka City in 2008。Published in various cocktail and pairing books、2016Won the Yokohama international cocktail competition Creative Grand Prix in 2008。2021Cooking using teppanyaki in 2008 and "enrichment" of the past 20 years、The store name is "NO'AGE concentré" as a style to "concentrate" and newly started。 There is also a tea board at the counter.、We will serve you the best with beautiful behavior unique to bartenders。Pour boiling water at an appropriate temperature from a tea kettle、Warm tea set、Add the tea leaves and pour the hot water again.、I went into steaming.、wait quietly for that time、A cup rich in umami carefully poured into a tea cup。 Shallow steamed single sencha "Haruna 29" with an altitude of 350m in Shizuoka、The clear Okitsu River flows、In the lush mountains ryokawachi、Overlooking Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay、Tea farmer "Hokoen", which grows more than 20 varieties of tea in a steeply sloping tea plantation where a sea of clouds spreads, has its original single sencha "Haruna 29"。Find the fruit and increase it with the branch、10This tea leaf that has been loving for more than a year、Take the name of "Harun" who is my daughter、It is raised by being cherished like a daughter。Its flavor is、A slightly fragrant grain aroma with a well-balanced umami and astringency、It is a variety that gives you a sense of depth and reverberation! Cocktails、From standard traditional traditional cocktails、Fruit of the season started.、Taking advantage of the natural taste obtained from the blessings of nature、In a mixology style using homemade flavor de spirits and special techniques、The lineup that added "world of tea" to Mr. Ita's original style that becomes a cup that can only be tasted here is substantial、You can enjoy it with a variety of courses and pairings! From left to right: Sidecar:Cognac-based cocktails。 [Shizukucha ~Aya kiri~]:Inspired cocktails inspired by tea plantations in Shizuoka Prefecture using the scents of sencha and a drop of cognac and kimmokusei。 Cocktails served at the 20th anniversary party of the Japan Tea Instructors Association。 [Smoky Martinez of Roasted Tea]:Roasted tea leaves and octagonal、Based on vanilla beans marinated in dark lamb、An arranged version of Martinez Cocktail, also known as the "prototype of a martini" paired with sweet vermouth and maraschino cherry liqueur。 [Gyokuro Martini]:One roast is at a low temperature.、Pour sake in two roasts as a cocktail。Including Gyokuro in Okabe-cho, Shizuoka City, which is also known as a gyokuro famous production area、Gyokuro produced by tea farmers in Shizuoka Prefecture carefully selected and used。Producers also change depending on the day、I enjoy matching the difference of the taste。 [Sparkling Tea Dogs Nose]:Using an extraction method that combines the aroma of the flowers of tea for each tea leaf、Based on homemade, sparkling tea finishes。It is a cocktail of LOW alcohol which arranged the cocktail "Dogs Nozu" of beer and dry gin by hanging the craft gin that the character shines there。 [Jasmine Negroni]:Twisted "Negroni", one of the most popular cocktails in the world。Using jasmine tea and various spices marinated in Campari、You can enjoy a rich taste even if it is holo bitter。 [Martini]:King of gin-based cocktails。 On this day、Enjoy the "Cocktail Pairing Dinner" and "Cocktail Pairing Dessert" during the pre-opening! "Low-temperature roasted duck pickled in red miso" × "Highball" French duck meat roasted at a low temperature is marinated overnight in a special red miso paste、Toast with a thirst-quenching highball suitable for the first cup! The moist and juicy duck meat has a mellow aroma of red miso that softly escapes into your nose and the richness of the duck that deepens the flavor as you bite into it! "Marinated Fresh Fish of the Day" × "Sparkling Tea Dogs Nose" Flounder, which will be the fresh fish of the day, is tossed with nut oil and combined with moroheiya、Serve with a refreshing squerling tea with the scent of tea! An elegant dish that has the elasticity of fresh fish, but also has the flavorful taste of nut oil and a sprinkle of salt to fully enjoy the sweetness of flounder! "Autumn sword fish rillette" A dish where you can enjoy the concentrated and rich taste of seasonal autumn sword fish、Serve the crunchy texture with bread baked on the griddle! Mr. Itani with the face of a bartender and a chef。In tea, there is Shizumi's gesture、In cocktail shakes, the movement is captivating.、In the teppanyaki style, you can see the lightness of majesty、The performance will be full throttle and entertaining! Examples of Cocktail Pairing Dinner Courses: "Toman Gyu" × "Red Shiso、violet、Japanese tea、Armagnac" The main dish of the day is a meat dish.、Teppanyaki of Japanese black beef "Toman beef rump meat", which is mainly lean meat from Miyazaki Prefecture。 都萬牛、It is fattened with Japanese black beef so that it does not have much marbling.、Not to mention feeding feed rich in vitamins and minerals、Try to be stress-free in an airy barn rich in nature、We aim to keep cattle in a healthy way that suits their physiology。Also、Fattening mainly cows aged 33 to 50 months, which is said to be the most delicious of Japanese black beef,、As a result、Fleshy dark、It produces low-fat, healthy beef with fat and lean flavors。By baking on a griddle、The surface is crispy and fragrant、The inside, of course, is finished in medium-rare、Because it is thick, you can enjoy the flavor and texture while chewing! Next is the "Cocktail Pairing Dessert" that offers "sake, tea, and confectionery"! Mr. Itani has been incorporating liquid nitrogen as a technique for cocktails and cooking methods from an early stage。We will use ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius to make the dessert magical! When ice wine, which is condensed with the aroma and sweetness of the ingredients, is flaked with liquid nitrogen and added to the finisher,、This is the perfect cold dessert for this hot season! "Pear and apricot kernel blancmange, green yuzu jelly and -196 degree ice wine flakes" × "Kawane Tsuchiya Farm's cold brew sencha and gorgeous GIN jasmine flowers in a glass" Stand up with fresh cream that melts in your mouth smoothly enough to stand up、We will finish "Savarin au Cocktail"! By scraping the orange peel with a greater、The fragrant freshness becomes a healing scent、Garnish with pistachios and mint and you're done! This dessert is also sold at the online shop.、Fresh cream, flavoring, etc.、Decorating is a service limited to those who can eat in the store! "Savarin au Cocktail" In response to the request of customers who want to eat savarin soaked in plenty of alcohol.、The second edition of adult sweets that only Mr. Itani, a bartender, can deliver! Using handmade fruit puree、Reminiscent of seasonal fruit cocktails, Sabalan is a tipsy and adult-friendly sweet! Serve aluminum foil with tea leaves、By smoking it on an iron plate, the effort of putting the smoked incense in the glass will be finished in a deep cup! Feel the change of seasons、The ultimate chestnut dessert unique to autumn is now available! What is "Croustade"?、It is a dish that originated in southwestern France, which means "shell" in French。Wrapped in a thin dough called part-filo and baked、There are various recipes that are sweet or spicy depending on what you wrap inside。This one is arranged with chestnuts、Crunchy outside、Inside is a whole chestnut、Adult sweets that can be enjoyed in many layers with the combination of chocolate and caramel! Please enjoy the moe cut when cut in the store! "Chestnut Crustud Red Miso and Caramel Sauce" × "Misty Fairy Flag" "Choux-à-la Coctaire" Using eggs from Shizuoka-raised chickens、Plenty of homemade custard cream made without additives! The fragrant baked puff pastry is handmade from traditional puff pastry。There are also seasonal limited edition items that you can enjoy all year round.、The pairing of cocktails with cream puffs is also fun to inject alcohol into the dropper to your liking.、It will be the best adult sweets! In the midst of the Corona disaster in 2020、It is thought that it is not possible to deliver the cocktails and sweets that are offered.、In October of the same year, we obtained a confectionery manufacturing license.、Sales as the NO'AGE sweets division "noage." have also started.、The online shop also seems to be doing well。Since you are currently busy preparing for a new store、The "Ultimate Ordered Sweets" are scheduled to be shipped from mid-October! Whiskey while chewing on homemade caramel nuts。A luxurious moment where talking at the counter frees your mind and body。 It has an unforgettable taste。There are memorable moments。 New encounters and miraculous moments await。 A one-of-a-kind pairing that can only be tasted here、Please enjoy it。 NO'AGE concentré Address:Shizuoka, Shizuoka City, Aoi Ward, Takashi, 2-5-12 1F TEL:054-253-6615 Hours of operation:12:30-14:0018:00-22:00Last entry: 20:00 BARTIME、Soil only 21:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Irregular holidays

