Kosai "Live Fish Inn Asao" Standing on the shore of Lake Hamana and enjoying a meal of live fish while overlooking Bentenjima (2)

Standing on the scenic lake of Hamana Lake、Overlooking Bentenjima, a popular tourist attraction as a power spot of Lake HamanaLive Fish Inn Asao"Now、Of the predecessorMasahiro YamadaIt is an inn that Mr. started from a fishing boat shop、I'm my young husband.Keisuke Yamadaさんも和食店にて修行の道を経て跡を継がれたため、It is famous for its meals where you can enjoy fresh dishes using live fish, mainly local fish fried in the local Maisaka Port and Lake Hamana!

Enjoy a walk along the lakeside at the back of the inn、The collaboration between Akatorii and sunset, which is the symbol tree of Bentenjima、It will take heart with the beautiful scenery!

Your meal will be served at "Manfuku" in the large hall that serves as a banquet hall.、You can choose the start time from 18:00 to 19:00!

A table for each guest is prepared in a partition in a spacious room、Consider ventilation, etc.、コロナ感染防止対策もされています!


From the first tip that seems to be the hit of alcohol、Until the main meal、While checking the contents of the menu lined up with idly、We are waiting for your food to be brought!

Order a bottle of beer、Here's to celebrate my husband's 45th birthday! (*Accommodation here will be before the declaration of a state of emergency)

Sticking to the selection of materials、While the warm is warm、While the cold is cold、Because it is faithfully protected and provided the basics in the basics so that you can eat deliciously、Freshly cooked dishes are transported in order.、In no time, the tabletop will be filled with delicious dishes!

Assorted making that you can enjoy fresh fish、若旦那がサーブしてくださった際に丁寧に説明してくださいました!

"Bottled Beer Asahi Super Dry"

"Asahi Super Dry"The、Become the official beer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games、Because original design cans and original label bottles are released nationwide、This time I enjoyed the Olympic version of the label!


Including fragrant grilled grilled prawns、steamed corn cut from the core for easy eating、Tsukudani of small girls、Squid salty、Edamame and beer are served with all the nice appetizers!

"Sesame Tofu"

Rich in sesame fragrance、Sesame tofu with a chewy texture! The seasoning is accompanied by wasabi、If only I was in a light dashi stock、It moisturizes your throat!


What is the fresh fish of this day?、Natural red sea bream with elasticity on fatty southern tuna、Thick aoriika with a thick sweetness、Pale but toothy flat eyes、With Isaki who is attractive elasticity that is refreshing to eat、The color is also good, fresh and delicious all-star sashimi is available!

"Boiled Crab"

Maisaka Port landing ravens are provided half by half、You can enjoy sweet meat and uchiko tastefully! When I get boiled crab, I eat it silently (laughs)

"Simmered pork"

Using domestic pigs、Sweet and sweet pork simmered in a hot and cold sauce、Taro and saya peas on the color!


With chopstick rest、Moroheiya and Okra where Nebaneba is happy for the body、しめじのあっさりとした小鉢!


海老天が2本、Eggplant、Shiitake mushroom、Leo thank you、さつま芋と揚げたて熱々の天ぷらの盛り合わせは塩または天つゆのどちらも用意してくださるのでお好みで海老天のプリプリ具合に御満悦の私たち!






お酒は、Beer、Japanese sake、Shochu、ワインなど各種取り揃えられています「蓬莱泉」は低温でゆっくりと時間をかけて吟醸酒を仕込むように丁寧な造りをしたお酒を冷やでいただきます!









Live Fish Inn Asao
Location:3392-3, Shinimachi, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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