The oysters 'tasuke' taste of winter! Leather in a fish restaurant of Hamana Lake Benten island in Oyster FRY meal

Speaking of taste of winter in the Lake Hamana oyster! Birthday in the winter season、Hamana Lake oysters would be fun for a limited winter Oyster dishes on、Benten island in Lake Hamana.、Land provides the best fresh ingredients grown in motohama-hamanako "fish food Tasuke"To!

"Fish cooking help"The、"Valve 天島 mountain this Tei"The sister store and、1975At the fish market restaurant founded in (0/1975) and the local people have long loved、2017Renovated in March、Renewal open!

The Hamana Lake with magnificent views that can be、Entrance to our newly disabled!

Standing turtle preserve entrance becomes one of the speciality!

Popular with respectable preserve overlooking big water tank installed in the store and over the counter、1Floor is like a semi private room and dug kotatsu expression of Zashiki seating、2Prepared Japanese-style low floor, banquet seating is also available!

On this day、To view preserves in front counter!

Introduction to natural ocellate Puffer takifugu rubripes in Enshu Nada、Lobster, flounder and turbot、Sazae-San,、Fresh fish are swimming calmly!

Into the winter looking forward to every taste is a delight!

Oysters 1400 Yen
The Hamana Lake oysters with Oyster、And with five medium-sized oyster、The crispy skin plump and chewy in and enjoy its rich flavor!

The deep fried oysters、Served with homemade Tartar or another's will be at the source!
As far as nice and garnished with shredded cabbage、Other、In a small bowl stew、Clams with rice and miso soup、Chinese cabbage and pickled pickles、Set meal with a strawberry milk agar jelly desserts, great!

Weekday lunch limited seafood Bowl (with miso soup) 1200 yen.
By purchasing different Bowl is、Tiger prawns、Red sea bream、Flounder、Halfbeak、Tuna、Scallops seared on the shiso leaf topped、Vinegared rice, chopped seaweed is incorporated into the beautiful!
The prawns were produced from only the、Still twitching and moving and feet、I am surprised at the good life!
The body of prawns shut down、Elasticity of the preppy offers a rich sweetness、Other fresh fillets and tasteful、The height of luxury! Also helpful is the Japanese!


After enjoying a meal、Benten Island Beach Park and all around "Maserati"The drive to explore!

The bright red Torii gate as a symbol tower of Benten island、1973Built in the year (0/1973)、Is the same age as me!
Bentenjima Enshu karakkaze swept along with the tide.、Felt very bright radiance of Lake Hamana in the clear blue sky and dark blue、Car was the best warm drive date and warm! Lake Hamana!

Fish cooking help
Address:Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-Shi, Nishi-Ku, maisaka-Cho Benten Island 3212-3
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30
Dinner 16:30To 22:00(Last order 21:00-
Parking lot:16Cars (free of charge)
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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