Summer Festival "Champagne Party 2022 - Soiree Blanche" at The Oriental Terrace

Every year、This year's theme of "Champagne Party" organized by "WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU (Wine Club Hamamatsu)" held annually on "Marine Day" is、As a white-themed summer party born in the south of France, titled "Soiree Blanche"、All White was held with a dress code! The venue is、Overlooking the lush Lake Sanaru、Deep blue sky and sparkling lake surface、"THE ORIENTAL TERRACE" boasts a magnificent location on Lake Samei, which is a co-star of lush nature! à votre santé - toast - good weather、The beauty of the lake surface of Lake Sanaru and、With the sparkle of Champagne、Dressed in a dazzling white dress、With the finest champagne (15 kinds) to moisturize the dry throat、A summer afternoon when everyone's smiles shone brightly.。It's the beginning of a great summer! Everyone who participated、Thank you! Date:2022July 18 (Mon) Marine Day *Ends:14Reception at 30:00、1500:00~18:00 < Membership fee> 16,000 yen / tax included 80 people < cuisine > seated buffet style < Dress code> All white/white coordination Note) Those who do not follow the dress code will not be allowed to enter.。 <会場> THE ORIENTAL TERRACE(ジ・オリエンタルテラス) 〒432-8021 静岡県浜松市中区佐鳴台6-8-30 TEL:053-447-3241 <主催> WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU(ワインクラブ浜松)...

Hamamatsu Entetsu Department Store "Amour du Chocolat" Annual chocolat festival!

