Kosai "Live Fish Inn Asao" Breakfast standing on the shores of Lake Hamana and overlooking Bentenjima Island for a vitality of the day (3)

Standing on the scenic lake of Hamana Lake、Overlooking Bentenjima, a popular tourist attraction as a power spot of Lake HamanaLive Fish Inn AsaoEarly morning to greet you。If you go to the nearby Bentenjima Seaside Park,、The beautifully curved Hamana Bridge and the fantastic gradation sky that fascinates before the morning bake collaborate beautifully、The red torii gate floating on Lake Hamana as a symbol tree of Bentenjima reveals its presence at low tide、You will be fascinated!

Breakfast at the hotel is at "Manfuku" in the large hall which becomes a banquet hall as well as dinner、I'm asking you to do it from 7:00 a.m., which is the first time of the morning.。Take a morning bath until your meal is ready.、It is also recommended to take a walk along the lakeside of Hamana!

Rice and drinks become self-service style、A large rice cooker and a teacup are prepared.、You can control the amount yourself so that you can do as much as you like!

My house always eats the first breakfast of the morning.、Breakfast like a Japanese set meal is desirable、As long as you are happy to have a hot breakfast some place!

Grilled salmon and fresh eggs、Natto and nori、Side dishes are ed with nutritious small fish and boiled beans.、A lineup that seems to be able to eat as many cups of rice as you like! Especially、Maisaka Port's fresh "whites", which boasts one of the largest amounts of whites in Japan, has become a popular specialty.、I love it too! Even though I was so full the night before、It was caught by the accompaniment of delicious rice、I'm flat to the second cup!

"Grilled Salmon"

"Kamaage Grated Seroshi"

"Simmered Hijiku"

"Gome beans"

"Rice Ishihikari Rice in Toyooka Village"、Miso soup、Pickles.

"Eggs"、Natto、Seasoned nori"

We had a very satisfying breakfast in the morning.、Pour the coffee after the meal into the mug.、I had it slowly in my room!

Two young husbands and young landlady who were entrusted to "try freely" the inn that the former had carefully protected are family-run together、We offer heartwarming service and relaxing Japanese cuisine.Live Fish Inn Asao"。Please come and visit when you stop by Lake Hamana!

Live Fish Inn Asao
Location:3392-3, Shinimachi, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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