Makinohara "Kominya Cafe Toko-Towa" Japanese-style meal in a space full of atmosphere and warmth over 100 years old

Renovated an old private house built over 100 years ago in the rural area of Makinohara rich in nature、Bringing back life as a space full of atmosphere and warmth、People gather "Old Private House Cafe Toko-Towa"。

Makinohara City is located at the southern tip of central Shizuoka Prefecture.、It becomes a warm region overlooking the majestic Suruga Bay、Sea and mountains、It becomes a land blessed with tea plantations and nature in the river、Renovated a splendid old private house of the Hei family of more than 100 years standing in a rural area full of rich nature、In November 2020,Old Private House Cafe Toko-Towa"As the reincarnation、A wonderful shop that has been taken up by many local media and attracts a lot of buzz!

What is the name of the restaurant "Toko-Towa"?、It is named by combining the two words "eternity" and "eternity".、because neither means a long long time、Profound feeling and texture of an old private house built more than 100 years ago、While experiencing the powerful nature of the natural materials you breathe and the tasteful world born from the change over time、As for the ideal way of the store, the motto is change and challenge that continues to change、As a space that lifts the soul、Open to hope that we can provide healing to many people!

When you open the sliding door with a large wooden frame, a spacious earthen floor spreads out.、6A long table seat of the name is set up、Pendant light lights up a warm light、A space filled with the warmth of wood。If you use a tatami room seat,、Take off your shoes here and go to the store in the large room。

Makinohara's specialties and local artists' works are displayed in front of the counter.、There is a space where you can enjoy a selection of souvenirs。The counter seat where you can enjoy the live feeling in the kitchen becomes a tatami room seat where you can put your foot down、It will be a seat that even one person can drop in casually!

Become owner-chefIshiko YamamotoMr. a、I was born and raised in a house where I could see this old private house.、It's always beautiful every time a big ginkgo tree is colored.、It seems to have been watching the symbol tree like the god tree、I am very shocked that the big ginkgo tree suddenly cut a few years ago.。Quire、Passed down from generation to generation、The mansion that has been carefully protected for many years、It has already been vacant for more than 30 years.、With the aging of Keiichiro Iida, the owner at that time、to know the serious circumstances that were becoming under-managed、"Is it something that can't make use of this splendid house somehow?、Being able to act became a kick、2018In December 2008, he handed over to Mr. Yamamoto、We will realize our dream of becoming an old private house café。

To regenerate the old private house built in hei family、Providing a beautiful space and a rich lifeHousing Cram School"The design、A construction shop based in Shimada City that is active as a professional in the revitalization of old private housesWAVSU Tomita CorporationMichinori Tomita is in the take over、Mr. Yamamoto's strong will to "leave and utilize the existing form as much as possible" is、It takes about six months to complete!

While the taste is gentle and familiar to the skin、Hard and durable chestnut trees are used on the floor、The tatami room seats where you can feel the warmth spread!

Originally,、known as the landowner of this land、The old private house that was the home of the Iida family, which has been served as the chief of the village since generations、A splendid mansion with a history of 1900 (Meiji 33)。By the hand work of a carpenter、Because all existing fittings etc. are beautifully fixed and regenerated、Somewhere nostalgic、Some time it's warm.。

Mt. Fuji and hawks with stunning carvings、Pine Tree Tyrings。

a letter written on a top bag by the floor。Because the character of "tea" is visible as a character that can be read、Do you write even the know of tea?

There is also a gallery space.、It is possible to decorate products and paintings for sales here.、It is also rented out as a rental space for holding workshops and events!

While inging cold tea、A quiet and relaxing moment。

Because the window on the veranda with a view of the garden is opened、You 囀 scenery rich in nature with bird's sea and summer scent!

Order a daily "Seasonal Japanese-style Meal"!
On this day、Because the main dish could choose between "grated hamburger steak" or "mackerel simmered in miso"、We choose "Grated Hamburger"!

"Seasonal Japanese-style meal (grated hamburger)" 1,450 yen

The grated hamburger of the main dish with a sense of volume while each light taste is served with a mini salad、Eggplant and minced meat with bean paste and dashi rolled egg、Tsukudani with small fish and walnuts、Spinach with sesame sauce、It is a side dish carefully handmade without spared time、Rice and soup、Japanese-style set with sweet jelly and well-balanced!

"Mini drink (coffee or tea):Both are Ice/Hot available)
+Half cake set" 400 yen

Add mini drink and half cake set、I'll have a cake set after dinner.。Because I was able to choose from two kinds of cakes of this day、Order both of them!

"Sliced Apple Invigable Cake"

Sweetness There is a feeling of alnough eating response alcause there is no guilt from being even half size with a cake made modestly、The invigible cake, which is baked with sliced apples layered in millefille shape with custard cream dough, has a beautiful cross section.、The aroma of sliced almonds accents!

"Soufflé Cheesecake"

A moist soufflé cheesecake that is refreshing with the sourness of lemon and the refreshingness of sour cream!

"Kariomon Blended Coffee"

The coffee is、Fujieda's home-roasted coffee bean shop "KariomonUse blended coffee beans。Sticking to matsuya style、It is carefully extracted with a hand drip、A blend of medium-roasted Ethiopian mocha and deep-roasted Guatemalan、You can enjoy a refreshing taste while enjoying the richness with a high fragrance!

The open old private house café does not feel dense、It is a rich space that makes us forget the worldly and painful time of corona disaster、I can calm down and rest my mind.、Such a place。

Wrapped in the scent of wood、A moment in a space surrounded by the kindness of the owner、You can feel the luxurious time that you can taste because it is in the countryside。

On the way home、When I talk to owner-chef Ishiko Yamamoto, who is close to 10 years old、Because I have a background of being from a technical college that is rare for women、Talk with the master of my house of the technical college is also bouncy and flowers bloom in the old story、It's my parents' house.Restaurant PeakThey like buckwheat noodles.、I'm surprised that you're still a regular who still attends、In addition to the、To one of the staff who worked、A child in my neighborhood who was a junior in my elementary school and was acting in the same group、"I had Ayako play a lot♪ said.、I was shocked that you remembered me.、"It's a good time.、Local。I can't do anything wrong."

Because there is café time besides lunch、When I returned to my parents' house, I was able to have another shop that I wanted to stop by!

Old Private House Cafe Toko-Towa
Address:734 Naka, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:11:00~ 17:00、Lunch 11:00~ 14:00
Closed on Mondays:Sundays and Mondays
Parking lot:Yes in front of the store

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