It came again this year! Amour du Chocolat 2022, an annual chocolat festival! A festival that you will definitely want to visit if you like chocolat。Of course, it's one of the things we enjoy every year.、I went to the festival of fascination in search of a sweet and sinful bite。Hamamatsu will be held at the Entetsu Department Store from January 26 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Monday) on Valentine's Day.、It is held on the 8th floor of the main building and the 1st basement floor of the new building of the main building! Due to the influence of the corona disaster this year as well,、Increase your buying appetite、It is a pity that there is no tasting that is the deciding factor of the purchased product、Looking for cute packaging and popular chocolate、What I got was 5 chocolates carefully selected from the many stores that opened! (1) "MAISON CACAO" Rich raw chocolate tart (set of 3 types of bitter, milk, white) Aromatic raw chocolate brand "MAISON CACAO" originating in Kamakura! It is a very popular shop at Amour du Chocolat! Speaking of Maison Cacao、Surprisingly melt-in-the-mouth, smooth and aromatic raw chocolate is popular、Because I got raw chocolate last year、This time, assorted three rich raw chocolate tarts of popular products that have been released since the time of establishment。This is a crispy tart dough with plenty of smooth chocolate cream.、4Layered crisps、Torotsu、The exquisite texture of the crispy is unbearably rich and delicious! (2) "LE CHOCOLAT ALAN DUCASSE" Ganache Gourmand (4 types of lime, framboise, caramel, tonka beans) Paris and Monaco、3 Michelin stars in London、2 stars in separate stores in Tokyo and Paris、In 2013, chef ALAN DUCASSE, which has a variety of restaurants from high-end to bistro-related restaurants, has been working on it since 2013.、2018In March 2008, as executive chef of Tokyo Kobo、Julien KIENTZLER (Julian Kintzler) who studied at the Paris workshop was adopted.、"LE CHOCOLAT ALAN DUCASSE" landed Japan! This time、Each has a different recipe and texture、Choose the bonbon chocolat series of ganache gourmand that brings out a unique flavor! From all seven ganache gourmands、Raspberry、Caramel、Lime、Assorted tonka beans and carefully selected 4 kinds、Flavorful ganache gourmand with spices and fruits、Enjoy the flavorful taste with soft melt-in-the-mouth and texture、A delicious taste that will captivate you with just one grain! (3) "Pâtisserie La Vérité" Praline Amand Chocolat in Ohiradai, a quiet residential area of Hamamatsu、Not to mention the taste using the ingredients carefully selected by patissier Ryusuke KODA who has been active in Tokyo for a long time、Melt-in-the-mouth and fragrance、Pâtisserie La Vérité offers cakes and baked goods with a texture in mind! The bright red heart can catches the eye、Pralines Amand Chocolat, which has been very popular following last year、6Caramelized almonds with 20 kinds of pepper coated with bitter chocolate and varona fragrant cocoa、If you take a bite, the taste of adults who are fascinated by the flavor of pepper spreads、Perfect for wine guessing! (4) "QUON CHOCOLAT TOYOHASHI HONTEN (QUON CHOCOLATE)" QUON PREMIUM TERRINE ART BOX (POP SELECTION NOIR MILK, WHITE RICH BERRY, 4 types) Promote employment of people with disabilities、Various people such as people with disabilities and moms become chocolatiers、No extra oil is added to pure chocolate carefully selected from all over the world、Carefully finished by hand one by one、QUON creates delicious chocolate! This time's art box is、Using the original picture design of Kiyoaki Yamashita、The title of the work is "Fireworks reflected in the lake"。Inside, it becomes a special piece topped with dried fruits and nuts in carefully selected original chocolate、Dried fruits and nuts boldly arranged are also colorful、Not only is it photogenic, but it's also very satisfying! (5) "CHOCOLAT GALLERY Morozoff" Chocolat Gallery Tender Memories (8 pieces) Illustrator / Painter:Mao Horihata, Picture Book Writer、Print artist、Illustrators, etc.、The Chocolat Gallery, where nine popular artists active in various fields express the same theme of "gratitude" with a rich personality、In the eyes、It has a message of gratitude.。I'm an illustrator.、"Gentle Memories" drawn by "Ritamao", who is also a painter,、"Gentle memories" in flower language、It is a motif of sweet pea with meanings such as "gate"、Chocolate Is a Round Suite、Milk、With three kinds of plain chocolate of extra milk、Assorted with red raspberry-flavored chocolate at the point、It gives off the beauty like a flower by assorted three-dimensionally。Because this series is available at an affordable price point、Easy to get as a handy gift、You're sure to be pleased! From today until Valentine's Day、While enjoying the sweet aroma and rich taste、I would like to enjoy each grain with the fragrant coffee of Fukuroi's home-roasted coffee specialty store "Mameyakafu"! To reduce daily fatigue and stress due to the corona disaster、Please enjoy the chocolate that emits a sweet aroma and has an outstanding healing effect! Amour du Chocolat 2022:1Wednesday, February 26 - Monday, February 14 10:00-19:00(*18 on the last day.):00until) Location:Entetsu Department Store Main Building 8F, Main Building New Building B1F Online Reservation:有

Atami Birthday Trip (1) "Garden Cafe Ripple" A stylish café with pets healed by the murmuring of the brook in Kumiya

Autumn deepens and trees drop leaves、Japan where colored autumn leaves can be seen in the mountains。 Although I finally started to show calm、It is also because it is a corona disaster of the forbidden thing still carelessness、This year's birthday trip also abandoned overseas travel、Domestic、I will leave for the prefecture.。 同県内でありながらも片道2時間強のドライブで旅行気分が満喫できる熱海へやって参りました! 初日のランチは、From Kinomiya, which has long been worshipped as the god of good fortune and auspiciousness in Atami as a power spot in Atami, go to the stylish café "Garden Cafe Ripple" within walking distance of 600m! This modern building was designed by architect "Kentaro Yamazaki Design Workshop".、"MD Housing Workshop" is in charge of construction and has been completed! This trip is accompanied by my beloved dog Chihuahua Chocolat.、We have a selection of pet-friendly cafes and inns.。Those who keep dogs、I hope it will be helpful for those who plan to keep it in the future! At the same time as the start of the first year of Reiwa、2019Garden Cafe Ripple opened on May 1, 2008。 This café is "in-store pet allowed (limited seat)" because the owner and his wife who are operated are also dog lovers。The number of cafés where pets are OK only for terrace seats is increasing、There is a limit to the restaurant where pets are OK to the store。On this day, miraculously betrayed the rain forecast greatly and was blessed with good weather and there was no worry of rain、Because eating and drinking at the terrace seat is inevitably influenced by the weather、The shop where pets can be accompanied in the store will be very grateful information as a dog lover。Here is、Because it is a stylish and cozy café in addition、It is recommended as a nice shop for both the general public and dog lovers! (Note:Reservations are required for pets allowed in the store。I thought the wooden door on the right was the entrance to the store.、Please note that the W .C icon is displayed here.。 There is an entrance to the store in the middle of going on the wood deck terrace on the left。 The interior of the shop full of the warmth of wood、A pleasant space where you can enjoy the lush scenery luxuriously with glass windows on the whole surface。It is possible to relax with chaise longue installed all over the wall。Is it because it is business in corona disaster?、The door is completely open、Autumn breezes flow in、The shop where the bird's sardines and the murmuring of the brook in front of you give peace as a comfortable background music。 There is also a terrace seat (2 people) on the wooden deck。 Sign dog Ponta-kun (commonly known as:Pon-chan) has a house on the wooden deck terrace、I am very smart and mature while relaxing in bed.。I'm used to people.、Because it is a senior dog、Stay quiet.、He listens to the owners a lot! There are also terrace seats (seats for 2 people) in the back.、Some people enjoyed eating outside while feeling the sunlight through the trees.。 I'll spend a while in the chair on the wood deck until the meal comes.、Chocolate is also relaxing ♪ comfortably The stream flowing in front of you。 When you go out to the deck at the back of the store, you can find a slope that goes up to the roof! What! The rooftop is also a wooden deck.、It's a great place to have a coffee! Lunchtime11:30~ 14:30from the lunch menu.、It becomes with soup, salad, drink of the day (coffee hot or ice cream, black tea hot or iced, orange juice, apple juice)。 "Hamburger steak" 1,500 yen Hamburger steak with a juicy taste using domestic minced meat、Served with a sauce with a gentle taste that feels the sweetness of vegetables。The vegetables are potatoes and pumpkins.、ブロッコリーや赤黄色のパプリカと彩りも綺麗です! 「バターチキンカレー」1,300円 マイルドな味わいながらに程良い辛さでスパイシーなルーに合わせて大山鶏が柔らかく煮込まれており、Sautéed vegetables are also served colorfully here! "Salad for lunch set" Lettuce、Cucumber、Paprika、Tomato mini salad with delicious homemade dressing。 "Today's soup of lunch set" We will relax with a gentle soup of bonito stock that feels the Japanese element.。 The sign dog Pon-chan comes and goes freely in the store、When the owner, the owner, says, "House!", I am surprised because he returns smartly! Order hot coffee for an after-dinner drink for the lunch set.。It is carefully brewed by hand drip according to the meal! When it first opened, it seems that coffee was extracted by machine.、After all, in pursuit of good smell and deliciousness、現在は手間は掛かるけれどもハンドドリップに変更されたとのこと! 「ランチセットのドリンク・ホットコーヒー」 オリジナルブレンドは香り高いコーヒーで、Because our husband and I were delicious with a favorite taste、When I talk to your husband,、東京の自家焙煎珈琲豆屋でお店オリジナルの酸味は少なめで苦味とコクのある豆をオーダーしていると教えてくださいました! ウッドデッキテラスの日向の暖かさにまったりとするショコラ♪ 春は桜や新緑が、In summer, there are overgrown flowers、And the autumnal leaves of Atami seem to be in full bloom from mid-November to early December.、これからのシーズンに訪れるのも良いでしょう! 看板犬のポンちゃんの癒しと気さくなオーナー御夫妻との楽しい会話と美味しい料理があり、Stylish and comfortable Café Ripple。I found a nice café that is indispensable for going out with my dog Chocolat。また熱海へ伺う際には立ち寄りたいと思います! ガーデンカフェ・リプル 住所:22-23 Nishiyamacho, Atami City, Shizuoka PREFECTURE TEL:0557-28-0009 Hours of operation:10:30-17:00( L.O:16:30Morning:10:30-11:30、Lunch:11:30-14:30 Closed on Mondays:毎火曜日・水曜日 駐車場有 ペット同伴店内席可・テラス席可(要予約)

After the relocation "Tempura Seisei" Shizuoka's proud tempura craftsman Takeo Shimura eats the craftsmanship

Foodies come from all over the country、We are happy to hear from "Tempura Seisei" in Shizuoka, which is famous as a difficult-to-make reservation shop。 The place is adjacent to Asama Shrine、There is a garden that is said to have been built by Ota Dokan, who is known for building Edo Castle in the late Muromachi period warlords.、In the Meiji period, it became the residence of Takayoshi Sekiguchi, the first governor of Shizuoka Prefecture、After closing the site where the former long-established Kappo ryokan "Kikuya" opened in the Showa era、「静岡鉄道 株式会社」が土地を取得し保全管理に務められ、We are redeveloping it as a new facility that makes use of local tourism resources.。In the newly built wooden one-story building、Through this place, "I want to convey the charm of Shizuoka"、We will attract "Itamae Tempura Seisei" with the same desire to make Shizuoka a representative shop、Constructed a store that made a lot of Shizuoka wood.、History and Food Culture of Shizuoka、As a source of industrial appeal、新生「てんぷら成生」として2021年3月に移転オープンさせ誕生! 建物は、Using prefectural materials mainly from Shizuoka City"Occiz wood"、Designed to be a space where you can enjoy your meal while looking at the garden.、京都で数々の料理店を手掛ける建築家「株式会社 木島徹建築設計事務所」の木島徹(Tetsu Kijima)氏が手掛けられています「成生」 今宵のメンバーが揃うまで、We will wait for a while in the waiting room。 Fuji stone (Osawa stone) which reaches as much as 3t in weight is enshrined in the waiting、I tried to hold up my hand to receive that power。The cool comfort is a strange feeling that calms down somewhere rather than energy。 The vase is served with pretty flowers blooming in the garden.。 廊下の照明は「LIGHTDESIGN.INC」の東海林弘靖(Shoji Hiroyasu)氏が手掛けられており粋な細工で足元に美しい富士山が浮かび上がります! 一輪の命と念持仏この日のカウンターは貸切で8名のワイン仲間との美食会ゆえに天ぷらとワインのペアリングも楽しみにして参りました! 諸事情がおありのようで料理撮影が禁止されているため、It is different from the usual coverage feeling、I was able to enjoy the meal slowly.。I will describe it in the order in which I had it as a memorandum。 [One item] peanut sink a warm dripping thick with the saltiness of the eyes gradually permeates the stomach。 Two items: Kue sashimi Enjoy the sweet fat of kue that is tightened through low temperatures。 [Three items] bonito 50 °C low temperature and beautiful glossy bonito is exquisite。 ※ Grated daikon radish to accompany tempura is also a chopstick rest、If you empty the vessel, you will get a replacement many times.。 [Tempura] according to ingredients、Change clothing and temperature、素材を活かす (1)太刀魚 大根の鬼おろしの上に乗せられた太刀魚は上にも鬼おろしを添えハフハフしながら。 (2) Ginkgo a little salt。 (3) Green beans Fresh blue turns into umami。 (4) Lotus root with mud is fresh with the scent of soil that smells faintly with skin。 (5) Kiss Fluffy。 (6) White sweet sea bream Scales have a crisp and light texture, and while enjoying the softness that melts inside, let's use Sansho。 Chopstick rest salad raw Chinese cabbage、Garland chrysanthemum、Turnip、Add kara ink to your accent。 (7) Pumpkin Sweetness condensed by deep-frying。 (8) The thick sardines of the evening fishing are cut into half-length。 (9) Kobani Oni grated。 (10) ・ (11) Eggplant and leek。Serve with freshly shaved bonito flakes。 (12) Make Quinn Enjoy the gap between the crispy skin and the smoothness inside to fry the potatoes that have been slept for about half a year.。 (13) Renko sea bream with ara salt。There is a sweetness with goods and it seems that rice will go with the remaining aroma that comes out to the nose。 (14) Kamasu Shirami enjoys the difference。 Freshly cooked white rice cooked in a wood-fired pot (Sida Haibara rice) Tendon or Tencha or Tenbara。 Incense Cucumber、Paprika pickled in bran、蓮根甘酢漬け 赤だし 山椒を効かせて。 Magnum of this day can be tasted at its best、3 Champagne Pinot Noir、A total of four Magnums were vacated.。 ⒈「ドゥラモット ブリュット ブラン ド ブラン(Delamotte Brut Blanc De Blancs)」 ⒉「ベル エポック ペリエ ジュエ 2007(Perrier Joue Belle Epoque Blanc 2007)」 ⒊「ベルンハルト・フーバー シュペートブルグンダー 2015(Bernhard Huber Spätburgunder H 2015)」 ⒋「クリスチャン セネ ブリュット ミレジム 1995(Cristian Senez Brut Millésimé 1995)」 朝夕と一日に二度、Mr. Shimura is seconded to purchase to Naoki Maeda, the fifth-generation owner of The Sasue Maeda Fish Shop in Yaizu。We directly purchase the one and only ingredients that are indispensable to "adult"。They are both friends and friends.、The fight between the two, also referred to as a rival, has been featured in various media、I'm having a good time watching.。Suruga Bay, one of Japan's leading fishing grounds,、Using ingredients from the sea and land of Shizuoka, which is blessed with a mild climate and agriculture is also active、We had a valuable experience at a luxurious gastronomic party while enjoying the craftsmanship that you volunteer in front of you。 After the meal, move to the tea room and have sencha。 The first thing on offer is a freshly made flowerless sorbet.。There's a slight salt effect.、A sharp aftertasm that blends perfectly into the stomach after meals。 Mt. Fuji also on the hanging scroll of the tea room。 The first roast of Ashikubo tea, blessed with the rich nature of the Ashikubo River, a tributary of the Abe River, is drained.。 The second roast was 65°C and drunk and compared、I'm pouring oil.。 The vast site boasts a site area of about 1,800 square meters、500You can enjoy a japanese garden of about 660 square meters boasting a history of more than 60 years.。In the lit up garden、The upside-down garden pattern reflected in the pond creates a beautiful night。Currently, it is also open for lunch.、日中に魅せるお庭の顔もまた素敵なことでしょう! 秋の夜長の夜風は心地良く、He gently stroked me with my reddish cheeks with plenty of alcohol.。 Souvenirs are prepared for each、Inside, two nigiri rice cooked in a wood-fired kiln was in the middle.。Nigiri rice made with only salt and white sesame seeds so that you can feel the umami of new rice。The rice grains stand firmly and are finished in a splendid bale type、The next morning、冷めた状態でも美味しく堪能することができました! 「成生」志村 剛生(Takeo Shimura)氏プロフィール ・1975年神奈川県生まれ ・東京農業大学卒業後、Study in Australia。 ・ To the world of cooking by working part-time at a Japanese restaurant where I studied abroad。 After returning home、Trained for 6.5 years at a Kappo restaurant in Yaizu、I was shocked by the deliciousness of Shizuoka's ingredients。 ・Met Mr. Maeda of The Sasue Maeda Fish Shop, a long-established fish shop in Yaizu during his training period、20Years or more、How to tighten fish together、Maturation method、I am continuing research on cooking methods, etc.。 ・ For vegetables, staff go directly to contract farmers in Shizuoka、We maximize the original taste of the ingredients by storing them with skin until just before serving。 ・ Opened "Itamae Tempura Seisei" in 2007 as a falconer。 2021、Relocated and opened as a new "adult" in the current location。 A photo to commemorate Takeo Shimura, who saw me off。素晴らしい一夜を有難う御座いました!...

Kosai "Live Fish Inn Asao" Breakfast standing on the shores of Lake Hamana and overlooking Bentenjima Island for a vitality of the day (3)

Standing on the scenic lake of Hamana Lake、Early morning at "Live Fish Inn Asao" overlooking Bentenjima, a popular tourist attraction as a power spot of Lake Hamana。If you go to the nearby Bentenjima Seaside Park,、The beautifully curved Hamana Bridge and the fantastic gradation sky that fascinates before the morning bake collaborate beautifully、The red torii gate floating on Lake Hamana as a symbol tree of Bentenjima reveals its presence at low tide、You will be fascinated! Breakfast at the hotel is at "Manfuku" in the large hall which becomes a banquet hall as well as dinner、I'm asking you to do it from 7:00 a.m., which is the first time of the morning.。Take a morning bath until your meal is ready.、It is also recommended to take a walk along the lakeside of Hamana! Rice and drinks become self-service style、A large rice cooker and a teacup are prepared.、好きなだけよそえるため分量を自分でコントロールすることができます! 我が家はいつも朝一番の朝食はしっかりと摂るほうなので、Breakfast like a Japanese set meal is desirable、何処かほっこりとする朝食が並び嬉しい限りです! 焼き鮭や新鮮な卵、Natto and nori、Side dishes are ed with nutritious small fish and boiled beans.、A lineup that seems to be able to eat as many cups of rice as you like! Especially、Maisaka Port's fresh "whites", which boasts one of the largest amounts of whites in Japan, has become a popular specialty.、I love it too! Even though I was so full the night before、It was caught by the accompaniment of delicious rice、しっかりと二杯目のおかわりまで平らげてしまいました! 「焼き鮭」 「釜揚げしらすおろし」 「ひじきの煮物」 「五目豆」 「豊岡村の棚田米コシヒカリ、Miso soup、香の物」 「卵、Natto、味付け海苔」 朝から大満足の朝食をいただき、Pour the coffee after the meal into the mug.、お部屋でゆっくりといただきました! 先代が大切に守ってこられたお宿を「自由にやってみろ」と任された若旦那と若女将の御二人が力を合わせて家族経営され、"Live Fish Inn Asassao" offers heartwarming service and relaxing Japanese cuisine。浜名湖畔にお立ち寄りの際はぜひ足を運ばれてみてください! 活魚の宿あさしお 所在地:3392-3, Shinimachi, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:053-592-0761

Kosai "Live Fish Inn Asao" Standing on the shore of Lake Hamana and enjoying a meal of live fish while overlooking Bentenjima (2)

Standing on the scenic lake of Hamana Lake、At "Live Fish Inn Asao" overlooking Bentenjima, a popular tourist attraction as a power spot of Lake Hamana、Masahiro Yamada, the first of its long-time, started from a fishing boat shop.、当代の若旦那である山田敬介さんも和食店にて修行の道を経て跡を継がれたため地元舞坂港や浜名湖に揚がる地魚を中心とした活魚を使った新鮮な料理を楽しめる御食事が有名です! 宿の裏手にある湖畔沿いの散歩道から散策を楽しみ、The collaboration between Akatorii and sunset, which is the symbol tree of Bentenjima、それはそれは美しい景色で心を奪われてしまいます! 御食事は宴会場となる大広間の「万福」にてスタート時間を18時〜または19時〜のどちらかで選ぶことができます! 広々とした広間で宿泊客毎のテーブルが間仕切りで用意され、Consider ventilation, etc.、コロナ感染防止対策もされています! 「献立」 お酒の当てになりそうな先付けから、Until the main meal、While checking the contents of the menu lined up with idly、お料理が運ばれてくるのを心待ちに! 瓶ビールをオーダーし旦那様の45歳の誕生日を祝して乾杯です!(※こちらの宿泊は緊急事態宣言前となります) 素材選びにこだわり、While the warm is warm、While the cold is cold、Because it is faithfully protected and provided the basics in the basics so that you can eat deliciously、Freshly cooked dishes are transported in order.、あっという間に卓の上が美味しそうな料理で一杯になっていきます! 鮮魚が楽しめるお造りの盛り合わせは若旦那がサーブしてくださった際に丁寧に説明してくださいました! 「瓶ビール アサヒスーパードライ」 「アサヒスーパードライ」は、Become the official beer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games、Because original design cans and original label bottles are released nationwide、今回はオリンピックバージョンのラベルで楽しみました! 「先付け」 香ばしく焼かれた活海老塩焼きをはじめ、steamed corn cut from the core for easy eating、Tsukudani of small girls、Squid salty、枝豆とビールの当てに嬉しい前菜ばかりが添えられています! 「ごま豆腐」 胡麻の香り豊かにねっとり、Sesame tofu with a chewy texture! The seasoning is accompanied by wasabi、If only I was in a light dashi stock、つるんと喉を潤してくれます! 「お造り」 この日の鮮魚は、Natural red sea bream with elasticity on fatty southern tuna、Thick aoriika with a thick sweetness、Pale but toothy flat eyes、With Isaki who is attractive elasticity that is refreshing to eat、色艶も良く新鮮で美味しいオールスター並みの刺身が出揃います! 「茹で蟹」 舞坂港水揚げワタリガニを半身ずつ提供され甘味のある身や内子が味わい深く楽しめます!茹で蟹を手にするとつい黙々と食べ進んでしまいます(笑) 「豚角煮」 国産豚を使用し、Sweet and sweet pork simmered in a hot and cold sauce、里芋とサヤエンドウを彩りに添えて! 「お浸し」 箸休め的な存在で、Moroheiya and Okra where Nebaneba is happy for the body、しめじのあっさりとした小鉢! 「天ぷら」 海老天が2本、Eggplant、Shiitake mushroom、Leo thank you、さつま芋と揚げたて熱々の天ぷらの盛り合わせは塩または天つゆのどちらも用意してくださるのでお好みで海老天のプリプリ具合に御満悦の私たち! 「香味野菜と白魚土佐酢和え」 白魚に衣を纏わせて揚げ玉葱やアーリーレッド、Paprika、Celery、Carrot、ピーマンなどの香味野菜とともに土佐酢で和えた夏らしい爽やかな一品! 「茄子田楽」 こちらの料理はどれも味付けが良い塩梅の匙加減でしたが田楽味噌だけ濃厚な味付けになっており薄味好みの私には少々しょっぱく感じた一品茄子のとろとろ具合は美味しかったので味噌を避けていただきました! 「蓬莱泉/関谷醸造」 お酒は、Beer、Japanese sake、Shochu、ワインなど各種取り揃えられています「蓬莱泉」は低温でゆっくりと時間をかけて吟醸酒を仕込むように丁寧な造りをしたお酒を冷やでいただきます! 「うなぎ蒲焼」 自家製たれで香ばしく焼かれたうなぎの蒲焼は半身ずつの提供ですが十二分に満足感があります山椒を添えて! 「お食事」 豊岡村の棚田米コシヒカリを使用しふっくらと艶々した米粒には甘み豊かな味わいが楽しめうなぎの蒲焼との相性も抜群です!お味噌汁は赤出汁、Incense、Takuan、Cucumber、梅くらげの三種盛り合わせとなります! 「甘味」 ねっとりとややお餅のような粘り気もあり甘さ優しい自家製杏仁豆腐に完熟宮崎マンゴーとぶどうの甘味で締めくくり気付けばお腹がはち切れんばかりの状態ではありましたが満足度の高い食事を楽しむことができました! 部屋へ戻ると寝具のお布団を敷いてくださってあったのでお腹を抱えて一休み(笑)起き上がることができないぐらい食べ過ぎてしまいなかなか寝付けない夜となりました腹八分目というのはよく言ったものです! 静かな湖面に浮かぶ弁天島の赤鳥居ライトアップされた様子が幻想的に映ります! 活魚の宿あさしお 所在地:3392-3, Shinimachi, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:053-592-0761

Kosai "Live Fish Inn Asao" Standing on the shore of Lake Hamana, you can enjoy live fish while overlooking Bentenjima (1)

Standing on the scenic lake of Hamana Lake、While overlooking Bentenjima, a popular tourist attraction as a power spot in Lake Hamana, you can enjoy fresh dishes using live fish, mainly local fish, at "Live Fish Inn Asashio"! The predecessor, Masahiro Yamada, who opened as a fishing boat shop in the Showa 40s, started the restaurant with the desire to "feed the customers of fishing boats delicious food."、In addition、To welcome customers in a better environment、昭和57年(1982年)に宿として生まれ変わった「活魚の宿あさしお」。 From April 2021、二代目として跡を引き継がれた若旦那の山田敬介さんと奥様の美月さんが新たに経営に加わり宿の魅力を感じていただけるよう日々奮闘されています! コロナ禍ということもあり受付にて検温と手指消毒を済ましチェックイン! 若女将の美月さんは、Because it is a business while raising a daughter who will be two years old、可愛いお嬢ちゃんも一緒に出迎えてくださいました! 館内の壁には、The total length caught by masahiro Yamada, the first of his father:Yatsuso Roku 糎 (86cm)、weight:The 瓩 of the five 500 tiles (5.5 kg) 鱸 the splendid "Sea Bass" fish opening、釣船屋ならではの名残りが感じられます! 全11室の客室は全て南向きのレイクビューとなり、It will be an inn where you can overlook Lake Hamana! On the first floor, there are 5 guest rooms in the large hall "Manfuku" that serves as a banquet hall.、2There are 6 rooms on the floor, all Japanese-style rooms! now、The room you take care of is "Yu moon"。 The rooms are、Small 6-tatami-mat Japanese-style room。As a facility of installation,、Air conditioning、TV、Security box、Hanger Rack、There is bedding in the push-in.、Will you lay it down during the meal?。There is no washroom and toilet in the room.、It becomes the form to use a shared washroom and a toilet、You can feel like you were in a training camp when you were a student! I saw a "training camp plan" on this website.、If there are more than 30 people at a student training camp, it can be chartered and it seems that it is exceptional! Because hot water is prepared in the pot with green tea leaves、Let's brew warm tea! Have a cup of tea、Take a look at the inn introduction and sightseeing information around Lake Hamana。 If you open the window,、Lake Hamana spreads out in front of you、You can see the Red Torii Gate, which is the symbol tree of Bentenjima、If you go down to the lakeside walk behind the inn,、It is also possible to monopolize the superb view! You can move around the building in a yukata.。Have a bath towel and face towel for equipment、Let's take a bath before meals! The bath on the first floor is "Dennoyu"、It is separated from "Hime-no-Yu" and men and women、When taking a bath、Display a sign that says "In use" prepared on the table。Don't forget to turn it over after use。Because of the coronal calamity、Everyone is taking a bath while giving in to each other! Dressing room of "Hime-no-yu"。Chairs and cribs for small children、For moms with children, there are items that will make you happy! The chartered bathtub allows you to spread your arms and legs and take a bath freely.、It gently relieves the fatigue of the stiff body! After taking a bath、While served with cold water prepared in the hallway、Cool down! The attached karaoke box was originally usable if you made a reservation.、Now because of the coronal disaster、Please note that it is closed! You can stay with your dog by making a reservation in advance at the attached pet-only room.、24Time-conditioned and equipped with gauges and seats。This time、The main reason why we chose this inn is here.、I was looking for a pet-free inn around Lake Hamana where I could enjoy Japanese food.。 ※Pet-only room usage fee:Separate 1,100 yen 【Items prepared by the owner】Meals, tableware, drinking water, leashes, blankets other than sheets There is a shower room for dogs in the pet-only room.、Medicinal shampoos and special dryers are also available.、The owner is free to use it! This inn is、No matter which review I was looking at, the food was well received, so I'm looking forward to it! While watching the fantastic sunset、A walk along the shores of Lake Hamana is also recommended! Live fish inn Asashio Location:3392-3, Shinimachi, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:053-592-0761

Connect the world's food with dried fish! Thai's leading chefs learn secret techniques at Sasse Maeda Fish Shop in Yaizu

A Thai Michelin chef went to Japan’s famous Sasue Maeda fish shop for training on fish preparation!Michelin chefs from all over Japan buy fish from this fish shop. Maeda’s traditional technique is wonderful. Many chefs have learned the technique of tightening the nerves of the fish to keep it fresh, and sprinkling salt on the fish to release excess water and aggregate the umami. Do you know a hotel called "Daradevi Chiang Mai" in Chiang Mai, the ancient city of Chiang Mai, also known as the "Rose of the North" in northern Thailand? It was built on the concept of "urban development" during the former Runner Dynasty.、The walled city (collection of villages) is reproduced splendidly.、The total area of the estate、On a vast site of 60 acres(approximately 242,820 square meters)、Easy-to-understand, compare and、It was a luxury resort hotel of a grand scale inspired by a royal temple boasting a size of about 5 Tokyo Domes。However, due to the effects of Corona's past, the curtain was closed while being missed in November 2020.。It was a very impressive hotel and one of the hotels I wanted to come back to, so I'm not very sorry.。I would like Mr. Kaji Hoshino of Hoshino Resorts to rebuild it! well、5Two years ago, I researched the local area to cover various sightseeing spots, mainly hotels in Chiang Mai, but I heard information about restaurants that I was very careful about.。 If you have been to Chiang Mai, you know, but speaking of gourmet, local Thai B-class dishes such as Khao Soi and Gann are famous.、Most tourists come to various restaurants and stalls to find this.。You can't image it first in Chiang Mai.、A restaurant serving modern fusion cuisine is located in the suburbs, a little away from the Royal Palace area.。 It was "Cuisine de Garden Jiangmai" introduced this time that I was able to visit with a local guide who was able to visit with little information。 2011Chef Joseph Lee, who opened this restaurant in 2008, won the "Makro HoReCa 2013" by attracting attention for the Thai version of "Tetsuto of Cooking" in Japan.、He has won numerous competitions.。 Chef Joseph Lee actively introduces the latest recipes and more、We have served original fusion cuisine in Chiang Mai。 2011Even though it has been a region called Chiang Mai since 2000、Create a stylish and modern space、It's a real surprise that we were serving such advanced food.。 In 2017, while steadily accumulating achievements in Chiang Mai, we opened a sister store, Cuisine de Garden Bkk, in Bangkok and it is also listed in the Michelin Guide.。 When I interviewed Bangkok at the end of last year, I visited this restaurant.、In a wonderful space that incorporates elements that make you feel nature even in the modern、The cuisine served attracts locals with its original fusion cuisine, just like the main restaurant in Chiang Mai.。 Chef Joseph Lee is a very studious person who has deepened his knowledge not only about cooking methods but also about ingredients.。In the mountainous area called Chiang Mai、Difficulty in providing stable and fresh fish、We were looking for a way to provide fresher fish.、I find out that a fishmonger in a Japan has a hint of it.。That was the craftsmanship cultivated by Mr. Naoki Maeda, the fifth generation of the fish shop "Sasue Maeda Fish Store" in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is attracting attention from the world.。Mr. Maeda is a fish professional who has received tremendous support from top Michelin-class chefs in Japan.。The other day I introduced Reminiscence in Nagoya – Reminisense's Masaki...

"NO BAR & # 8217s; AGE" enchanted pairing with cocktail mixology-style

Shizuoka is a hideout for adults standing quietly on the 2nd floor of a small building between Aoba-machi and Shichima-cho "BAR NO'AGE"! BAR NO'AGE、Originally at 11/2000 and OPEN in Fukuroi、2007Until June, about 6 and a half years we spent in the、As a BAR as a bartender than to leap、2007June 21, moved to Shizuoka city based、It has been relocated and opened as the new "BAR NO'AGE"! What is "NO'AGE" in the store name?、First of all comes from the whisky terms、"Point was made by blending excellence ripening period variety of whisky、Have this term、I want to make it a store that is loved by customers of various generations." My friend, owner bartender Tadashi Idani (Itani Masamichi)With a relationship with Fukuroi ages it becomes、A strange person who made us and my wife feel the goodness and fun of the BAR! The classic interior is calm、10 counter seats and provide priority booking private rooms (for 4 people)、One person or a couple、Or use is possible with entertainment。 On this day、I had staying at Shizuoka in Miyoshi、I decided to spend a moment with Mr. Idani without worrying about the time! What can I say here?、His unlimited skill value of mixology-style cocktail is recommended! Of course、Impeccable cocktails of the Royal standard.、Fruit of the season started.、Mixology style using homemade flavors de spirits and special techniques、Because it will be a cup that can only be tasted here! I had already drunk beer and coffee, and my stomach was swollen.、Finish the as 1 cup、And her husband, a gin-based standard "White Lady" delicious and order、I am always the "sidecar" yellow seal.、"A little tired" and tell、Order completely up to you! "Delicious White Lady" is、Blending two Shaker conditioner scents with Gin、Brandy Cointreau and orange Italian、Use a small amount of lemon juice for a cup of fragrant and mellow taste! "AJ before bedtime" is、Using the Calvados is an Apple brandy、But it is done in a small amount of lemon and grapefruit、By wrapping homemade bergamot fragrance at the end、Tired feeling I imagine Apple tea before going to bed、They provided me with a cup of peace of mind! Both are so delicious that your body is delighted! I'm going to have one cup、1End Cup、It may be Idani Magic (laughs) I was energized by one cup! My husband's second cup was、After all, I ordered "delicious gin and tonic"! The sound of cutting ice cream and rinsing into glasses echoes comfortably in the store.、Aperture with the lime squeeze、It's a good gin and tonic that clears your throat! My second cup was、The fruits of the season, which also looks worried but、Jasmine cocktail with "strawberry" and rum! Flambée strawberries with Benedictine D.O.M., a liqueur based on French brandy! Blue flames blazing fiercely! Crush the strawberries and pour the lamb bacardi、After the snotty to flavor homemade Jasmine syrup、Blink in liquid nitrogen into the world of the white-out! Itani Theatre、The cooling of smoke from burning fire、Now Shaker from higher to lower Shaker pour in benensiador、By repeating several times、Air to complement the flavor and finish! If you ask me swim the last lovely Elle、Nothing girly cocktails complete! The rich blend of the "Strawberry" and "Jasmine"、Tickles the cheeks as they melted semisweet! I like aroma、Enjoying a cocktail while enchanted fragrance of homemade Jasmine syrup poured another glass and、Us pair the jasmine tea and herbal liqueur Chartreuse "herbal jelly"! This is、Cognac "fransovabowye" for "medicinal herbs"which、In a refined sweetness and smooth texture、Long aftertaste mellow aroma with exquisite taste! Such a delicious "jelly" I don't know on the other! In addition to、Campari、Vermouth、Quirky petits fours made to fit the "negroni" combined dry Gin cocktail of Garam Masala and Juniper Berry chocolate"。 Fit the whiskies of Islay seaweed butter and、Reach of hentai pair appeared one after the other! These "offers style replaced the cocktails and food.、Before aiming for the bartender had originally studied cuisine France Itani's withdrawal because of a、To tell the truth in a BAR here in pleasant blot as the、In order light amuse suitable for drinks, cocktails and food pairing、Very unique and、This is where you can spend time further stimulating the Supreme! That was a nice bartender that since have Fukuroi、Fascinated by the further my me。After 11 years in Shizuoka、Received various good stimulus?、Here side by side top bartender seniors and shoulder during a number of years, to be interviewed in、Watching the bartender would contribute to a global and、He told me that much hentai soul with fire! End if if drawn into the world of this pairing。Come on everybody、Want to thank drowning in a kinky Itani world! It was a night I think so highly of! Address BAR NO'AGE (bar hub):Shizuoka, Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, shichiken-Cho 8-6 Act-7 building 2F TEL:054-253-6615 Hours of operation:Mon, Wed-sat 17:00-25:00、-Mon 16:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday's

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